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Meizu E3 is officially only available in China. Those who are lucky enough to possess an E3 will have wondered if they can change the system to another language. Also, E3 lacks the Google Play Store, there is only an App Store available in Chinese. Some mail-order companies offer the pre-installation of Google Play Store, but most of them modify the China-ROM as well, so you will not receive any official updates.

So if you’re looking for a way to install the Play Store on E3, or at least want apps in your language on your device, you’ve found the right place. This guide wants to help you. The following languages can be set up:

Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Czech, Norwegian, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Dutch.


What is needed for Google Apps?

  • Wi-Fi or mobile data connection
  • PC

What is needed to get apps in your language?

  • PC
  • Wi-Fi or mobile data connection
  • Minimal ADB & Fastboot
  • or Installer

How to install Google Framework

The beginning is simple. First of all, all you need is a normal set up E3, preferably with English language and internet connection. Now, look for the app “App-Store” or “AppCenter” (as App symbol: a blue bag) on your E3 and open it.

Meizu E3 Guide 1 1 Meizu E3 Guide 8 1

You’ll see all kinds of Chinese words and suggested apps. However, only the search bar at the top is important. Just enter “Google Play” there and start the search.

The first or second result should be the Google framework, recognizable by the coloured “G”. Download and open it!

Meizu E3 Guide 9Meizu E3 Guide 10

When opening, the app will show you the “GMS-Installer”, which will tell you that neither the “Google-Framework” nor the “Google-Service” nor the “Play Store” are installed. Change this with a click on “Install”.

Meizu E3 Guide 11 Meizu E3 Guide 12 1

After a while, the phone will ask you to restart. If you do not react, the restart will be triggered automatically.

Meizu E3 Guide 2

After the restart, the “Google Apps” are installed and you even have access to a rudimentary Play Store.

Meizu E3 Guide 13

Google Play Store stand-alone APK

If you don’t always want to access the Play Store via the GMS Installer app, you should download PlayStore.apk. You can always find a current version here on APK-Mirror.

If you downloaded the APK on your PC, you will need to transverse it to your smartphone first. I recommend a file in the download folder of the E3.

If the APK is on E3, you need the Data Explorer. On E3, this is simply called “File” and it is displayed as a folder. Of course, you can also download an explorer of your choice from the GMS Play Store.

Meizu E3 Guide 6 1Meizu E3 Guide 3 1Meizu E3 Guide 4 1

Open the APK with the Explorer and install it.

Voilá, you now have the normal Play Store app on your E3.

However, you must keep the GMS installer, as the Play Store won’t work without the framework.

Meizu E3 Guide 5

A little hint: sometimes it can happen that the “Google Play Services” are not up to date.
Meizu E3 Guide 7In this case, the first app that wants to access these services will report that this is not possible. You can then click on the message and then update the services. Installing the update can take quite a while and works via the freshly installed Play Store.

How to install MoreLocal 2

It will be a little bit more demanding if you want to equip your E3 with app versions and names in your own language. The “More Local 2” app can help here.

MoreLocal 2 is a chic little app that is dedicated to translating apps on smartphones into more language than its available ex-works. Meizu E3 offers only Chinese variants and English, so it is a candidate that MoreLocal 2 is aiming for. Unfortunately, a complete translation of the system is also not possible with the app. But, at least, app names and some system notifications are available in other languages. Most importantly, all apps will be installed in your own language instead of English.

To begin with, download MoreLocal 2 from the Play Store.

Meizu E3 Guide 7 1

Once the download is completed, you will receive an app with a grey globe icon.

If you open the app you can choose between different languages. Since MoreLocal 2 needs root rights to change the system language, you won’t get any further here.

To activate the functions without root you need Minimal ADB & Fastboot.

Minimal ADB&Fastboot

One thing first:

If your device is not recognized for whatever reason, drivers are probably missing. You can find a universal driver set here! Trying another cable can often help, too!

  1. Download and install the program Minimal ADB&Fastboot on the PC of your choice.
  2. Start Minimal ADB&Fastboot as administrator. When you open Minimal ADB&Fastboot, a window appears which basically corresponds to a CMD (command line of Windows).
  3. Enable USB debugging (in the settings, choose ‘system’ -> Build-number-> click until the message “You are now a developer” appears -> change to the setting “Accessibility” and scroll down -> click on ‘Developer options’ -> enable USB debugging.
  4. Meizu E3 Guide System-> Meizu E3 Guide 3 3-> Meizu E3 Guide 4 3
  5. Meizu E3 Guide 14->Meizu E3 Guide 1 3->Meizu E3 Guide 2 2
  6. Connect the E3 with the PC via a USB cable.
  7. Enter  “ADB Devices” in the command line.Meizu E3 Minimal ADB port
  8. You should now see a message on your smartphone that you have to allow. If everything goes smoothly, a port with a number is assigned to E3 and the message “Successful” appears.
  9. Next comes the command “ADB Shell”. Minimal ADB then switches to the shell.
  10. Finally, copy the following command:

pm grant android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATIONMeizu E3 Grand Permission

Now, you can restart More Local 2 on E3 and should be able to select your language.

Don’t forget to disable USB debugging as soon as you gave More Local 2 the permission.


There is also an installer for MoreLocal 2, but it does not always lead to success. For the sake of completeness, however, this path is also listed here.

  1. Download the installer here and save it on your desktop.
  2. Enable USB debugging (go to system -> Build number-> click until “You are now a developer” appears -> change to the setting “Accessibility” and scroll down -> click on developer options -> enable USB debugging.
  3. Meizu E3 Guide System ->Meizu E3 Guide 3 3 ->Meizu E3 Guide 4 3
  4. Open the file you downloaded earlier.
    Meizu E3 Installer
  5. Execute 02_grand-permission.bat.
  6. Open MoreLocal 2 and change to your preferred language.

You should now have all app names and app contents available in your selected language, if the app itself is also available in this language. Some system messages triggered by apps are also in your language now.

Don’t forget to disable USB debugging when you have permission for More Local 2.

However, the settings and the quick start bar remain in English. Only a global ROM or a custom ROM can help.

As soon as these are available, you will find a guide on

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