Instructions: How to install TWRP & Xiaomi.EU ROM on Xiaomi smartphones


Install Custom Recovery (TWRP) & Xiaomi.EU ROM on Xiaomi phones

If you have installed/flashed TWRP on your Xiaomi smartphone, you can install every ROM easily via this custom recovery. TWRP even works hand in hand with the Xiaomi update-app and you can also download ROMs and initiate the installation with the update-app. Afterwards these ROMs will be handled by the TWRP recovery. Even if you want to reset your smartphone, TWRP will automatically be booted and your phone will be restored. Installing TWRP therefore only comes with advantages like letting you install the Xiaomi.EU ROM recommended by us. In these instructions, you learn how to install TWRP on your device and then to flash the Xiaomi.EU. As soon as you have installed TWRP, you can get every other ROM for your device in the same way.

Prepare for installing TWRP

  • The bootloader must be unlocked (go to instructions)
  • Download the matching TWRP file for your device. To do that, first open the thread with the latest version on the website. Then select the matching board name for to your device (example: Xiaomi Mi2/s = aries) and then download HERE.board-name-xiaomi-eu
  • Install Minimal ADB and Fastboot
  • Save all data on your device! Following these instructions is at your own risk! Have at least 50% battery!

Prepare for installing Xiaomi.EU ROM

Only follow these steps if you also want to install the latest Xiaomi.EU ROM.

  • Download Xiaomi.EU ROM: open the thread with the latest version-number on the website. Find in the table which ROM-name is assigned to your device.xiaomi-eu-rom-finden0
  • Insert the ROM-name in the search bar on Androidfilehost. Download the latest version for your phone (pay attention that the ROM-name is definitely the right one).xiaomi-eu-rom-finden3
  • Copy the downloaded file to the internal storage of your phone.

Install TWRP

  1. Unpack the downloaded TWRP file and save it in “Minimal ADB and Fastboot“xiaomi-eu-rom-installieren-1
  2. Start Minimal ADB and Fastboot, turn off your smartphone and press and hold volume-down and power button until “Fastboot“ appears (a tiny MITU plays around with an Android robot). Now connect your phone to your computer.
  3. Insert in the window on your computer “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img“ and then “fastboot boot twrp.img“.xiaomi-eu-rom-installieren-2
  4. Now change the language by following these images:

twrp-auf-deutsch-stellen-1 twrp-auf-deutsch-stellen-2 twrp-auf-deutsch-stellen-3

Install Xiaomi.EU ROM (or any other ROM) with TWRP

  1. You have already installed TWRP recovery on your phone. Before you have copied the latest Xiaomi.EU ROM to your phone’s internal storage. This ROM will now be installed with TWRPNote: In case – for whatever reason – you don’t have an operating system available any more, just move the file to a micro SD card. If your phone doesn’t support expandable storage you can also use a USB stick with OTG cable. Then boot in TWRP. There are two possibilities for this: Press and hold volume-up and power button while your phone is turned off. You can also boot in the system in TWRP:neustart-ins-twrp-1 neustart-ins-twrp-2 neustart-ins-twrp-3 neustart-ins-twrp-4 neustart-ins-twrp-5
  2. Before you can install the new ROM in TWRP you must delete your current system. For this you have to perform a WIPE in TWRP. Afterwards you can install the Xiaomi.EU or any other ROM suitable for TWRP. In order to do this you have to select by “Install“ in the options menu the ROM you had saved on your internal storage before. Follow the instruction of these images

twrp-xiaomi-eu-rom-flashen-1 twrp-xiaomi-eu-rom-flashen-2 twrp-xiaomi-eu-rom-flashen-3 twrp-xiaomi-eu-rom-flashen-4 twrp-xiaomi-eu-rom-flashen-5

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