For nowadays, this is quite uncommon: No unnecessary gadgets, strong hardware, chic appearance, wireless charging and a hot price – AllCall Mix 2 combines all of it. Find out in the following review whether or nor the 170€-device has also some weak spots.

Design and build quality

Allcall Mix 2 Test 2

All manufacturers of Chinese phones try their best when presenting their devices online. Often, the advertising photos promise the earth, but the disillusionment follows at the latest after unpacking: bad build quality, bad camera or an unstable system. AllCall Mix 2 is surprisingly different, promising a slim full-screen smartphone – and that’s exactly what you get.

In the blue version especially, the device appears very chic. Volume control, on/off button, SIM slot and USB C socket are integrated in the neatly built metal frame. The buttons are not quite perfect, they have a little too much room to move. Otherwise, the combination of a glass front and a special film (IML technology) under the transparent rear cover ensures an elegant look. When exposed to the light, a handsome metallic effect is created.

Allcall Mix 2 Test 4 Allcall Mix 2 Test 5

Its curves make Mix 2 very comfortable to hold, although the dimensions of 155.8 x 76.4 x 8.5 mm suggest otherwise. The materials used, the design and the full-screen display make it look slimmer than it actually is. The screen to body ratio is “almost 90%”. That may be a bit euphemistic, but it is not too far away from reality because of its narrow edges.

Only at the bottom of the display, AllCall lied a little on the advertising photos. The edge turns out a little thicker than it is pretended. The selfie camera is located at the bottom right.


AllCall Mix 2’s display is totally convincing. The hard facts: Built-in you find a 5.99-inch display, which resolves in Full HD+ with 2160 x 1080 pixels. This results in a pixel density of 403 PPI. The IPS panel is in 18:9 format, which guarantees optimum use of the “workspace”. The “rounded corners” nestle perfectly into the curves of the body and provide a harmonious overall impression. Luminance is 450cd/m² and contrast is 2000:1

Allcall Mix 2 Test 9

With these values, it should be no problem to convince in practice as well. And indeed: Viewing angle stability, colour representation, contrast and brightness are stable, natural, strong, and sufficiently bright (370 lux). Individual pixels cannot be seen with the naked eye at this resolution. The scratch-resistant display recognizes ten points of contact at the same time.

Unfortunately, AllCall has dispensed with soft-touch buttons below the display, although there would have been plenty of space. Instead, AllCall used on-screen buttons, which are displayed if required. Although these “consume” of useful display areas, this is bearable, considering the 5.99 inches in 18:9 format.


AllCall Mix 2 2The battery and charging concept of AllCall Mix 2 is not unusual, but fully in tune with the times. 3500 mAh is not above average, but it is sufficient for normal users. By the way, our measurement has confirmed 3400 mAh, so it is very close to the indicated value.

AllCallMix2 PCMarkAkku1

After a day of moderate use, your phone needs to be charged. There are different ways to do this: Either completely conventionally via an ordinary power supply (5V/1A), then it is fully charged again the next morning. Or you can plug it into the supplied FastCharger (MediaTek Pump Express 2.0 Plus, 9V/1.67A), which charges the device in less than two hours. Variant three: Mix 2 is elegantly placed on a wireless charger (9V/1.67A, max 10 W), which also needs considerably less than two hours. The silicone cover can stay on.

Battery lifetime Result Unit: hours

The PCMark battery benchmark confirms what practice has shown: The 3500 mAh battery is properly matched to the system and works efficiently in combination with the Helio P23. After a good nine hours of benchmark endurance testing, the battery died, which is a very good value for a device with this battery capacity.

System and performance

AllCall Mix 2 houses the new Helio P23 (MTK6763). The Octa Core clocks at 4 x 2 GHz and 4 x 1.5 GHz. The Helio P23 is equipped with the Mali-G71MP2 GPU. Equipped in this way, AllCall Mix 2 provides decent performance, especially in terms of the price, while keeping energy consumption within reasonable limits. At AnTuTu, the 65,000-point mark is just short of being reached.

There are two versions in terms of storage: Both have 6GB of RAM, the small version has 64 GB internal storage and the large 128 GB. Actually, the small version could be enough, but with the lager one comes another exclusive advantage: Android 8.0. The manufacturer apparently wants to go on customer catch to push the 20€ more expensive version. Quite a cheek – we think.

The 6 GB RAM storage is at a reasonable level with 4.3 GB/s, the same applies to the internal storage (64 GB) with a reading/writing speed of 150/212 MB/s. The performance in the system is very good for all everyday applications, even computationally intensive applications and multitasking do not present AllCall device with unsolvable tasks. Games also run fluidly as long as you don’t want to play the latest first-person shooters. All in all, you get more than acceptable hardware for 170€.

Antutu Result 3D Mark Result


AllCallMix2 Android11

AllCallMix2 Android21AllCallMix2 Android31

The bad news: Android 8.0 will not be available for the 64 GB version. If you can’t live without it, you have to pay 20€ more and choose the 128 GB version. If a system at the “7.1.1” level is sufficient for you, you’ll be well served: hardware and software are very well coordinated, the system runs very stable and smoothly without any bloatware.

The interface is only very discreetly adapted, the icons are immediately recognizable. The integration of the App-Drawer is nicely solved. If you drag the quick start bar upwards, it opens. This way there is room for another app in the quick start (five instead of four).


Thank you, AllCall developers, for not having included a Dual-Cam setup. This saves us the usual “All is fake” lines at this point. Instead, we almost exclusively serve praise for a 16 MP phone camera from the mid-price segment. The images are sufficiently sharp, the colours seem natural and the sensor also copes with tricky lighting conditions. On top of that, autofocus and shutter release work quickly and reliably. Compared to more expensive smartphones there is a lack of sharpness and the colours are also a little paler, but overall you get usable pictures.

The photo app is very simple. Picture, video, HDR – that’s it, fortunately. You could readjust them in the settings, but due to the neatly working software, this is not necessary. At most the saturation could be one level above the default value, which also applies to the majority of the test images shown here. The selfie camera (5 MP) leaves much to be desired in terms of sharpness and resolution; but that’s bearable if you’re not a fashion blogger.


AllCall Mix 2 supports all necessary 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies. The call quality and the network reception are good, the volume should be higher. This is probably also due to the fact that the earpiece had to be fitted into the narrow upper edge. The current WiFi standard (802.11 n) is available as well as Bluetooth 4.0. WiFi range and data throughput are perfect. In addition to the standard sensors (speed, proximity and brightness sensors), the sensors include a gyroscope and compass.

The fingerprint sensor on the rear works extremely reliably and unlocked the screen in 10 out of 10 attempts. The promised face recognition was not to be found, maybe it is only available together with the 128 GB version and Android 8.0.

Allcall Mix 2 Test 14

Navigation – on foot or in the car – is guaranteed and very accurate thanks to GPS, AGPS and GLONASS as well as an electronic compass. The SIM slot is a hybrid: Either two Nano-SIM cards are used or one Nano-SIM and one Micro-SD card. In view of the generous 64 GB or 128 GB system storage, however, this is only a small shortcoming.

The loudspeaker is not awesome, as volume and quality are significantly better over headphones. We have to deduct one point because you have to plug in the included adapter to connect headphones – annoying.

Scope of delivery

  • AllCall Mix 2Allcall Mix 2 Test 1
  • Power plug (Fastcharge)
  • USB Type-C cable
  • USB to headphone jack adapter
  • Operating instructions
  • Silicone protective cover
  • Rigid screen protector
  • SIM ejection tool


Other than shown in the picture, the wireless charger is not included. It is available separately.

Conclusion and alternative

Philip Benbi  1 von 2 1
Philip Hauck:

AllCall Mix 2 is quite a good one: Design, hardware, full screen, wireless quick charging and last but not least, the hot price have convinced all along the line. The smartphone doesn’t have major weak spots; if you really want to mention one, then it would be maybe the missing Android 8 in the 64 GB version and the annoying headphone jack adapter. Otherwise, anyone looking for a slim and chic mobile phone that can additionally take neat pictures is very well served by the Mix 2.

  • Design and build quality 90 %
  • Display 93 %
  • Performance 80 %
  • Camera 70 %
  • Communication and connectivity 80 %
  • Battery 90 %

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