How to install the Google Playstore on Xiaomi smartphones (MIUI V8/9 – Android 7)


Google services (incl. Google Playstore) on Xiaomi phones with MIUI V8/9

MIUI 9 Test

(Almost) Gone are the days when Xiaomi phones were delivered without Google Playstore and Google Services. Only the newest devices are delivered with Xiaomi China Stable ROM and without Playstore. Almost all other Xiaomi smartphones are sold with the official Global ROM and with pre-installed Playstore.

Those who still possess a device with China Stable ROM can install the Global ROM afterwards with our instructions. The Xiaomi.EU ROM also makes it possible for all Xiaomi smartphones to use the Google Playstore normally. Our old instructions are still valid for MIUI V7 and MIUI V8 smartphones on Android 6 basis. Those who want to use the Google services on a Xiaomi smartphone with China Stable ROM and Android 7 can do so following our new instructions. These instructions were written with the help of a Xiaomi Mi5x with China Stable ROM (MIUI 8 – Android 7) as well as with a China Developer ROM (MIUI 9 – Android 7). An UNLOCK is not necessary.

First, you have to download this package:

How to install Google Apps (MIUI V8/9 –Android 7)

  1. Unpack the downloaded file
  2. On your phone, go to settings, then select “Additional settings” -> “Backup & Reset” -> “Local backups” and create a backup
  3. Connect your smartphone to a laptop and transfer the folder “20170708_100512” to “MIUI” -> “Backup” -> “AllBackup”. Perhaps you have to create the last folders first. Transfer the other file (Google Contact Sync) in the first folder.
  4. Now, select again “Additional settings” -> “Backup & Reset” -> “Local backups” on your phone and restore the backup “Apr 18, 4:09 PM”. Then restart your smartphone!
  5. Install “Google Contact Sync” after the restart if your contacts are not synchronized automatically.
  6. Then, log into your Google account via the Playstore and install the “Google Calendar”. Next, you are asked if you would like to update Google Play services. Select “yes” and voila – the Playstore and all Google Apps as well as the Google Service run stable on your MIUI V8/9 smartphone on Android 7 basis!
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