Nubia Z17 How to install working Playstore and official ROM


With the following instructions, you can install the original manufacturer software and Google Play Services on your Nubia Z17. The english language and several others already exist on the original ROM, but the Google Play services must be installed manually.

Install official firmware and Google Playstore

  1. Download Flashing Files
  2. Safe all important files on your phone on your PC
  3. Unzip the download
  4. Install Minimal ADB and Fastboot
  5. Copy the TWRP_recovery.img file to the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder
  6. Copy the files “Firmware” and “Gapps” to the mobile phone
  7. Run Minimal ADB and Fastboot
  8. Unlock your Nubia Z17. Start the mobile phone by pressing the Power and Vol button at the same time. The mobile phone starts in the fastboot mode.
  9. Enter fastboot devices into the window. Your device should now be listed. If not, you must install the necessary drivers. Normally this should not be the case.
  10. Now copy the following command into the window and confirm with ENTER: fastboot oem nubia_unlock NUBIA_NX563J – The boot loader is now unlocked
  11. Install TWRP. Insert the following command into the window and confirm with ENTER: fastboot flash recovery TWRP_recovery.img – TWRP Recovery is now installed.
  12. To start the TWRP menu, press Volume + and Powerbutton at the same time.
    TWRP in english: Follow this instruction:
    TWRP auf deutsch stellen 1 1 300x200 TWRP auf deutsch stellen 2 1 300x200 TWRP auf deutsch stellen 3 300x200
  13. Create a backup of your existing system for security. Select “Backup” and make sure that “Boot”, “System” and “Data” are selected.
  14. Now you can install any ROM on your device. Before you install a new ROM in TWRP, you must reset the previous system. In the TWRP you have to do a WIPE. Then you can install any other TWRP capable ROM.
  15. Click on “Install” and install the file “Firmware”.
  16. Then go to the TWRP menu point “Advanced” and then “Tools” and select “Root Device”. After successful root go back to “Install” and then install the file “Gapps”.
  17. After the installation of the gapps “Wipe the Dalvik & cache”
  18. Reboot the device.
  19. Your device now has the official Nubia Z17 firmware installed and receives normal updates. After setting up, it is recommended to uninstall or disable the Chinese apps. To do this, you can simply go through the list under Settings / Apps from top to bottom and delete or disable all apps with Chinese characters.

Google Playstore Fix

The Nubia Z17 has a functional Google Playstore after the first boot and you can download and install all apps. However, if you restart the device, the device may not be able to login in the Playstore. Then execute the following Playstore Fix:

  1. Open the multitasking overview (left soft-touch button) and end the playstore by wiping it upwards
  2. Activate the airplane mode and wait approx. 2 minutes. Quit the airplane mode
  3. Start the playstore. It should now work again.
  4. Open the multitasking overview again and drag down the Playstore icon so that it is equipped with a small lock. The Playstore now works permanently, until you restart your device again. After rebooting you have to do this fix again.

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