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How to order safely at AliExpress

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About AliExpress: is the biggest selling platform on which vendors can offer their products worldwide. AliExpress is mainly used in China and the further Asian area. It is especially used for exporting to Europe and America. AliExpress is a subsidiary of the publicly traded company Alibaba. I contrast to Alibaba they also aim at end consumers.

Is AliExpress reliable, reputable and safe?

This question can’t be answered just like that. In general, every vendor – just like on eBay or Amazon – can offer their products on AliExpress. Among the sellers of the online shop there are a lot of reputable and safe shops, however, there can always be some rotten apples. But fortunately, the number of fraudsters is low. If you follow our advice and the tips and tricks you find in this post you won’t have any trouble with tricksters (who can be identified easily). As soon as you have found a vendor for your desired product just go through the following checklist step by step and enjoy a safe shopping experience.

Seller checklist

1. Did the merchant get more than 95% positive feedback on AliExpress? In which period of  time?

ist aliexpress vertrauenswürdig

Example of a reputable Shop

In order to check the seller’s rating, you just have to click on the diamonds on top of the page. Then you can see all negative, neutral and positive ratings. Of course, you can also check if there were no or a lot of negative ratings during the last month. If the “positive feedback rate” is more than 95% you don’t need to worry about your product being delivered. There have to be at least 100 ratings within the last month.


2. Did the seller specialise on your desired product or do they offer a bunch of different stuff?

To guarantee a good service you should only order at specialised sellers. Just click in the product overview of the concerned shop. Buy your smartphones and electronic devices at electronics retailers, clothes at clothes sellers.

3. Which sellers should I avoid?

You shouldn’t buy from sellers with only few ratings and sellers who only got ratings for cheap products. Also, you should only buy smartphones of which you know they actually exist (has the device already been tested on a reputable website?)! If the general market price is strongly under-priced (e.g. a 200$ phone for less than 100$) you should assume deceit as well.

What do I have to consider when ordering at AliExpress?

We recommend the stores listed below for purchasing smartphones, tablets and more. Here you can count on reputable sellers that have already been rated by thousands of customers. The shops listed below are reliable and reputable sellers with mainly positive ratings. Also, warranty conditions correlate with those of other China online shops.

Payment options on AliExpress

Zahlungsmethoden Aliexpress

Not all shops on Aliexpress offer payment with PayPal – unlike most other popular online shops. Anyway you can always choose between credit card or Gyropay. You have to go without the usual PayPal buyer protection, but the payment options also offer conveniences. You only need a bank account with online banking or a valid credit card to shop on Additionally, AliExpress offers their own buyer protection: your money is transferred to AliExpress in the first place and not to the seller.

AliExpress buyer protection

Käuferschutz Aliexpress

All sales via AliExpress have the Alipay buyer protection. When you buy a product, your money is not forwarded directly to the dealer but kept by AliExpress as a fiduciary. Only when you confirm that you have received the right product corresponding to the description, the AliExpress dealer gets his money. If no package arrives, AliExpress refunds you all the money including the shipping costs. If a wrong product or a defective device is delivered, you can either make an agreement with the seller or return the goods. In this case, AliExpress will reimburse your expenses. Good shops also offer additional safeguards:

On-Time Delivery Aliexpress
On-time Delivery: Your product has to arrive within a certain time which has been defined by the shop. If it doesn’t, you will get your money back. You can find out about the “on-time delivery” period of time at the bottom of the product description.
Original Produkte Aliexpress Garantie
Guaranteed Genuine: Here, the seller guarantees you to ship an original product. In case that you still receive a fake, you will get your money back.
Rückgaberecht Garantie Aliexpress
Easy Returns: This is possible for European sellers if you are living in Europe. Products you didn’t like can be sent back to the European warehouse.

AliExpress and customs duty

Additional costs may occur during international trade. You might have to check if your order will incur additional import duties, taxes or other customs related charges. Such additional payments will be collected by the shipping company upon delivery.

Warranty and guarantee

Since AliExpress is an international trading platform, there is no statutory return or warranty provision. Each shop defines its own warranty conditions.

The 5 golden rules:

  1. Order only from shops with good user ratings
  2. Read product descriptions attentively and completely
  3. Note the product’s shipping time
  4. Check the rating of the product you chose
  5. Do never open dispute before your product has arrived

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