Born to be tough“ is the slogan of the manufacturer Nomu in Shenzhen. They offer very sturdy outdoor smartphones that are water resistant and are supposed to be very imperishable when being dropped.

Comparison of both versions:

Version Nomu S10 Nomu S10 Pro
Processor Mediatek MT6737T, 4 x 1.5GHz Mediatek MT6737T, 4 x 1.5GHz
Storage 16 ROM, 2 GB RAM 32 ROM, 3 GB RAM
Display 5 inches, 294 PPI, HD, IPS, Gorilla Glass 3 5 inches, 295 PPI, HD, IPS, Gorilla Glass 3
Camera 8MP, Sony IMX219 8MP, Sony IMX219
Battery 5000 mAh 5000 mAh

Design / build quality/ scope of delivery

In terms of hardware S10 Pro is an upgrade to S10 which is delivered in a plain but big packing. You would almost expect a 6-inch Smartphone in it. However, it contains the Nomu S10 Pro, a charging adapter, a short user manual and a simple screen protector. Sadly, there are no headphones included.

Already after a few seconds in our hands-on we noticed that this phone must be very suitable for the outside use. The whole S10 Pro consists of a polycarbonate shell. The plastic fully covers an aluminum body and fits very well so that it cannot be pushed or bent, but still absorbs hard falls well. According to the manufacturer’s indications, the smartphone was tested under the US-military norm MIL-STD-810G, which defines conditions for testing military equipment. It includes almost every environmental impact that a device or material might endure, including heat, cold, rain, sun, sand, dust and crashes. This norm is not obligatory and can be changed according to the demands on the test device. Also, there are no official or private institutions that certify the conformity of the norm. Therefore, manufacturers can decide themselves according to which methods they want to test their devices. This is why “MIL-STD-810G certified” does not necessarily have to be significant. Often, the devices are not even tested by the norm but are only designed in a way that has to meet the requirements, because the test are very laborious and costly. Of course, we assume that Nomu S10 Pro had to undergo the drop-test by the military norm (height of drop 1.5m) and therefore survives drops without a scratch. So we dropped the smartphone with a heavy heart a couple of times onto crushed rocks from a height of about 1.50m. Nomu S10 Pro survived all drops without a scratch. Only the screen protector caught some scratches and tiny holes.

Nomu S10 Pro Design Verarbeitung 4 Nomu S10 Pro Design Verarbeitung 2 Nomu S10 Pro Design Verarbeitung 3 Nomu S10 Pro Design Verarbeitung 1

On the right side Nomu S10 Pro has its volume and power buttons. They are inserted in the casing and have to be pressed hard, but give a nice feedback. Therefore, shutting down the phone by accident is nearly impossible. The headphone jack is located on the upper left side.

In terms of appearance Nomu S10 Pro does not  differ from S10. Also dimensions (76 x 147 x 14mm) and weight are identical. Despite the noticeable 221g the phone still feels rather good in your hand. You can choose between black and black with orange. The version with orange has attractive orange highlights that give it a fresh look.

Nomu S10 Pro Display 3 Nomu S10 Pro Rückseite

The casing is made out of one piece so that the rear cannot be removed. Therefore the battery can’t be replaced. Between display and casing there is a slim edge of about 1mm that completely frames the display. This edge is thicker than the glass and is made out of harder polycarbonate than the backcover. We assume that it serves for protecting the glass from falls and bumps. The orange frame is repeated on the rear and further elements in the same colour are worked into the casing. Another advantage of the material – apart from its sturdiness –  is that it does not catch fingerprints or dirt. Dirty stains can be removed by a single swipe. And in case that the smartphone is really dirty, you can simply wash it in running water.

Speaking of water: Nomu S10 Pro happened to be the first device I ever had that is water proof. This is why in the beginning I was very careful when it came to contact with water. During an extensive hike in wind and rain the smartphone defied the rain without any constraint. Of course, I “accidently” dropped the S10 Pro into a stream and it passed this test with summa cum laude. S10 Pro is IP68 certified and therefore it is dust and waterproof (2m depth for 1 hour). All ports and jacks like headphones, SIM slot and micro USB are protected from water by rubber plugs. In order to reach the jacks you have to remove the plugs. Still, you have to watch out that the plugs are really inserted well. Also the USB-plug’s hanger is a little short so that it makes quite some difficulty to plug in the charging cable.

Unfortunately, you have to go without notification LED and there are only on-screen buttons for operating the phone. Nomu S10 Pro’s design surely is a matter of opinion and definitely not the reason for buying the phone, because we are talking about a very well-built outdoor smartphone. Being water proof and crash resistant, the phone clearly offers convincing strongpoints.


Despite its bulky appearance, the S10 Pro only has a 5-inch IPS display, that only has an HD resolution (720 x 1280) but still depicts everything sufficiently sharp. The panel has a pixel density of 295ppi and is pleasantly bright with a nice color representation. The colors are vivid and lively.

Nomu S10 Pro Display 2 Nomu S10 Pro Display 1

Also Nomu used scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 3 and the touchscreen registers 5 points of contact simultaneously. Viewing angles are nice, as we expect it from IPS displays and brightness is sufficient for the use outside. I even hardly noticed any reflections in daylight. The display has a great precision and every input is processed directly. Double-tap to wake up is possible and works well. Thanks to Miravision, contrast, colours and brightness can be adjusted according to your preferences. All in all Nomu did a great job and Nomu S10 Pro offers a good IPS display that is perfectly fine within this price range, just as its predecessor.


Nomu S10 Pro Benchmark AnTuTu Nomu S10 Pro Benchmark Geekbench Nomu S10 Pro Speicher

This outdoor smartphone is perfectly suited for standard tasks. The quadcore processor MT6737T by Mediatek clocks at 4×1.5GHz and is housed by many low-budget smartphones. It is supported by 3GB of RAM instead of 2GB, just like S10. Multitasking is therefore no big deal for the S10 Pro.

Antutu Result Geekbench Multi Result Geekbench Single Result

Nomu S10 Pro CPU Z

The system runs very smoothly and games that are not too graphics intensive run fine. We were surprised that even Asphalt 8 can be played rather lag-free when being set on the highest graphics.

With 3GB of RAM the device is just as fast as S10. However, Nomu doubled the general storage for Nomu S10 Pro from 16GB to fantastic 32GB of storage. As it is common for China phones, you can even expand storage with an SD card (max. 64GB) when going without a second SIM card (hybrid slot). In addition the storage has become faster. Reading/writing speed are now 200/77 MB/s. Its predecessor only offered 120/21 MB/s. Due to the thick casing heat development is quite moderate.

Operating system

Nomu S10 Pro Android 1 Nomu S10 Pro Android 2

Just as it was with its predecessor, Nomu S10 Pro offers an almost unchanged Android system. Android 7.0 Nougat is preinstalled. Additionally the user can activate personally selected apps by gesture control from stand-by. Depending how you chose the settings, you can draw a C on the display and your camera opens. Also you can double-tap to wake the phone from stand-by. All standard Google apps are pre-installed. Apart from a browser and a nice file manager there are no other foreign programs on the Nomu S10 Pro. Before there were a couple of malware problems on Nomu decvices. This time our test turned out very positive for Nomu. Good!

Updates will be installed via OTA, but we are not quite sure if Nomu will offery any updates for this device. This is okay for the low-budget price class.


According to the manufacturer S10 Pro houses the 8 megapixel IMX219 sensor by Sony, just like the S10 and the S20 do. The pictures turn out similar as the pictures of S10. The camera quality is not sufficient for photo-lovers. The colors are too weak, bright areas are too bright and in bad lighting conditions the pics are pretty bad. Still the images suffice for occasional snapshots. All in all there are definitely worse cameras within this price segment. In comparison to S10 selfies turn out very well, since they are a bit sharper but still overexposed. There are no surprises in terms of night shots. Despite S10 Pro having an LED flash, only surfaces that are very close get sufficient light. For a smartphone in this price segment this is nothing new, so you just have to make cuts.


Nomu S10 Pro Empfang NetzNubia S10 Pro offers a dual SIM function. The SIM tray can carry 2 nano SIM cards or one SIM card and one SD card for storage expansion, since it is a hybrid slot.

Nomu S10 Pro supports the following frequencies:

GSM 850 MHz, GSM 900 MHz, GSM 1800 MHz, GSM 1900 MHz, W-CDMA 900 MHz, W-CDMA 2100 MHz, LTE 800 MHz, LTE 900 MHz, LTE 1800 MHz, LTE 2100 MHz, LTE 2600 MHz, LTE-TDD 2300 MHz (B40).

WiFi only works in a 2.4GHz net and all WLAN standards (a/b/g/n/ac) are supported. With several walls in between reception is still good. Also the Bluetooth 4.0 module works well.

The speaker is located on the phone’s rear, which is kind of unlucky. In case the phone lies flat on the table the sounds are muffled. Still I like the speaker’s powerful volume. In case you are holding the phone in your hand, the speaker’s location is positive since it creates a spatial sound. Calling quality is good even when talking hands-free. Disturbing sounds never occurred. Using standard headphones, the sound is good.

Nomu S10 Pro Benchmark GPS

Nubia S10 Pro is great for car as well as pedestrian navigation. Your current location is always determined fast and navigation is flawless. S10 Pro also has a brightness, proximity and acceleration sensor. The built-in compass is a must-have for an outdoor phone.


Battery lifetime Result Unit: hours

Nomu S10 Pro Battery Test

Nomu S10 Pro houses a powerful 5000mAh battery. In combination with the “small” 5-inch display and the HD resolution this provides excellent battery life. Watching a YouTube video for 60 minutes only consumed 11% of the battery. In the PC-Mark battery benchmark the battery lasted 9 hours on medium brightness. Even though the predecessor lasted more than 1.5 hours longer, this is a good value. You can easily make it through 2 days of use without charging, since even power-using GPS does not help to kill the battery within a day. According to the manufacturer Nomu S10 Pro should be charged within 120 min via quick charge. This is not what I would call “quick”. In fact, it takes 3 hours to charge the phone from 2% to 100%. Regarding the good battery life this is still okay. We recommend charging the phone over night.

Conclusion and alternative

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Christian Müller:

Outdoor smartphones are still a rarity on the market. Nomu does present themselves well and does very well with the S10 Pro by upgrading the S10 in terms of hardware. It offers a very good GPS reception, a great performance and a bigger storage. The camera is also improved but still not very great. The low-budget outdoor phone offers sufficient performance for all standard tasks and games. Users who are looking for a low-budget phone and like to go hiking in extreme weather events can choose the Nomu S10 Pro without having second thoughts. We give the Nomu S10 Pro a clear buying recommendation.

  • Design and build quality 90 %
  • Display 80 %
  • Performance 0 %
  • Camera 80 %
  • Communication and connectivity 0 %
  • Battery 90 %
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