Install Global ROM on chinese Meizu Pro 7


In this Guide I will show you how to install the G-ROM (Global Firmware) on your chinese Meizu Pro 7 device. The Global ROM is multilanguage (see supported languages) and doesn’t contain the chinese Apps that are installed on the A-ROM (chinese ROM) of the smartphone. Still there are no further LTE-Bands (e.g. Band 20) unlocked by installing the Global ROM. This guide is for the Meizu Pro 7 (not for the Meizu Pro 7 Plus)

Install G-ROM (Global Firmware) on Meizu Pro 7

1. Download the following APKs (SuperSU, Flash Fire, Busybox) and the Global Rom on 

2. Open the file with Winrar or another archive program and delete the file boot.img

3. Select “Meizu Account” in the settings of your phone and create a user account.

4. After logging into the account, select “Fingerprint & Security” from the settings menu and activate “Root permission”. After you have confirmed the entry with your Flyme password, restart your mobile phone and you have root access.

5. Copy the three .apk files and file to your phone.

6. Install the SuperSU file and open the app.

7. You will get a popup with “The SU binary needs updated. Continue? “. Select “continue” and then “normal” and then “allow” then “remember my choice” and “Still allow”. After you get “Installation success”, press “ok”

8. Next, install the BusyBoy file. Open Busyboy and select “Install”

9. Install the Flash Fire APK. Open this app and use “Grant” to enable root access.

10. In FlashFire, select the small plus icon at the bottom right and select “Flash ZIP or OTA”. Select the “” file and confirm the pop-up with the tick at the top right.

11. Press the plus symbol again and select “Wipe”. Select “System data, 3rd party apps, Dalvik chache, Chache partition, Chache partition format” and confirm with the tick on the top right.

12. Hold down the map with the heading “Wipe” and move it over “Flash ZIP or OTA”. It should look like this now:

Flash Meizu Pro 7 Plus Global Firmware 1

14. Select “FLASH” and confirm with “OK”

14. The Meizu Pro 7 now restarts and you have installed the Global ROM on your device.

Install Google Playstore

Installing the Google Playstore is very easy on the Global ROM. You simply have to open the Meizu Appstore and scroll down until you see the “Google Apps” Banner. Click on it and select “Google Installer”. This app will install the Google Playservices with one click.


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