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Tomtop is one of the largest export-based online shops in China with 8.5 million visitors per month. Tomtop offers a gigantic selection of products from different categories. In addition to electronic products such as smartphones and tablets, the shop is particularly well known for furniture, camping accessories, jewellery and clothing. Tomtop has a large warehouse in China and numerous European warehouses, among others in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, England and Austria.


Shipping from China

Tomtop zollfreier Versand

For orders from China, Tomtop usually offers three different shipping methods. These are:

  • Standard Shipping (15-25 Tage)
  • Duty Free Shipping (7-15 Tage)
  • Priority Shipping (3-7 Tage)

Which shipping method is best depends on which product you want to buy. For low priced products it is recommended to choose the free standard shipping. Delivery is by airmail directly from China and usually takes about 20 days. If you do not choose products with a higher price, it is very unlikely that you will have to go to the customs office.

For more expensive products we recommend ordering by duty free shipping. As the name suggests, this is a duty-free shipping method. This works because Tomtop first sends the shipment to an EU third country and imports it there. The shipment is then sent to the buyer, who receives it at no further cost. The shipping method Duty Free Shipping is the same as Gearbest’s popular Express shipping.

With the Priority Shipping method, the shipment is sent by DHL Express. This has the advantage that the delivery time is only a few days (even if Tomtop indicates a longer delivery time). Before placing an order, however, you should be aware that import sales tax plus capital provision commission must be paid for a delivery with DHL Express.

Warranty and right of return

All products ordered from Tomtop can be returned free of charge 14 days after receipt. It should be noted, however, that the buyer is responsible for the costs of return shipment.

In addition, Tomtop offers a one-year warranty for the order. If a problem occurs with the device, a warranty claim must be submitted to the Customer Center and a photo or video of the article must be added. Afterwards, a repair order is usually initiated within a few days. The buyer must bear the cost of shipping to China, while Tomtop bears the return costs after repair or replacement. In the case of less expensive products, it may also be the case that the online shop simply sends out a replacement device after a corresponding proof has been provided that the device is defective.

Payment methods

Tomtop Zahlungsmöglichkeiten

Tomtop offers all common payment options. They offer PayPal, credit card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard) and transfer. We always recommend to pay with PayPal, because in this case you can additionally use the PayPal buyer protection.


Tomtop Gutscheine Coupons

As with most online shops in China, regularly offers coupons and coupon codes that allow you to order certain products at a low price. An overview of current deals and vouchers can be found on the homepage of the online shop. Before placing an order, it is worth taking a look at it.

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Our experiences with Tomtop

Tomtop is a very large and trustworthy online shop. Unfortunately, Tomtop is somewhat overshadowed by Gearbest and is not yet well known. The duty-free dispatch and the warehouses in Europe are actually strong arguments for the online shop. We have already ordered several times at Tomtop and all products have been delivered correctly.

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