China phone ranking

If you’re searching for an independent Smartphone ranking this is the place for you. The winners of our Smartphone rankings are high-quality and often cost less than half of the money of the leading devices of well-known brands. We show you the best cheap Smartphones from China that Samsung and Apple would rather wish to keep from you. All of the devices have been taken to the acid and we even tested and approved the linked shops! Have fun browsing!

Special rankings

In this section you get an overview of the various China phones ranked by size (inch) and prize (€).

The lists provide a clear comparison of the best Smartphones. According to the selected category ($70-$120 or 5 inches or…) you get a ranking of the Top Android Smartphones from China.

We only selected Smartphones for our ranking that already had made various customers happy!

Explanation of the Smartphones’ classification

There is a huge amount of different China Smartphones so it is difficult to keep track of which phone to choose. This is why we created the Smartphone ranking. Before you purchase your new Smartphone you might wonder which phone might be most fitting for you.

We want to show you the winners of the Smartphones we reviewed in our phone ranking.

In our classification we complied with the most frequently asked questions before buying a Smartphone: price and size.

In our rankings you find the best China phones throughout different price categories ordered according to the price. We chose the prices’ categorization so they meet the requirements of the China phones’ different “categories”. The second category is the phone’s size. We chose to classify the Smartphones in four different sizes, because the perfect size of your phone depends on your own preferences.

Next to the category there is always a picture for comparison that shows you the Smartphone’s size regardless of the size of your monitor. The 5 inch Smartphone is aimed for those who prefer a smaller phone. The 5.5 inch Smartphones excel at easier handling, but are a bit bigger. The phones included in this category are equivalent to the size of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The real big devices with 6 inches or more have recently gained more and more popularity. Finally there is a ranking list of Phablets, that is made for buyers that desire a very large Smartphone and the ranking of our absolute top-Smartphones, the so called Flagships or better: Flagship killers!

What is Android?

Android is by far the most used operating system for mobile devices on earth. This means that the China phones are running the same system as the leading manufacturers. Android was developed by Google and is considered as easy to operate and user friendly. As everybody is accustomed to the reliability of the search engine Google the system operates just as fast, easily and extensively! You can download apps via the so-called Google Playstore that offers quite the same amount of apps and mostly even the same apps as the famous Apple Appstore. Apps like Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps etc. can be installed via the Playstore for free. Therefore we can conclude that every China phone that runs on an Android system is able to use the same apps as a phone made by the leading manufacturers (HTC, Samsung, Apple…).