Almost all major manufacturers are now presenting a phone with notch – “We have to do it now, whatever it may cost”. This must have been what Homtom thought when the Homtom H10 was being developed. The other features of Homtom’s device are very similar to those of a typical low-budget phone. The MediaTek processor MTK6750T and the HD display speak for this price range. However, an internal 64GB storage and 4GB RAM can also be found in more expensive devices. The resolution of the camera is stated with 16 + 2MP. We have tested for you what the device can really do with this hardware combination.

Design and build quality

Despite its 5.85-inch display, the Homtom H10 actually manages to be sufficiently compact. With dimensions of 74 x 152.6 x 7.8mm, the device is easy to hold and operate with one hand. The weight of 193g is quite high, but still acceptable.

HomTom H10 Lieferumfang HomTom H10 Design 4 HomTom H10 Rückseite HomTom H10 Design 3

From a design point of view, it should be clear to everyone which device was the model here. One or the other detail is often copied by one big manufacturer from another. That’s no big secret. But the Homtom H10 goes a few steps further and can definitely be called a cheeky copy of the iPhone X. The wide notch, strongly rounded display corners, the dual cam with the flash in the middle and even the lettering on the back are the same. There are only small differences. The bezel below the display is much bigger than on the iPhone and the rear has a nice wave effect. Apart from the fact that it’s a clone, the Homtom H10 makes a good optical impression and is a real eye-catcher.

So much for the impression at first glance. If you take a closer look at the smartphone, you’ll quickly notice some obvious flaws in the build quality. The cover of the hybrid SIM card slot wobbles strongly, the same applies to the power and volume buttons, the glass on the rear seems to be uncleanly applied and there are glue residues on the edge of the glass. In addition, I noticed a gap between the protruding camera module and the glass rerar of the test device. Moreover, the rear is by no means scratch-resistant. During the test period, the first unattractive scratches could be seen on the surface. The positioning of the fingerprint scanner should also be noted. It is easily accessible on the left side. We already know this position from Sony. In practice, the scanner often causes displeasure. The scanner doesn’t always react. If it works, the device is unlocked sufficiently fast. An alternative unlock method is face recognition, which works much better and more reliably. In the dark, however, the recognition has no chance and the face unlock doesn’t offer security at all.

All in all, the build quality can be described quite well with the adjective “unsatisfactory”. The design is copied, but beautiful.

The official scope of delivery includes the following accessories:

  • English quick start guide
  • OTG cable
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Type-C to headphone jack adapter
  • Charging adapter
  • SIM ejection tool
  • Silicone protective cover


The display, “decorated” by a notch, made a mixed impression in the test. The HD resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels leads to an – almost – sharp display and is appropriate for the price category. This leads to a pixel density of 286ppi. The colors appear somewhat weak. It’s probably clear that a strong display, as on an AMOLED display, isn’t to be expected, but, nevertheless, the colors seem a bit too weak. Even considering the price, the manufacturer could offer a bit more here. Many devices allow a configuration of the color representation. The Homtom H10 does not. The display brightness is okay, we got a just useful value of over 380.
HomTom H10 Hand

The touchscreen sometimes reacts (in my opinion) somewhat reluctantly. Inputs were recognized inaccurately from time to time. Maybe my fingers were too sweaty in the last days with 35 degrees outside, but a touchscreen in 2018 should be able to handle that. I also didn’t have any problems on other smartphones during the same period. With a maximum of five touch points, the device supports multi touch.


Like the external design, the software also comes in Apple’s design. The interface is strongly reminiscent of iOS. While Android 8 actually switched to round symbols, the Homtom H10 is based on the Apple icons with a square, rounded at the edges and colorful representation of the app links. Doing without an app drawer, the device again follows Apple’s example. Homtom should be able to do this better. The is operated by on-screen keys.

Also, small bugs hide in the system. The camera app can be started from the lock screen, but only the framework is displayed. The main surface remains black. If you press the shutter release, a photo is still taken. In addition, this also occurs during the normal start of the camera app. Also in games there were often annoying display errors. Here, updates are urgently needed! Unfortunately, the update server returns a security exception when querying for current updates. Whether this strange error message also occurs when updates are actually available is, unfortunately, not known to us. That would be another no-go. After all, you can download the latest firmware from the official Homtom homepage. Unfortunately, the H10 is not listed here yet.

At least for the topicality of the system (Android 8.1), Homtom gets a plus point. Even if I would have preferred a well implemented Stock-Android 7 to this tragedy of software. A “special” feature is the toolbox, which contains a ruler, spirit level, compass and other tools. Such things could also be easily installed from the Play-store. Additional software is also the white-list option. In this option you can select apps which should not be closed in the background. This option is useful for messengers. There is also an in-house power saving mode.

Homtom H10 System 3 Homtom H10 System 2 Homtom H10 System 1

Overall, the system was not convincing in the test. Such bugs should simply not be found in a current smartphone. No matter in which price range.


In terms of system performance, the Homtom H10 lives up to expectations. These are, of course, not particularly high in the low-budget class. The MediaTek MTK6750T, with its eight cores, is sufficient for navigating through the system and for simple games. Four of the cores clock at 1.5GHz, the others at 1GHz. The storage for complex 3D games, on the other hand, can be saved. Those who like to play PUBG will definitely be disappointed here. There are clearly noticeable jolts and the device gets sometimes very hot with strong hardware demands. The laser thermometer recognized up to 48 degrees celsius on the surface. So, you can at least use the rear as a small hotplate.

With Antutu, the device scores almost 57000 points, which confirms the impressions from the daily use. The storage doesn’t work very fast. A writing speed of 112MB/s and a reading speed of 82MB/s is still acceptable. The same is true for the RAM, which still works sufficiently fast with 3.7GB/s. Loading games takes a little longer, but in the low-budget range this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Antutu Result Geekbench Multi Result 3D Mark Result

Homtom 10 A1 SD Bench Homtom H10 PCMark Homtom H10 3D Mark Homtom H10 Antutu


As it should be for an iPhone clone, the rear of the Homtom H10, of course, features a dual cam. It has a resolution of 16MP and 2MP. As you might have guessed, the second lens is simply a design element, because no function can be recognized here. Whether you hide the second lens or not has no difference in the image quality. Funnily enough, Homtom didn’t even bother to include a bokeh mode or similar in the camera application.

But let’s get to the image quality of the 16MP lens. Not much is offered here. During the day, the pictures are reasonably convincing, if you keep the price of the device in mind, but in bad light conditions the cam is of course unusable. Even in the daylight, the pictures often are too pale for my taste. The sharpness is sufficient for the mobile phone display. It only resolves with HD resolution anyway. When zooming in, the quality decreases quickly. The HDR mode gets a little more out of the pictures, but then they often seem overexposed. So in short, if you have demands on the smartphone camera, you should keep your hands off the Homtom H10, if you only want to take a snapshot for WhatsApp once in a while, the cam of the device should be enough for you. Videos are taken with Full-HD resolution. You can even activate an image stabilizer (EIS). However, it is not really noticeable.

The front camera doesn’t deliver top quality either. It resolves with 8MP and is sufficient for occasional selfies, but definitely not more. Details disappear on the pictures.

Connectivity and communication

HomTom H10 Netz EmpfangAs in almost all points, the Homtom H10 also has some problems with connectivity. In the test, the device simply couldn’t handle my functional SIM card. A PIN was requested, but no connection was established. It is also possible to search for providers, but there is no dial-in. Several attempts with changing the slot did not lead to a positive result. With another SIM card, however, it worked perfectly. A good reception was also available here. Officially, all frequencies in the 3G and 4G range are supported. The storage can be expanded with a Micro-SD by doing without Dual-SIM.

The next flaw is noticeable with the WiFi. During operation, the device simply changed its MAC address when the WiFi module was activated. At home, I use a router with an activated whitelist, i.e. individual devices have to be enabled first. This works via the MAC address. Since the H10 changes the address again and again, you have to enable the device for the network each time. This is simply unacceptable, and a MAC address is actually the physical address of a device and should, therefore, never change. Most users should not be bothered by this. Only those who use the whitelist-function of the WiFi router. The WiFi reception strength is sufficient.

There were no problems with the other connections. Bluetooth worked perfectly. Navigation via GPS was also possible. USB type-C is used as the wired interface. According to the manufacturer, the USB 3.0 standard is used here. This is not unusual in a low-budget phone. But this can’t really improve the bad overall impression of the device. By the way, the phone does not have an AUX connection. A USB type-C to AUX adapter was not included.

The Homtom H10, on the other hand, is quite well equipped in terms of sensors. With acceleration, light and proximity sensors, compass and even gyroscope, you have everything you need.


Screenshot 20180811 103158The negative overall impression mentioned before also continues with the battery. It doesn’t have much endurance. Actually, 3500mAh should be enough capacity for a device with an HD display and weakly clocked CPU. But the PCMark battery test quickly shows the limits of the Homtom H10. After 5 hours it was already over. That’s a weak value. With normal use, you still get over the day. But if you use the phone a bit more, it gets very tight. Quick-Charge on the other hand works better. After 40 minutes, 54% are charged. You get from 0% to 100% in a good 1.5 hours.

Battery lifetime Result Unit: hours

Conclusion and alternative

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Michael Froschauer:

I only find one comment for the Homtom H10: “Catastrophe!” Either the delivered device is a pre-sale version and not the final product, or Homtom just screwed up. Update: HomTom has told us that our device is still a pre-release version, we will update the review as soon as we receive the final version!
Forgive me for using this expression, but there’s no other way to say it: In absolutely no category could the smartphone convince us. On the contrary, there were deficiencies everywhere, some of which can be classified as serious. Starting with the sloppy build quality, to a system full of bugs, up to strong problems with the mobile network. Only the camera and the performance were reasonably in line with the price range. It certainly looks good in a showcase, with the note “Worst smartphone with USB-Type-C 3.0”, or you give it to a bad friend. If these two options are not for you, you should definitely avoid the Homtom H10. There are enough alternatives. In the price category you should have a look at the Xiaomi Redmi 6, or the Honor 7C. If you like a notch, the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite is a super device.

  • Design and build quality 60 %
  • Display 60 %
  • Performance 50 %
  • Camera 60 %
  • Communication and connectivity 40 %
  • Battery 50 %

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