The Jumper EzBook 3 series offers the right model for everyone: our newest ultrabook is the Jumper EzBook 3 Plus! The second strongest version can be characterized by a powerful Intel m3 processor, offers a fast SSD instead of eMMC memory and also the input devices could be improved again! So is this the ultimate laptop for the road?

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Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Samples 9The probably best Jumper EzBook Ultrabook costs about 400$. But you also get a beautiful metal unibody, a nice chiklet keyboard & precision touchpad as well as decent hardware and performance that goes beyond the web and the use of Office. With this price you are already within striking distance of the popular Xiaomi Notebook Air 12, so let’s take a closer look at the computer and see if itcan live up to the good reputation here too!

Comparison to the other Jumper EzBook models

Above the EzBook 3 Plus lies only the rather unpopular Jumper EzBook i7: because the i7 4500U is already one of the older ones, it can hardly stand out in the benchmarks – just under 5% more on average – you pay dearly for that with the battery life; it turns out a good 3x as high! This means that the EzBook i7 is no longer in the game.

We already had the Jumper EzBook 3 Pro. Rightly one could call it a star and a box-office hit – with such a metal unibody it makes it very difficult for the competition too keep up. In terms of price and performance, the EzBook 3 Pro is in a different league: the m3 is almost twice as fast at benchmarks, and new and better input devices are also used in the EzBook 3 Plus.

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The latest model is the Jumper EzBook 3L Pro which is most similar to our test candidate: same case, probably same input devices and both in 14-inch format. The juicy surcharge is simply paid for the performance: m3 7Y30 vs. Celeron N3450 & SSD vs. eMMC. Here the personal usage profile counts. In principle, the SSD alone should ensure a considerably faster operating speed.

Design and build quality

Out of the box you only get the essentials: a charger with a Chinese plug, a few package inserts, instructions and the Jumper EzBook 3 Plus. The object of desire is very securely embedded in foam and foil.

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Lieferumfang 1 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Lieferumfang 2

And once again, the Jumper EzBook 3 Plus offers one of the most beautiful cases: The Ultrabook has a flawless unibody made of silver metal, which can impress us with every use! The EzBook 3 Plus weighs a pleasant 1.31 kg and has a size of 33 x 22 cm. The wedge shape makes it narrower at the front and a maximum of 15mm “thick”, 5.1mm of which goes to the display.

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Gehäuse 8 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Gehäuse 9

The colour is especially noble in silver-mat-metallic and even with the only plastic part, the display hinge, the colour was hit very well. The touchpad is highlighted by a slightly darker silver and the edges are polished and shiny chrome-coloured. Keyboard, rubber feet on the bottom and buffer between lid and base are in black. Compared to the Jumper EzBook 3 Pro, the 3 Plus has the larger housing as a disadvantage, because it is more susceptible to twisting. Nevertheless, it does not diminish the impression. Also the display hinge with the larger display diagonal has more to do – actually good, because the magnets are no longer so strong and the EzBook can also be opened with one hand.

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Gehäuse 6 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Gehäuse 7 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Gehäuse 4 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Display 3

Nice eye-catcher: the jumper logo on the back is not laser-cut, but are small letters made of metal, which protrude slightly and are diagonally ribbed – a perfect match for the chrome decor. The Jumper EzBook 3 Plus definitely deserves the title “Ultrabook”: the workmanship is impeccable, the device is a noble eye-catcher and portable for on the way – that’s the way it should be!

Interfaces & Communication

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Samples 1There are also some connectors on the case to connect other devices to the Jumper EzBook 3 Plus. On the right side are the power connector, 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB port and a microSD slot. On the left side of the case is the charging LED, micro HDMI and the second USB port. The DC input and jack connection can no longer be confused, as the connections are labeled with engravings. The additional sticker indicates that criticism has really been taken care of – it can be easily peeled off. The USB ports are also easier to access because they are half open at the bottom.

Two things bother me: too bad that no USB-Type-C made it into the EzBook; this would have brought a lot of possibilities. And the USB port on the right is a blue camouflaged USB 2.0 port. After all, the left USB port on the left side easily manages to exhaust an SSD. With the other one the USB dongle or printer is better.

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Screenshots 9 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Screenshots 8

Bluetooth 4.0 and Dual Band ac-WLAN are available for wireless connection methods. A little away from the router, like a floor above or below, the WIFI reception breaks down somewhat – but the data rates are in the acceptable range.

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Gehäuse 1 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Gehäuse 10

All requirements are met for video telephony: Webcam with 2 MP, stereo speakers and stereo microphone. The two speakers are hinged to allow the sound to unfold. Unfortunately, the two speakers are very close to each other, so the stereo effect doesn’t show to advantage at all. As with all laptop speakers, the speakers are nicely usable, but nothing more. The sound spectrum is quite poor and bass can hardly be heard. But at half volume they are suitable for watching a film for two. The 3.5mm jack connection makes it better. This is certified as “Realtek HD Audio” and handles the audio output very well.

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Kamera 1 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Kamera 2

The audio recording is handled by two microphones placed next to the webcam. They record images well and the advantage over only one microphone is clearly audible. It is particularly pleasing that background noise is filtered out effectively. The webcam is framed by a conspicuous black rubber ring – not very chic. It has a resolution of 2 MP and can record videos in 720p. The image quality is completely sufficient for Skypeing and is better than its predecessor.

Input devices

With the new chassis of the Jumper EzBook 3L Pro and our EzBook 3 Plus the keyboard gets a small and the touchpad a big upgrade. By default the keyboard is in QWERTY layout. The keyboard is larger than the Jumper EzBook 3 Pro because the case offers more space. This is in favour of the individual keys: these are easier to hit in the 10-finger system. It feels wonderful to type on the chiclet keyboard! Fans of laptop keyboards will be delighted, because the individual keys are very smooth and do not have a long throw – the fingers fly easily between the stops and receive good feedback. The double assignment with “FN” allows important settings (brightness, volume, mail app) to be reached quickly. A backlight would have made the keyboard of the EzBook 3 Plus perfect.

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Gehäuse 2 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Gehäuse 3

The touchpad on the 14-inch laptop has much more space and correspondingly more work space. The surface is only made of plastic, but your fingers glide smoothly over it. The touchpad is a Precision Touchpad from Synaptics: gestures such as scrolling with two fingers, but also special gestures from Windows are supported and neatly implemented. On the touchpad in clickpad design you can click as usual with haptic feedback at the bottom left and bottom right. I always clicked somewhere and got along great.

I am particularly pleased with the progress made with the touchpad. The Jumper EzBook 3 Plus simply lands on your lap or table: no external input devices are needed, the Synaptics precision touchpad makes navigation very easy and intuitive and even long texts – like this test 😉 – are no problem and are easy to handle!


In the Jumper EzBook 3 Plus, the screen size has also increased in addition to performance: this now measures 14 inches diagonally, is in the classic 16:9 format and resolves with Full HD 1920×1080 pixels. This results in a pixel density of 157 PPI – sufficient for such a compact display; most applications are designed for this format and resolution. A matt TN LCD panel is used. We were able to measure 340 lux brightness, which is good for a matt panel. The advantage of this is that not all of the content becomes illegible with the first rays of the sun. In terms of viewing angle stability, the 3 Plus is even better than the 3 Pro, as the latter opted for a better IPS panel.

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Display 4 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Display 2 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Display 6 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Display 1

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Gehäuse 4

Saturation, sharpness, contrast – the EzBook 3 Plus is clearly designed for efficient work: this screen cannot compete with the brilliance of an AMOLED smart phone display or modern 4K computer screens. But websites and documents are very legible and you can also enjoy a movie on your Ultrabook while on the road.

No 18:9 or 3:2 format, no touch screen and only Full HD! You don’t need everything, because with the Jumper EzBook 3 Plus less is more – and that’s all you need, I’m satisfied.


Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Screenshots 1Besides the input devices, there are most changes in the hardware: Now an Intel Core m3-7Y30 Dual-Core is used. Two cores with 1.0 to 2.6 GHz work in the CPU which is manufactured in the 14-nanometer process. Due to the high turbo of 2.6GHz, the m3 7Y30 can reach high performance peaks and this is very noticeable in daily use. Here the power consumption is increased, which requires a correspondingly good cooling. The Intel HD 615 comes as a graphics unit and clocks at 300 to 900 MHz – in combination with good cooling and fast RAM, the GPU can achieve a lot.

The Ultrabook is cooled passively only: copper plates dissipate the heat from the hardware onto the case. The hottest spot is just over 40 degrees. With the processor we measure a good 80 degrees under full load and 60 degrees in normal operation. And that’s enough to not trigger thermal throttling (reduction of power to ensure sufficient cooling).

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Screenshots 4 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Screenshots 5 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Screenshots 7

As main memory 2 RAM bars with 4 GB LPDDR3 1866 MHz memory each are used. With 8GB of memory you can’t reach your limits so fast – even my desktop still runs with so much memory. Before the RAM is full, the CPU should already limit and slow down the system.

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Screenshots 3 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Screenshots 6

We are also enthusiastic about the internal system memory; no eMMC! A 128GB SSD, which is inserted in the M.2 slot, is used. The slot can be reached without disassembling the Ultrabook via a flap at the bottom. So you can use another 2242 SSD – but you don’t have to 😉. We measure good transfer rates of 444 mB/s read and 364 mB/s write. It’s easy to work with. Memory can be generated via the microSD slot: the data rates are not suitable for programs or important files. But an external microSD can be used as storage space for images, music and documents; the low prices are also tempting.

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus SSD 2 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus SSD 1

I was very impressed by the performance of the Jumper EzBook 3 Plus; the Intel m3 7Y30 is a good deal faster. The 3 Plus simply feels fast in operation and I was able to work just as usual on the notebook. Hardware and software don’t mess around and even the small game in between can be played with the Intel m3: Sims 3, an older Need for Speed or new Indie Games could be played without problems. I think the Jumper EzBook 3 Plus has the potential to be a primary computer.

Comparison with Intel N3450

To compare the performance against the cheaper Jumper EzBook 3 Pro, we had a look at the benchmark results:

M3-7Y30: N3450: Verbesserung: Bemerkung:
Cinebench R15 Multi-CPU 250 143 175% Tests render speed (CPU) and graphics performance – all cores
Cinebench R15 Single-CPU 105 44,5 236% “ – tests with only one processor core -> not many programs are optimized for multiple cores
3D Mark Cloud Gate 2744 1433 191% Graphics benchmark (GPU) with DirectX scenario for mid-range computers
3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited 33229 16256 204% Graphics benchmark (GPU) with DirectX – scenario for low budget PCs
Geekbench 3 Multi-Core 5006 3958 126% Crossplatform – CPU Benchmark – all cores
Geekbench 3 Single-Core 2538 1202 211% Crossplatform – CPU Benchmark – only one core

On average, the Intel m3 7Y30 is 190% faster than the Intel Celeron N3450 processor. My first thoughts: WOW! Almost twice as fast, but the question is where to really notice this extra performance. It’s hard to name a program that runs on the better one and not on the other – because they’re neither suitable for gameing: BioShock Infinite 31 vs. 21 frames per second to the lowest settings.

As with a smartphone, the operating system runs smoothly in normal use (surfing, Office) with a certain performance. I think the Jumper EzBook 3 Plus already feels “smoother” here. This is because there are more performance resources when a program is opened, an application is installed in the background or the virus scanner goes to work – it is simply more convenient: “you get what you pay for”.

Operating system of Jumper EzBook 3 Plus

I was a bit worried beforehand, because pre-installed malware (advertising with QR codes) was reported – a NoGo, which makes a new installation of Windows mandatory. So start carefully first, set up Windows without a Live account, don’t log in anywhere and investigate.

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Screenshots 2 Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Screenshots 10

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Screenshots 11At the beginning I noticed a program with Chinese characters at the bottom right. I looked in the apps, programs and on the SSD (C:) – nothing. The program still appeared in the task manager and needed almost 5% of the CPU power. So I downloaded an antivirus program. I made a few quick Screenshots of the pest AND it was gone; has it dissolved itself into thin air? The antivirus scan has also not helped to anwer my questions – I cannot explain it to myself. So, everything fine? No, only a new installation could calm my conscience.

The Jumper EzBook 3 Plus comes with a full Windows 10 Home 64-bit license, the product key is stored in the UEFI of the mainboard. The system is pre-installed in English.


The increased performance of the processor unfortunately needs more energy and this is reflected in the runtime, compared to the EzBook 3 Pro. The Jumper EzBook 3 Plus is equipped with a 9.600 mAh battery. This is only screwed into the housing and could theoretically be replaced. Unfortunately, the market situation for spare parts is difficult and we did not find a suitable model.

Depending on use, you get 4 to 6 hours of battery life – depending on brightness, programs and usage, of course. One hour of streaming (Full HD, half brightness) needs about 20% battery, but if you have high demands on the Intel m3 processor you can watch the percentage shrinking. When gaming the laptop does not last 2 ½ hours.

Jumper EzBook 3 Plus Gehäuse 5A charger with Chinese power plug supplies 12V 2A. It is connected to the notebook via a hollow plug with 3.5 x 1.3 mm (outer and inner diameter); this recharges the notebook in approx. 2 hours. The LED indicates whether charging is in progress or the battery is already full.

The values are fine, considering that the EzBook 3 Plus also delivers more power and has to power a larger display. I personally miss USB-Type-C, because I would have had the possibility to use other chargers or to refuel with a Powerbank on the way.

Conclusion and alternative

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Erik Zürrlein:

The total package you get with the Jumper EzBook 3 Plus is terrific; so you can overlook a few smaller outliers. The metal unibody is a dream and does a good job – the hardware delivers performance and has performance reserves in normal operation – the keyboard and touchpad are gratefully accepted – and generally no factor catches the eye. Jumper notebooks have always convinced me very much; keep up the good work!

What bothers me most is the audacity of the right USB 3.0 port, which isn’t really one, and the pre-installed software. With one you can live, the other can be fixed. The EzBook 3 Plus is not unrivalled, but to the Jumper EzBook 3 Pro you must clearly distinguish: Price, size and application are simply too different. But depending on the price range – we range here between 420$ and 520$ – a Xiaomi Air notebook is already an option. The extra charge to probably the best notebook on the market is justified, but I wouldn’t blame anyone who has succumbed to the magic of Xiaomi Air.

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