Among the smartphones of Chinese manufacturers, there are often exotic models that clearly stand out from the product ranges of well-known manufacturers. Companies such as Oukitel or Blackview have been trying for some time to relieve their customers of the tiresome subject of the rapidly dwindling battery and regularly present devices that have a huge battery and thus promise runtimes of several days. With the new Blackview P10000 Pro, a new smartphone of this category joins the ranks of the Chinese manufacturer and proved in our test whether it really delivers the advertised runtime and whether it is a new insider tip in the realm of battery giants.

Packaging – Scope of delivery

Blackview P10000 Pro 7

Blackview P10000 Pro is delivered in an elegant cardboard box that outperforms many competitors and offers accessories for probably most application scenarios. Concretely included are:

  • USB-C charging cable
  • USB power plug (5V – 5A)
  • Silicone protective cover (matt black)
  • Screen protector
  • Micro-USB to USB-C adapter
  • USB-C OTG (USB-A) adapter
  • USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter
  • In-Ear headset (3.5mm)
  • SIM ejection tool

Thanks to this generous selection of accessories, the customer is not denied any functions that he could otherwise only use with additional purchases. Blackview proves that the company clearly stands out from the competition with regard to the scope of delivery.

Build quality

Blackview P10000 Pro 1

The first glance at Blackview P10000 Pro makes it clear that this device is not suitable for tight-fitting trousers or small pockets. With as much as 294 grams and the dimensions of 164.5×77.69×15.22 mm, the smartphone certainly exceeds the pain of many people and we also needed time to get used to the additional weight in our trouser pockets. The 11,000mAh battery, which is largely responsible for the extraordinary proportions, is surrounded by a high-quality mixture of metal, rubberized plastic, and glass.

Blackview P10000 Pro 10Blackview P10000 Pro 9

On the front, under unspecified glass, is the 6-inch Full-HD display which uses the space well and is only surrounded by thicker display edges at the top and bottom. In the upper area, a dual camera, the LED notification light, and other sensors are embedded and the lower part, unfortunately, has no further function. The frame consists of two aluminium components, which contain the control elements for volume and standby as well as the fingerprint scanner (!) made of aluminium on the right side. On the left side, is the slot for the hybrid SIM slot and on the bottom you can find the USB-C connector between microphone and speaker. On the rear, the frame merges seamlessly into a rubberised surface, which, thanks to its flattened design, lies very comfortably in the hand and surrounds the flat glass surface. The latter left a scratch-resistant impression in the test and is only interrupted in its centre by the dual camera and the single-LED flash.


Blackview P10000 Pro 8Blackview P10000 Pro 3

All in all, the smartphone has a very robust and industrial look and an angular design, which is not everyone’s taste. However, it cannot be denied that Blackview P10000 Pro also puts devices from partly higher price classes in the shade with the excellent quality. The question of whether you are prepared to carry a smartphone with you that is more like a power bank in its dimensions should be clarified before buying.


Blackview P10000 Pro’s 6-inch IPS screen resolves with a Full-HD resolution of 1080×2160 pixels, reaching a density of 403 ppi. This means that fonts and images are pin sharp and no individual pixels are visible to the eye.

Blackview P10000 Pro 5

While your fingers glide comfortably over the glass, your eyes enjoy the natural colours and contrasts as well as the decent brightness, which also makes outdoor use possible. The high viewing angle stability of the image reinforces the positive impression. The touchscreen recognizes up to 5 fingers at a time, but considering the price it could have been 10.

In the lower area, the familiar on-screen keys occupy a small part and thus minimize the display. The nicer solution would have been if Blackview had managed to place the keys at the bottom.

With the display of Blackview P10000 Pro, you get a good panel that meets almost all requirements. A pleasant and high-quality display makes it always fun to look at and it is also ideal for films or photos. It can also be adapted to your own preferences by means of MiraVision.

System and performance

Inside Blackview P10000 Pro, MediaTek’s latest Helio P23 processor (MT6763) generates the requested performance and is supported by a Mali-G71 GPU for graphical calculations. The Octa-Core SoC splits into two clusters of four cores each with a maximum clock rate of 1.65GHz and 2.3GHz.

In the Antutu benchmark, the smartphone scores 67,000 points and is thus on the same level as solid competitors such as Xiaomi Mi5X.

Antutu Result

Thanks to this configuration, the smartphone always delivers sufficient performance in daily tasks and long waiting times were never a problem in the Android 7.1.1 system. Even with more complex 3D games such as PUBG MOBILE, the device was able to handle medium graphics settings and was suitable for extended gaming rounds, not least thanks to the large battery. The temperatures at the casing always remained within a normal range and thus never led to the idling of the processor.

With its size of 4GB RAM, the main storage has enough resources to be able to use several apps simultaneously and achieves a good speed of 4.7 GB/s. The internal storage reads and writes with 132 MB/s and 110 MB/s respectively and amounts to a total of 64GB. It thus has sufficient space for the data of most users and can also be optionally expanded via a Micro-SD card.

With the Android security patches of April 5, 2018, these are very young compared to the operating system and suggest that future updates will also be rolled out quickly by the manufacturer. An update to the current Android 8.0 Oreo has been announced by Blackview, but we don’t know when it will reach us yet.

blackviewp10000pro systemandbenchmarks 1 blackviewp10000pro systemandbenchmarks 3 blackviewp10000pro systemandbenchmarks 5 blackviewp10000pro systemandbenchmarks 2 blackviewp10000pro systemandbenchmarks 4 blackviewp10000pro systemandbenchmarks 6blackview p10000pro antutublackviewp10000pro systemandbenchmarks 11

The system itself and its interface are almost untouched and have only been slightly modified by the manufacturer with its own icons. Thus the operation remains as with untouched Android and is accustomed for experienced users of the system. All important services like the Play Store are pre-installed on the P10000 Pro and fortunately, Blackview does without annoying bloatware or even malicious software. Blackview provides an additional feature with a face recognition realized by hardware with the front camera. This worked surprisingly well in the test under good conditions, but should not be preferred to the fingerprint sensor for reasons of security and reliability.


P10000 Pro Blackview uses a Sony IMX 298 sensor with 16 MP on the rear and a Sony IMX 135 13 MP sensor on the front. Unfortunately, the manufacturer follows the widespread trend to expand the lenses with a fake camera in order to be able to show off on the data sheet with a so-called dual camera. True dual cameras enable functions such as optical zoom or bokeh shots thanks to the second sensor, but with P10000 Pro these are only produced in inferior quality thanks to software.

Blackview P10000 Pro Camera

Apart from that, the images of the smartphone are of decent quality. With a high level of detail and a good dynamic range, shots in good light are of quite high quality and do not fray towards the edges.  Unfortunately, in our opinion, the software destroys the solid results with slightly overdone colours and a strong resharpening that can appear artificial in detail. This makes the photos quickly appear unnatural and as if they have been heavily reworked. In the dark, the images quickly start to rustle and lose a lot of detail. Also the LED flashes on the front and rear side cannot help out noticeably in this case.

Nevertheless, the camera of P10000 Pro is not bad but delivers very nice snapshots for the price range. The autofocus and trigger time are at a good level and thus round off the overall package.

Videos are recorded in Full HD without image stabilization and are correspondingly blurred.


In the presentation of Blackview P10000 Pro, the manufacturer draws the full attention to the huge battery of the smartphone, which, as already mentioned above, has 11,000 mAh. According to the manufacturer, an “intelligent Power Saving Mode” will enable unbelievable run times many times longer than normal smartphones.

Battery lifetime Result Unit: hours

In order to check if the manufacturer is right with his data, we ran the PCMark battery test on our test device and received a runtime of 18 hours and 23 minutes. This puts P10000 Pro in the same range as an Oukitel K10000 which has a slightly smaller battery (10,000 mAh) and is just behind Oukitel K10000 Max. Nevertheless, the given performance allows an impressive 4 days of use for an average user.

Xiaomi proves that with good optimization and a weaker battery, similar runtimes are possible. Take Max 2 as an example, which has a significantly more energy-saving Snapdragon 625 and “only” 5,300 mAh, but delivers an enormously strong 15 hours of run time.

P10000 Pro is charged with the included power supply which can work with up to 5.0 A at 5V. The emphasis is on “can”, because the battery was charged with only 1.80 A in our test, contrary to the manufacturer’s data, and therefore it took almost 7 hours to fully charge the device. The smartphone did not draw more power from other chargers either and therefore does not conform to the manufacturer’s statement.


Blackview P10000 Pro 11Thanks to the hybrid slot, Blackview P10000 Pro can use up to two Nano-SIM cards simultaneously. However, if you want to expand the internal memory using a Micro-SD card, this function must, unfortunately, be omitted. With regard to the network frequencies, P10000 offers all relevant frequencies. In the test, the smartphone always reliably established a connection to the next radio tower and showed good reception. The call quality was convincing in all respects and also the interlocutor enjoys a pleasant voice quality. Voices as well as music sound as usual tinny and without bass over the loudspeaker, but can convince when using the USB-C adapter.

With Dual-Band b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1, there are also other good conditions for good connectivity, which were also convincing in the test.

blackviewp10000pro systemandbenchmarks 10

The GPS module always performed a fix within a few moments and was very accurate with an accuracy of approx. 2m outdoors.

blackviewp10000pro systemandbenchmarks 7Besides the fingerprint sensor, which worked very reliably in the test with a success rate of 9/10, P10000 Pro has a further selection of sensors, which is surprisingly large for this price:

  • Accelerometer
  • Light sensor
  • Compass
  • Proximity sensor
  • Gyroscope

The compass and gyroscope especially are not a matter of course in this price range and enable reliable pedestrian navigation and better operation during games which are controlled via motion. Here, P10000 Pro was able to convince completely and offers everything a modern smartphone needs.

Conclusion and alternative

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Leonardo Staub:

If you are willing to accept the disadvantages of Blackview P10000 Pro, like the immense weight, you get a solid Android smartphone with modern equipment that is luxurious for the price. The smartphone did not reveal any major flaws or errors in our test and, therefore, we can recommend it without hesitation for users who would like their smartphone last for several days. Alternatives with similar battery life are rare, but can be found for example with the manufacturer Oukitel in the form of K10 or K8000. We hope that Blackview will soon also deliver the promised update to Android Oreo and possibly also further optimize the battery life.

  • Design and build quality 80 %
  • Display 90 %
  • Performance 90 %
  • Camera 80 %
  • Communication and connectivity 90 %
  • Battery 100 %

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