How to install Fastboot Xiaomi ROM


How to install the official Xiaomi Fastboot ROM

In case you have unlocked your Xiaomi device, but you are not able to change to a Global ROM via the update app (“can’t verify update”), these instructions will help you to change to the desired CHINA or GLOBAL ROM.

Requirements for these instructions:

  • You have to deactivate the digital driver signature by Windows (go to instructions)
  • Following these instructions will lead to a successful result on all Xiaomi devices, on which the bootloader is already unlocked [how to unlock the bootloader]. Exception: if the unlock does not work because the device runs with a Custom ROM (e.g. Redmi 4), follow the instructions and execute step 4!
  • Be sure to save all data on your phone first! If you use these instructions, you’re acting at your own risk! Be sure to have at least 50% of the battery left!


  1. Download the MI-Flash Tool and the desired ROM (Fastboot ROM for your device!). Unpack the ROM archive into a folder using WINRAR. Then, install the Mi-Flash tool and start it.downlaod-mi-flash-tool download-fastboot-rom mi-flash-tool-installierenrom-enpacken
  2. Download and install Minimal ADB and Fastboot.
  3. Now, copy the directory path of the file location of the just unpacked Fastboot ROM into the Mi-Flash tool. Then, turn off your Xiaomi device. Afterwards, press and hold power button and volume control simultaneously until Fastboot appears on the screen. Then connect the smartphone to the computer.
  4. Follow step 4 only if you possess a Redmi Note 3 Pro/Redmi 4 Prime with locked bootloader, otherwise continue with step 5. Just start ADB and Fastboot and enter the following command: “fastboot oem edl”. Your device should have a black screen now and the Mi-Flash tool should recognize it.Fastboot flash EDL
  5. Select “refresh” in the Mi-Flash tool; when the device has been recognized, select “flash”. Then select “clean all”. Wait until the bar is fully green and “the operation completed successfully” appears. Attention! The first start of your device can take up to 15 minutes.
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