How to: Unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi phones


Unlock bootloader on Xiaomi – UNLOCK MI-Device NOW

Xiaomi now locks the bootloader ex-works on all current devices. With the following instructions, you can easily unlock any Xiaomi smartphone and then install another ROM. For this, you don’t need a Xiaomi smartphone at first. The unlock can be requested simply with an email address and a mobile phone number before the delivery or bevor ordering the device. When you receive the device, you can unlock it immediately and install any ROM.

Update: With the Mi Flashtool many Xiaomi phones can be flashed without unlocking the bootloader.


The unlock can be requested before or during the order. All you need is a mobile phone number and an e-mail address. When your new Xiaomi arrives, you are ready for UNLOCK!

Prerequisite for the UNLOCK:

  • The digital driver signature of Windows must be deactivated (Instructions)
  • Backup all data of your device! Instructions are at your own risk! At least 50% battery charge!
  1. Follow this Link, click Unlock Now and create a MI account
    xiaomi-handy-unlock-1 miui-unlock-anleitung-2 mi-accoutn-erstellen-3 xiaomi-account-erstellen-4 xiaomi-accoutn-erstellen-5 xioami-unlock-anleitung-6
  2. Update! Currently, Xiaomi only accepts Chinese IP addresses for the UNLOCK. The solution is quite simple: install the app (Plex VPN) on your smartphone and choose China. Now open the browser and enter Then again follow these instructions.
  3. Log in with your account after confirming your email. Then, enter your name and telephone number and enter an individual text in English as the reason for the UNLOCK. If you don’t speak English, just use Google translator. The content should be short and concise and say: “Hello, I would like to install the official Xiaomi Global ROM on my device. My device is in the boot loop. Please confirm the unlock.” Then you will receive an SMS, simply enter the code from the SMS, and confirm. After that, wait.
    xiaomi-unlock-message-7 bestaetigungs-code-8 xiaomi-handy-unlock-9
  4. It usually takes only 2-4 days until the unlock is released. Once you have received the confirmation SMS that you can now unlock, you can continue. To do this, go back to this LINK and log in. Now you can download the MI-Unlock tool. Unpack and start on your PC.
  5. It is important that you log in with your Mi-Account on the smartphone you want to unlock. In the settings on “About the phone” and then on the “MIUI-Version” until you are “Developer”. Then open the developer options under “additional settings”, click on “Mi Unlock Status” and connect the account to the device (for new devices you have to wait for up to 72 hours before you can execute an UNLOCK). If the connection ejects an error code, simply use the app “Plex VPN” and connect to China. Afterward, the connection with your Mi-Account is possible without any problems.
  6. Then log in to MI-Unlock Tool and turn off your smartphone.
    mi-unlock-tool-download xiaomi-unlock-tool-1 xiaomi-unlock-tool-2 xiaomi-mi-unlock-tool-3
  7. Now press the Volume down button and then press and hold the Power button (both pressed simultaneously) until Fastboot appears on the display. Now press Unlock and that’s it. If your Xiaomi phone should not be assigned to your account, simply log in again on the mobile phone and then log in HERE and click on “find device”. Now click again into the Fastboot mode and “Unlock”.
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