As you may have noticed, among the models we tested there are mostly smartphones from Asian manufacturers. The list is really long and seems to grow every day. Many small Chinese manufacturers want to compete with famous brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi or Huawei. For years, the secret of success has been copying (not to be seen in a negative way) the most famous models, such as Xiaomi Mi Mix or Samsung Galaxy S8. Leagoo, Meiigoo, and Homtom are the brands that have pushed the imitation of S8 to the extremes. Even Blackview does its best. But to stand out from the crowd, it is necessary to offer something new. In the case of P6000, Blackview did its best to amaze us and tried to be the first manufacturer to offer a handy smartphone with over 6000mAh of battery capacity. Combined with a really powerful hardware, P6000 seems to be an extraordinarily good buy. In this review you will find out if Blackview maintained what it promised.

Design / Build quality / Scope of delivery

Blackview P6000 Hülle

A big battery always needs a lot of space. Those who hope that this is not the case with P6000 will be disappointed. But do not stop reading right now! In fact, Blackview succeeded in keeping the device as compact as possible, despite the gigantic battery! The dimensions of the smartphone are 76.5 x 154.2 x 9.8 mm. Obviously, it’s a bit thicker than normal, nevertheless, Blackview has managed to keep the smartphone relatively small. In addition to its dimensions, also the quite heavy weight of 238g (we weighed it) is the result of the massive battery. If one weighs P6000 with the supplied TPU cover, the weight increases to 255g. Let’s say that by keeping the smartphone in your pants pocket, you will always notice its presence.

Blackview P6000 Display 3 Blackview P6000 Rückseite 2

Blackview P6000 is available in two colors. You can choose between “Cool Black” (black) or “Dazzle Blue” (blue). The rear side has rounded sides that make the phone very handy, its color is really bright and reflects the light. On the contrary, the frames are in aluminum and have an opaque color. The rest is all as usual: on the right side, we find the volume and power buttons. Both have a pleasant feedback and are easy to reach as they protrude a little from the case. On the left side, there is the SIM slot, which offers space for 2 Nano-SIM cards. Since it is a hybrid slot, you can either use two SIM cards (2 x Nano) or just one if you want to expand the storage of the device with an SD-Card. On the lower part of the device, we find a USB Type-C connection. At its side, there is a small hole for the microphone. The speaker is located on the rear of the smartphone. The dual camera with an integrated dual flash can be found on the rear, too. I did not mention where the jack connector is located yet … simply because it is nowhere to be found! At least, Blackview also provides an adapter (from USB-C to jack). But in this way, we are always obliged to carry the mini adapter with us.

Blackview P6000 Design Verarbeitung 1 Blackview P6000 Design Verarbeitung 3 Blackview P6000 Design Verarbeitung 2 Blackview P6000 Design Verarbeitung 4

The fingerprint scanner is located on the front side, below the display. It does not have a Hub. If you press it once, it will bring you to the previous menu. If you double-tap it or keep it pressed, you will be brought back to the main screen. There are no soft-touch buttons. However, you can hide the On-Screen buttons whenever you want and show them again when you need them, simply by setting the options in the menu. Furthermore, you can also adjust the Android buttons freely. In fact, you can set what you want to do by tapping the button twice or by holding it pressed. The notification LED is located next to the front camera and has a total of 6 colors, which can be set freely in the menu.

Blackview P6000 Lieferumfang

Blackview delivers its smartphone with the following accessories:

  • Smartphone
  • USB-C cable
  • Quick-Charge power plug
  • Screen protector
  • Instruction manual
  • TPU silicone protective cover
  • In-Ear Headphones
  • Adapter from USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack
  • OTG cable
  • Finger holder

Summing up, we can say we are really satisfied with Blackview. Not only have they managed to create a cell phone with an excellent build quality, but they also managed to install a 6000mAh battery in a handy smartphone, so that the device stands out from the competition. Clearly, they have not been able to do much regarding the weight and size of the phone, which is a bit thicker than a normal 5.5-inch phone. Design wise, P6000 is rather modest and does not stand out from the crowd. In our opinion, they did their best and the symbiosis between compact phone and big battery could not get out any better!


Blackview P6000 has a 5.5-inch IPS display by JDI (Japan Display Inc.), with a Full-HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. The result is a pixel density of 401 pixels per inch. The images are sharp and individual pixels are no longer recognizable. At the side of the display, the bezels are not very narrow, as for example in the current “Tri-Beezless display”, but they are still quite thin, measuring only 3mm.

Blackview P6000 Display 2 Blackview P6000 Display 1

P6000 has a Screen-to-Body ratio of just 71%. Certainly, it is not a particularly good value, but Blackview did not focus on this point. Thanks to 2.5D glass, the display frames are perfectly rounded. Unfortunately, P6000 does not have a Gorilla Glass display. However, the manufacturer includes a screen protector in the package, which should protect the display at least from scratches.

Blackview P6000 Benachrichtigungs LEDThe touchscreen registers a maximum of 10 touches simultaneously, although sometimes it reacts slowly. We realized this problem both during our test and during the daily use of the device. It even happened that the touchscreen did not register any touch at all. For example, during the test phase, I set the alarm at 6:30 am, and often the phone did not recognize my touch while trying to turn it off. It was not easy to resist the temptation of throwing the phone against the wall. Anyway, let’s hope this little bug is just an exception. By touching the phone with 3 fingers, it recognizes only 2 touches. We noticed it because we need 3 touches at the same time to make a screenshot.

The display is pleasantly bright. On the upper side of the display, we get a brightness of 498 Lux, while the brightness of the lower side of the display decreases a little to a maximum of 432. In daily use, this is not noticeable at all. In my opinion, the brightness of the display is quite strong and could even be a bit lowered.

Blackview P6000 Split ScreenThe viewing angle of the phone always remains good. Neither the colors nor the contrast of the display are modified. In addition, the user can still activate the “LiveDisplay” in the display setting, in order to change the saturation at will. You can even set a timer that changes the saturation of the display at precise times.

Furthermore, the smartphone offers the possibility to use the Split-screen function. In this way, it will be possible to use two applications simultaneously. You can also set different gestures to unlock the phone, but as we have already said, the touchscreen does not work very well. It is only possible to unlock the camera by pressing twice the on/off button.


Blackview P6000 3D MarkBlackview P6000 AnTuTu

Blackview P6000 CPU ZBlackview P6000 Geekbench

P6000 houses an Helio P25 processor with 8 MediaTek cores. These 8 cores are divided into 2 clusters. The first cluster has 4 Cortex A53 cores, which clock with a maximum of 2.6 GHz. For less demanding tasks, the device will use the 4 other cores, with a maximum clock frequency of 1.6 GHz. Thanks to its 16-nanometer process, the processor is very efficient, even in terms of energy consumption, but it still provides enough power for more complicated tasks. Speaking of power: currently, there are many smartphones that have more RAM than many computers. In the case of P6000, the SoC provides 6GB of RAM. Multitasking isn’t a problem for the smartphone. The Mali-T880 GPU takes care of the graphics. Its hardware is not at the highest level but it still offers sufficient power for almost all activities. The game “Asphalt 8″, for example, runs smoothly even with the graphics set to maximum. The heat development is kept within limits.

Blackview P6000 SpeicherBlackview has a total of 64GB of primary storage. However, we must also remember that according to Testapp, P6000 only has slightly more than 52GB. Considering also the operating system, the user will have less than 50 GB available. If the storage were not enough, you’ll have the possibility to expand the memory through an SD card (up to 128GB). But in this case, you’ll have to renounce to the second Nano-SIM. The internal memory reaches rates of 123MB/s of reading and 220MB/s of writing speed, which are quite good values. With 4.5GB/s working speed, the RAM is perfectly on average.

The SoC is certainly not of a high standard but it provides enough power for all apps and activities. Multitasking is therefore not a problem. You can also surf without hesitation. Asphalt 8 runs great even with the graphics at the highest level! In the Antutu benchmarks, P6000 reaches a good value with 67,432 points. In Geekbench, it reaches 3864 in the multi-core and 868 in the single-core. All basic tasks such as surfing, WhatsApp, Facebook, Video and Co., work perfectly with P6000. Blackview does everything right here.

Antutu Result Geekbench Multi Result Geekbench Single Result 3D Mark Result


Blackview P6000 HomeBlackview P6000 Status BarBlackview P6000 Maleware

P6000 has an Android 7.1.1 system. The current security patch is from the beginnings of November 2017. All standard Google Apps are already pre-installed on the smartphone. We could not find any mal- or bloatware during the test phase! Possible updates are conveniently regulated via OTA. One feature that I liked, is the possibility to modify the “Navigation Bar”. So, if you want, you can move it from one side to the other, and also the 3 Android keys can be modified as you like. Also the popular app drawer is available. But it is not shown as usual (as an icon with 3 dots), this time it is a little hidden and you have to touch the dots of the number of home screens in order to start it.

Blackview P6000 AutostartIn addition, P6000 offers the function of blocking any app with a pattern or with the fingerprint lock. So no one can open Whatsapp, for example, even if the device is unlocked. In the battery settings, there is an overview of all the applications currently in use and it is possible to disable them directly from there.

The system works fast and without bugs. Blackview only adjusts the status bar and a few application icons. Otherwise, we can say that it is a pure Android Stock system.




Blackview P6000 Dual Kamera

Blackview provides P6000 with a 21-megapixel main camera, which is supported by other 0.3 MP. The Sony IMX230 Exmor Sensor has an f/2.8 aperture. Obviously, also Blackview follows the Chinese habit of advertising double cameras, even if they have not installed one on their device. In this case, the smartphone joins a whole series of devices, which promise the customer a dual camera for fantastic bokeh effects, but in the end proves to be only a dummy. The bokeh effect is later added to the photo with a filter. As already mentioned in our preview, the number of pixels of a camera is not decisive. What is important is rather the synergy of all components. Experience has shown that cameras with significantly more than 16MP have the problem of image noise in low light conditions. Surprisingly, with P6000 it is possible to take valuable pictures without even having an HDR mode. The camera also has a digital zoom. I was really impressed by the speed of the camera focusing. The photos are focused immediately, without having to wait! Even if you move while taking a picture, the results are neither blurry nor distorted. I have tested many devices up until now but I was really surprised by these results. The colors could be a bit stronger, but since I tested the phone in Germany during winter, also the outside was very dark and colorless :(. ISO values, brightness, saturation, and contrast can be adjusted manually.

The front camera has a resolution of 8MP and, according to the data sheet, uses a Hi-846 sensor from the manufacturer Hynix, with an f/2.4 aperture. Even the photos taken with the front camera are excellent. Sure, a closer look reveals that objects in the background appear blurred but since we are only dealing with selfies, sharpness is not the most important factor. Videos can be recorded in full HD quality.

A clear critic of the device is obviously the fake dual camera. Blackview could have avoided this publicity stunt since P6000 takes very good photos even without the HDR function.


Blackview P6000 Sim Netz EmpfangP6000 supports the following frequencies:

GSM 850 MHz, GSM 900 MHz, GSM 1800 MHz, GSM 1900 MHz, W-CDMA 900 MHz, W-CDMA 2100 MHz, LTE 800 MHz, LTE 900 MHz, LTE 1800 MHz, LTE 2100 MHz, LTE 2600 MHz

P6000 offers an excellent network reception. For navigation and to determine the location, the device uses GPS and Glonass. Both pedestrian and car navigation do not represent a problem for P6000. After activating the location, the device will find you within a few seconds with an accuracy of 3 meters.

Blackview P6000 GPS

The smartphone supports Bluetooth version 4.1 and the WiFi 802.11b/g/n Standard between 2.4 and 5.0 GHz. I was really impressed by its reception strength. In fact, even down the street (I live on the 5th floor) I still had “good” reception and was able to connect to the router. Something like this never happened to me. Although this battery monster from Blackview does not support NFC or inductive charging, it disposes of a face-unlock function. So, theoretically, we could omit the unlocking through fingerprint or pattern/PIN. We can find the face registration in the security settings of Android. If you near the camera to your face, and unlock the display by pressing the home button, P6000, through facial recognition, will unlock the display. At least in theory. In practice: it does not work. I have not figured out how and when a face-recognition takes place. In fact, the cell phone will not notify you if it recognized or registered the face. If any of you understand how this “Face-Unlock” works please leave a comment below and tell me what I’m doing wrong! 🙂

Blackview P6000 SensorenP6000 offers all the basic sensors such as brightness, acceleration, and proximity. In addition, we have a compass, a gyroscope, the hall sensor, and a magnetic field sensor. All sensors, with the exception of the brightness sensor, perform their tasks as expected. The brightness sensor does not work too well. It only knows 3 levels of brightness: 133 lux in the dark, or in normal daylight (which is already quite contradictory itself). In case of low light, the level increases from 304 up to a maximum of 502 lux. The adaptive brightness control depending on the light conditions does not work satisfactorily.

Fingerprint unlocking works very well. From 10 consecutive attempts, I could unlock the device each time directly and quickly. As soon as P6000 detects headphones, the “Audio FX” panel

Blackview P6000 Audio FXpops up. In this panel, you can customize the sound experience according to your wishes. I liked this feature, although in my opinion “Clear” offers a more balanced sound. The sound of the speaker is at a standard level. There are no depths, but the sound is not too metallic. We cannot complain about voice quality during conversations.


Blackview P6000 Batter TestAs its name suggests, P6000 has a battery capacity of 6000mAh… and even more! The smartphone houses an amazing 6180mAh Li-Ion battery. Rarely has the battery life test cost me so many hours of my life, as in this case. In fact, the phone manages to hold on for 16 hours! Therefore, it is unnecessary to ask if the device lasts a whole day or not. In the case of P6000, we should rather ask if the device lasts a whole week! 🙂

The answer is not quite: using the phone normally, surfing the internet, and calling occasionally, the phone will last surely for 2-3 days. Users who use their smartphone even less will certainly gain 4-5 days. A two-hour long YouTube video at average brightness consumes only 12% of the battery!

A 12V/2A charger with a USB type-C connection charges the smartphone. A full charge from 5 to 100%, takes 3 hours and 40 minutes. However, we must say that the quick charge adapter that was delivered was defective. This is obviously unacceptable for a new phone. So I had to use a 5V/2A adapter. As a result, I am not able to judge the quick charge function of the device. We suspect that this is only an isolated case. According to Blackview, the smartphone can be charged within 60min to 70%.

Battery lifetime Result Unit: hours

Conclusion and alternative

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Christian Müller:

Blackview managed to realize (or to unite) 3 things at the same time: first of all, of course, the huge battery. Secondly, the manufacturer still managed to fabricate a compact smartphone, and finally, we have to mention the incredible hardware. The description sounds really impressive… if it weren’t for the dark sides of P6000:

Because of its battery, the smartphone is definitely heavier than other models. 238g are not yet a heavyweight, but are still inconvenient! Another negative point of this phone is obviously the fake dual-camera. The bokeh effect is only given by a plain vanilla filter. Main and front cameras, however, take pretty good shots, despite the lack of the HDR function. We can consider P6000 a predecessor of Tri-Bezelless displays. In fact, its Screen-to-Body ratio is 71%, which is not too good. The touchscreen reacts a bit slowly to commands. Sometimes, after unlocking the phone from standby, I had to wait a few seconds before I could use the phone. Finally, we must mention again that the “Face Unlock” function is definitely faulty and that the adapter for the quick charge that was delivered was not working.

Blackview P6000 is designed for users who need a phone with a very powerful battery, with excellent performance, and still, do not want to carry around a huge phone with them. If you can do without features like Face Unlock and have no problem waiting a few seconds for the reaction of the touchscreen, you can surely buy this device. We still recommend giving a look at the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X (which costs even less).

  • Design and build quality 70 %
  • Display 60 %
  • Performance 80 %
  • Camera 80 %
  • Communication and connectivity 70 %
  • Battery 100 %

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