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With the Elephone A4, the Chinese manufacturer presents a surprisingly good Iphone X Clone with a low price. In addition to a 5.85 inch display with Apple’s familiar cutout, the smartphone has a current Android 8 system, a new Mediatek MT6739 processor and 3GB RAM. The smartphone will soon be sold through the usual online shops for about 100 USD.


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Once again Apple’s design is shamelessly copied by the smaller Chinese manufacturers. The Elephone A4 is the latest example. In particular the cutout for front camera and ear cup, which one knows from the well 1200€ expensive Apple mobile phone, are now found in a sub 100 USD device. The vertical arrangement of the camera module on the back also corresponds to the layout of the Iphone X.

But there are still some differences: No glass, but only plastic will be used on the back. The frame of the smartphone is made of metal, which is actually more than you normally get with the low price range.

With a display size of 5.85 inches, the Elephone A4 will be one of the larger smartphones. However, the manufacturer has made every effort to keep the phone as compact as possible. Two SIM cards can be inserted via a side slot. Alternatively, one of the two SIM slots can be used for memory expansion via MicroSD. The back of the phone is not removable and the battery cannot be changed.


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In any case it will be exciting how good the display of the Elephone A4 will be. With a resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels in 18:9 format, the phone is not as sharp as a Full-HD panel, but it could still be sufficient for everyday use. What we are particularly interested in is how well the Iphone-X Notch is integrated into the system. It is still at question wheter the display contents, which should normally be displayed on this area, are simply not displayed at all, or if the software has been adapted. We will find out soon in our review.

The touch screen registers up to 5 touch points simultaneously and should therefore also be suitable for precise operation. The display works with IPS technology, which will hopefully give us high black levels and good viewing angle stability.


The Elephone A4 runs on the new Mediatek MT6739. It has 4 cores with 1.5 GHz each. The processor is the successor of the Mediatek MT6737, which is currently very popular in the low-budget range.

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Mediatek will no longer use a Mali GPU for the graphics chip, but a PowerVR GE8100 GPU. Whether this will bring a noticeable improvement, we will soon find out in our review. The MT6737 is usually sufficient for a fast use of the basic functions and for playing simple games. To what extent the MT6739 will bring a further improvement will soon become apparent.

Elephone uses 3GB RAM as memory modules, which should also be sufficient for basic multitasking. However, the internal memory of 16GB is quite small, so most users will probably use a MicroSD for memory expansion.

Android 8.1

The Elephone A4 will be equipped with the new Android 8.1 Oreo system. It will be one of the first smartphones under 100 USD using by the latest Google system. Elephone is also known for leaving the user interface of its smartphones largely untouched. So with a little luck we can expect a fast and clean Android Oreo. The Google Playstore is of course available out of the box.


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Even if it looks like this at first glance, the Elephone A4 doesn’t have a dual camera on the back. Only an LED flash can be found where Apple’s second camera is located. We are very pleased about this, because in the lower price range there are simply no usable dual cameras and the Chinese manufacturers have so far only used fakes.

The main camera of the Elephone A4 has 8 megapixels with an f/2.0 aperture.


The Elephone A4 has many LTE bands and can be used almost anywhere in the world. Mediatek has obviously expanded the network support of its low-budget smartphones.


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The smartphone can simultaneously operate two SIM cards or one SIM and one MicroSD for memory expansion.

Furthermore the smartphone supports dual-band Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and has besides the standard sensors (proximity, acceleration, brightness) an E-compass. A fingerprint sensor and face unlock are available for unlocking too. However, we do not believe that the face unblocking will work reliably.


The Elephone A4 has a 3000mAh battery. This means that it has an average capacity that should guarantee about one day’s use with 3 to 4 hours of display-on-time. The battery can be charged with 5V/2A.

Our oppinion

Elephone A4 13Everyone should be aware that the new Elephone A4 can’t really keep up with an Iphone X. But it’s still interesting how much hardware you can get for such little money. In addition to the Iphone X design, the mobile phone also has a lot to offer in terms of price. Whether the low-budget smartphone can also convince in practice is another matter. We will get an Elephone A4 as soon as possible and take a closer look at it in a detailed review soon.

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