Although nobody wants to admit it: in 2017, the innovations of the smartphone industries were more like copies than actual revolutions. Samsung copies Apple. Apple copies Xiaomi. Xiaomi copies Apple. In addition, there was a whole armada of small Chinese manufacturers that presented smartphones similar to Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mix 2. The best thing about that is that none of the manufacturers admits having copied the others.

Iphone X Clone Specs

Our newest test device is absolutely honest in this context, as the iPhone X Clone openly copies Apple’s latest flagship. Packaging, design and even the logo have been copied. It should be obvious that the hardwareare, however, is not the same. In the following review, we’ll find out how well the iPhone X Clone works. Is it a useful copy or just a poor imitation? Let’s find out!

About the purchase

All big and respectable online shops in China do not sell any copies of iPhones or Samsung smartphones. Although there is no severe copyright in China, the shops would have to face a dispute with Apple, which they want to avoid. If you want to buy an iPhone Clone, you have 2 possibilities. You either buy the Clone from a small shop that is brave enough to sell these devices. One possible shop is the CECT shop, which is owned by a German and has its headquarters in Shenzhen (China). Or you travel around Asia and buy the iPhone Clone yourself. Be aware that you have to import the device in your country, which could cause some problems. Better inform yourself beforehand.

Design and build quality

It was already fun unboxing the phone, as the manufacturer even copied the accessories in detail. On the rear, it said that the phone is the 256GB version in “space grey”. Removing the top, you can see the “original” headphones, lightning cable, power plug and operating instructions of iPhone X Clone.

Iphone X Clone 14

Holding the iPhone X Clone in the hand when it’s turned off, you could really think to hold the original. The frame is made of real metal in a chrome color and feels high-quality. Just like the original, the power button and SIM tray are on the right and a mute-button, as well as the volume control, are located on the left. The buttons are firmly attached to the casing and have a nice feedback. Moreover, they are made of metal (like the original) and not of cheap plastic. On the rear, you find the big apple logo, and further below you can see the well-known writing “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China”. Funnily, the manufacturer tells the truth. The camera juts out of the casing quite a bit, just like the original.

Iphone X Clone 2

At the front side, you find a selfie camera next to the earpiece. The camera also performs the largely advertised “Face-unlock” function, which is obligatory for a real iPhone X Clone. In theory, it is possible to unlock the phone with the face recognition. In practice, however, this only works with very good lighting conditions and is not a useful unlocking method.

Iphone X Clone 4Iphone X Clone 3 Iphone X Clone 5 Iphone X Clone 6

It is also notable that not only the frame consists of metal, but also the rear is made of glass. Regarding the materials, there is no visible or perceptible difference to the original. The dimensions of 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm are identical as well. The phone feels nice while holding it and makes a high-quality impression. Nothing wobbles. Only judged by the outer appearance, it is an excellent copy. After turning the phone on, however, there is a significant difference when it comes to the…


Iphone X Clone 8

Of course, iPhone X Clone’s display is not identical to that of the original. The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch OLED display with a 2436 x 1125 pixels resolution by Samsung. The iPhone X Clone has only a 5.5-inch display with a 1280 x 640 pixels resolution. The display also has an 18:9 ratio, but only uses the old IPS technology. Another significant difference are the bezels, which are bigger. iPhone X has really small bezels above and below the display, whereas the Clone has bezels of 8mm, which correspond to the bezels of an ordinary smartphone. iPhone X has an omission in the upper display area, and the iPhone X Clone tried to realize this by not illuminating a certain area of the display in the launcher.

Iphone X Clone 13

In the end, this bar is as unaesthetic as with the original. Using third-party apps, the black area disappears, as it is only cut out in the IOS launcher. The display is a bit more granular than the original, as it only has a display density of 260ppi (iPhone X: 458ppi). Apart from that, the smartphone has a decent display with good color representation, stable viewing angles and nice contrast. The touchscreen registers X points of contact at the same time.

The manufacturer also did not save on the display glass and used scratch-resistant glass on the front as well as on the rear side.


Of course, iPhone X Clone is not as powerful as the real iPhone X. There are 2 versions of the smartphone. One version uses an MT6580 processor. The other, a bit more powerful version houses an MT6737 CPU, which also supports LTE. Both versions only house 1GB of RAM. The version with the MT6737 has a 16GB internal storage, whereas the MT6580 version only offers 8GB. This iPhone X Clone runs faster than all previous clones, nevertheless, a good system performance looks somewhat different. When navigating through the system and using simple apps, the phone is quite fast. WhatsApp & Co. can be used without restrictions. Everything else that needs more power quickly caused lags and delays. Because of the small RAM, multitasking is not really possible and you have to delete the buffer storage on a regular basis.

Android in IOS disguise

Iphone X Clone 11

What would an Apple smartphone be without IOS? An iPhone X fake would not be a real clone if it didn’t have a system which resembles IOS, at least in the appearance. Since it is not possible to use an Apple system on an Android device because of hardware reasons, the manufacturer adjusted the system in a way that it looks like IOS. They did a really good job here.

The icons, the lock screen, the menu, the folders and even the drop down menus look almost identical to those of iPhone X. They even copied the 3D effect, which moves the icons when the phone is tilted to the left and right – well done! You are even surprised when you find some small faults in the system that make you remember you’re holding an Android device. This happens e.g. when connecting a USB cable, as the iPhone X Clone is of course not synchronized with iTunes, but is recognized as a simple external drive.

While designing the copied IOS system, the Chinese programmers had to face a new situation: the iPhone X does not have a home button. Instead, the home screen command is performed by swiping from the lower edge of the display towards the top. You can see the apps in the buffer storage by swiping upwards, but only to the middle of the screen. We were quite surprised that all commands worked perfectly in practice.

Iphone 7 Clone Fake IOS (9) Iphone 7 Clone Fake IOS (5) Iphone 7 Clone Fake IOS (4) Iphone 7 Clone Fake IOS (2) Iphone 7 Clone Fake IOS (1) Iphone 7 Clone Fake IOS (10)

Using some benchmark and hardware-analyze tool, you see the true colors of the “IOS” system. Surprisingly, it is based on an up-to-date Android 7. In contrast to the newly launched iPhone 8 Clone, you get partly up-to-date software. This, however, cannot change the fact that some of the functions are simply useless. You have the interface, but beneath it, there are no additional functions. Moreover, the Google Play Store is not pre-installed. There is just an “App-Store” by “Apple”, which installs spam apps on the phone. If you want to install normal apps, you have to use an alternative app store like Aptoide.

The iPhone X Clone does not offer IOS, but an Android system with deceptively real IOS user interface. All other extra functions of iPhone X are however not usable, so the iPhone X Clone is more a beginner smartphone than a real high-end device. It is, however, nice that the iPhone X navigation without home button was put into practice so well.


The iPhone X Clone allegedly houses a 12MP dual-camera, but this is just an interpolation value. In reality, iPhone X Clone only has a 5 or 8MP camera at best, which takes photos of bad quality. Even without zoom, the pictures have a high blurredness. This is especially true for macro shots. The images are also overexposed. Micro shots, on the other hand, turn out quite well in good light conditions. The iPhone X Clone is suitable for occasional snapshots, but nothing more. The dual-camera functions of the original are not available. The second camera is just a dummy.


Bluetooth, as well as WiFi reception, is mediocre. Both work well, although they do not have a good range. The phone only supports Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi in 2.4GHz networks. In practice, this is no big restriction. The GPS reception is not that good. Because of the weak CPU and the slow system, the phone simply has not enough resources to be used for a fluent navigation. The iPhone X Clone is useless as a navigation system.

Telephoning works with iPhone X Clone. The voices sound tinny, but your interlocutor understand you well. You can use 1 Nano-SIM in the device. All 2G and 3G frequencies are supported. In the version with MT6737, the phone also supports LTE.


The iPhone X Clone has a battery capacity of about 1800mAh. For a 5.5-inch smartphone, this is quite a low value. If you barely use the phone during the day, you can get one day of run time (active use not more than 3 hours). Power users won’t be satisfied with this capacity, but for the average user it is okay.


Conclusion and alternative

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Joscha Becking:

This iPhone X Clone is the best Apple clone we ever tested, but it is still not a good smartphone. The smartphone can convince with its appearance, as it looks identical to the original and the build quality is also very high. The display of the clone (just a 5.5-inch panel with HD resolution) cannot keep up with the original display. The performance of the MediaTek quad-core processor is slightly better than that of the previous iPhone clones, but it is not good either. You get a nice fake IOS system, on Android 7 basis, although a lot of Apple functions are not available. In terms of camera and connectivity, you also get only the lowest technology.

All in all, we do not recommend buying the iPhone X Clone. The device is funny to look at and the team had a lot of fun with it. As a daily companion, however, it is not suitable. If you’re looking for a good smartphone for a reasonable price, have a look at our ranking, where you’ll find real alternatives to the iPhone X Clone.

  • Design and build quality 90 %
  • Display 70 %
  • Performance 40 %
  • Camera 50 %
  • Communication and connectivity 50 %
  • Battery 40 %
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Hi, Do you where I can order a charing port or dock for my Iphone x clone. Just after one week of buying the phone the phone is not charing. I need help