A lot of hardware for little money is something you won’t only find with smartphones. We present you the latest and best gadgets from China. Further we show you where to order and where to buy them for the biggest bargain! We offer you the most recent reviews and inform you about headphones, power banks, tablets, action cameras, IP-cameras, VR-glasses, drones, quadcopters and a lot more awesome gadgets from China.

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We are presenting you the best-of China Gadgets we bought over the last 4 years. Actually we are still using most of them ourselves. And we don’t want to miss them as our personal and daily companions.


We hope you enjoy reading the reviews. You will certainly find some gadgets that will give you the thrills.

Every year China throws a huge load of gadgets on the market. This is something you might easily lose track of; and most people still think of cheap products and low build-quality. But things that are cheap do not necessarily have to be bad. In the following article we want to present the latest China gadgets, answer all the questions and clear up out-dated prejudices!

Why should you buy gadgets from China?

The Chinese electronics market is one of the biggest ones on earth and still it is not even full-grown yet! Chinese smartphones now are already well-known all over the world, next to global giants like Samsung or the Apple iPhone. In Europe and the US regional devices are often preferred over Far Eastern ones, because they are thought to be of lower quality. This might apply to many products but you should not shy away from low prices and foreign brands. Numerous facts contradict that: long since have foremost Chinese electronics manufacturers played a leading role in the smartphone market as well as in the gadgets market. No matter if you are looking for a beginner-device, for the biggest bang for the buck without having to pay a fortune or for a gadget with cutting-edge technology: The following applies to the Chinese market: He who seeks shall find.

What kinds of gadgets are there?

We have the latest reviews and information about smartphones, headphones, power banks, tablets, action cameras, IP-cameras, VR-glasses, drones, quadcopters and a lot more awesome gadgets. Further there are flashlights, key rings, watches, and even fashion from China. Just before you are are taking off after those products right now, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. We have listed and answered some of the most important questions below.

Where to buy?

For each product we recommend you the best shops where to get the biggest bang for the buck. You will find an overview of all shops on our page at onlineshop comparison.

Some of the tested products can be bought from Ebay or Amazon. Occasionally some of the shops offer coupons, vouchers or discounts with which you can save a lot of money! Aliexpress is another great alternative for gadget-fans.

Shipping and customs duty

Depending on the country, shipping and customs fees may vary. If you have questions regarding shipping or customs, please contact your local customs office or the online shop.