Infinix – until this test, the brand was completely unknown to me, but at first glance, the portfolio looks quite decent. Zero 5 Pro, which has been tested below, is the current flagship of Infinix. With an Helio P25 and a RAM of 6GB and a gigantic 128GB internal memory, at least the data sheet can convince. What the device really can do, however, you’ll find out in the following review.


Infinix Zero 5 Pro Vergleich


The Zero 5 and Pro versions differ only marginally. Zero 5 is available in 3 colors (red, gold, black) whereas the Pro version is only available in black-gold. Technically, the versions also hardly differ from each other. The only difference: Zero 5 Pro has 128GB of memory whereas the Zero 5 has “only” 64GB.

Design and build quality

Even though Infinix doesn’t present a revolutionary design with Zero 5 Pro, I have to admit that the phone has something special. Zero 5 Pro is, in my opinion, a nice device, but also huge, because the 5.98″ display needs space. Measuring 166.4 x 82.4 x 8 mm, the device cannot be operated with one hand unless you have very large hands. Both the size of the device and the size of the battery contribute to a quite high weight of 205g.

Infinix Zero 5 Pro Testbericht Design Verarbeitung 1 Infinix Zero 5 Pro Testbericht Design Verarbeitung 3 Infinix Zero 5 Pro Testbericht Design Verarbeitung 2 Infinix Zero 5 Pro Testbericht Design Verarbeitung 4

The casing is completely made of black metal. This is interrupted on the rear side only by the camera bar. The two camera lenses and the dual flash are located there. To loosen up the otherwise simple, black design, Infinix sets golden accents in the form of a strip around the casing and borders on the lenses and the fingerprint sensor. Thus, the device looks very noble and makes a nice visual impression.

Infinix Zero 5 Pro Testbericht Rückseite Infinix Zero 5 Pro Testbericht Display 3

On the front side is the huge display, which is framed by quite large black bars at the top and bottom. Unfortunately, Infinix has dispensed with soft-touch buttons here, leaving behind a useless area. In addition to the earpiece, above the display, you also find the sensors, front camera and LED flash. A notification LED is also available!

Power button and volume control can be found on the right. The buttons sit firmly in the casing and have a pleasantly firm pressure point. The SIM slot is located above the volume control. Infinix has laudably dispensed with a hybrid shaft here. To expand the memory nevertheless, there is an extra slot for the Micro SD card on the opposite side.

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Infinix Zero 5 Pro Testbericht 3 in 1 Slot Infinix Zero 5 Pro Testbericht Dual Kamera

The top is kept completely clean. For this purpose, the headphone connection, the microphone, the USB-C connection and the speaker are located at the bottom. The loudspeaker is indeed a force, no matter if music or film, the loudspeaker reproduces everything well. It doesn’t overdrive, the highs are clear but not shrill, mids are well available and lows for a mobile phone speaker amazingly powerful. The included in-ear headphones also convince with their high sound quality!

The Infinix Zero 5 Pro is very convincing at first sight. The build quality is at the highest level, only the omission of soft-touch buttons makes me a little sad, as this leaves a rather large unnecessary area below the display unused.


Infinix Zero 5 Pro Scope of delivery

Infinix Zero 5 Pro Testbericht Lieferumfang

Infinix is quite generous regarding the scope of delivery:

It contains:

  • Quick start reference guide
  • Power plug
  • USB-C cable
  • USB-C to micro-USB adapter
  • SIM ejection tool
  • Screen protector (already attached)
  • Headset

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The display of Zero 5 Pro is huge and with 5.98″ just barely escapes the phablet limit. The Full-HD display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This results in a pixel density of 368 PPI. You can’t make out individual pixels with the naked eye. In general, the display is beautifully sharp and the colors pleasantly bright. If you also want to adjust the hue, saturation or white balance, you can do this via MiraVision. The maximum brightness is very good, so the display can be read comfortably even in bright sunshine. The adaptive brightness control works perfectly.

The panel processes 5 points of contact simultaneously and reacts quickly to every input. The 2.5D glass feels good and the fingers glide comfortably over the glass. The display is “only” protected by Gorilla Glas 3 and the two-week test phase was unable to scratch it. I was skeptical about the cover of the camera bar, but it also remained free of scratches.

Overall, Infinix Zero 5 Pro cuts a good figure in this category. Despite the large display and “only” Full-HD resolution, the smartphone delivers a great picture. Even if only some outdated Gorilla Glass 3 is used here, no scratches occurred in daily use.


infinix zero5pro antutu 001Infinix relies on the currently popular Helio P25 by MediaTek for its flagship. The Octa-Core is divided into two Cortex A53 clusters, which operate at 1.7 GHz and 2.4 GHz maximum clock speed. The processor is supported by a full 6 GB of RAM, which delivers a good speed of 4.5 GB/s. Also the internal memory is amply dimensioned with 128 GB and the reading and writing speed with 119 / 198 MB/s also provides a decent value.

Antutu Result Geekbench Multi Result Geekbench Single Result

Apart from the numbers, the Helio P25 is a good all-rounder in the upper mid-range, which works energy-saving in everyday life, but has enough power to meet even more demanding tasks. The generous RAM is ideal for multitasking and doesn’t wear out even with many apps opened. Another powerful feature is the internal memory, which with 128 GB offers enough space for all data. Who wants to extend it nevertheless, this can do so with a Micro-SD card without having to do without the dual SIM function.


The smartphone houses a highly customized version of Android 7 and Infinix itself is naming the entire thing XOS, currently available in the version Hummingbird v3.0. Similar to MIUI or EMUI, XOS can be highly personalized with themes. There is no general app drawer and all apps are stored on the home screen. Despite all this, a general app overview has been retained, which can be called up with a slight wipe from bottom to top. In addition to the Google apps, the system comes with some in-house applications that belong to the “XOS family”. These cannot be removed either. However, this does not have to be a disadvantage, because the apps are not at the expense of the battery or interfere in any way. XOS also offers good energy management, so I was able to get the last one out of the battery. To save energy and avoid unnecessary background activity, the system offers an app freezer in the form of a “folder”. Apps stored there cannot run in the background and are also deleted directly from the cache as soon as they are closed. This option is perfect for apps that you need, but don’t need to use often.

infinix zero5pro android 015infinix zero5pro android 017infinix zero5pro android 016

In general, XOS runs very smoothly and there are no crashes or lags. This was not the case from the beginning, but an update was already available to fix the problems. So if you have problems with the camera app and the system at first, just update everything, then the device runs perfectly. The functional range offers the usual conveniences such as Tap to Wake, 3-finger screenshot, and gesture control. The system is also free of malware and viruses!

infinix zero5pro themes infinix zero5pro malewarebytes

After a short familiarization period, XOS is a successful system that offers many functions and astonishingly good energy management.


The camera of the Infinix device is definitely one of the highlights of the smartphone. Even if there is a dual camera on the rear, Infinix does not follow the general trend, because the second camera lens is not used to shoot bokeh shots. The main camera consists of a 12 MP wide-angle lens and a 13 MP telephoto lens. This results in a 2x optical zoom, a practical gimmick. In general, the images are good to very good. The colors are strong and the sharpness great. The focus works reliably and the trigger is fast. Due to the possibility of an optical zoom, even objects further away can be easily captured. The HDR mode is also powerful and improves your photos. In low light conditions, like almost every camera in the smartphone range, the camera of Zero 5 Pro also performs not that well. There is a slight image noise, but the quality of the images is still acceptable. A dual LED flash supports the camera in the dark.

Unfortunately, Infinix Zero 5 Pro only records videos with Full-HD resolution. However, the quality of the videos is still high, even though the image stabilizer, unfortunately, does not contribute as much to making the videos particularly shake-free. The focus is quickly focused on new objects and the colors look strong. The white balance also reacts well to changing lighting conditions.


The front camera has a resolution of 16 MP and shoots good selfies. The colors look real and the sharpness is good for a front camera. An LED flash is also available for the front camera. However, I see the maximum benefit in video telephony via the front camera in poor lighting conditions. For selfies, the colors are too fake and the images too overexposed.

Overall, Infinix Zero 5 Pro also cuts a good figure when it comes to cameras!


The Zero 5 Pro supports all 4G, 3G, and 2G frequencies. The reception was always good and there were never any unwanted disconnections. The telephone quality was also very convincing. My conversations were always well transmitted on both sides. Two Micro-SIM cards can be stored in the device. Nevertheless, when using the dual SIM function, it is not necessary to do without a memory expansion! The Micro-SD card is located in the second slot on the left side.

infinix zero5pro gps 005

All modern Wi-Fi standards are supported, i.e. the Zero 5 Pro supports Wi-Fi b/g/n/a and dual-band (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz). Bluetooth 4.2 is also supported, which does not cause any problems. Both the use with my Bluetooth speaker and my hands-free kit worked perfectly.

Infinix Zero 5 Pro also provides several sensors. In addition to the proximity and light sensor, there is also a gyroscope and an E-compass. This also guarantees easy navigation on foot. GPS does a good job as well. The connection to the satellites is fast and navigation is always accurate. Also convincing: the fingerprint scanner. It unlocks the smartphone reliably in 10 out of 10 attempts.


Battery lifetime Result Unit: hours

infinix zero5pro pcmark

Infinix Zero 5 Pro houses a 4350 mAh battery. On average I measured about 4100 mAh, which confirms the battery size. With one battery charge, I got on average 2-3 days of run time with casual use with occasional gaming in the train. When used sparingly, 4 days were also possible. Due to the many possibilities to use the apps energy-efficiently, by putting little used apps into the Freezer, the smartphone turns out to be an endurance smartphone. The battery benchmark also confirms the good performance with almost 13h in the test. Thanks to Infinix’s own quick charging technology called XCharge, the smartphone is fully charged again in about 1.75 hours. The charger pumps the current with up to 12V at 1.5A into the battery.


Conclusion and alternative

6ea339e8bb2cc41b1e819f16b2fc3e34 s131

The Inifinx is an exciting device with many advantages. The design is pleasing, the camera delivers great images, the system is well thought-out, the battery performance is top, the memory is huge – all in all an impressive package. Disadvantages? Only subjective ones, such as the size at which the smartphone moves in the phablet range. For just a little over 200€, the smartphone also offers a great price/performance ratio!

  • Design and build quality 100 %
  • Display 80 %
  • Performance 80 %
  • Camera 90 %
  • Communication and connectivity 90 %
  • Battery 100 %
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Hi Mathias, how would you compare it to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 ? I’m not after the latest performance and more looking at camera, phone connection (4G) and battery.
Thanks a lot for your feedback.