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When you think of Chinese high-end smartphones, Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus come to mind. The Chinese manufacturer ZTE with its high-end smartphone brand Nubia is somewhat more unknown (ZTE only holds 49.9% of the company). A year ago, the Nubia Z17 impressively demonstrated that Nubia is capable of building a smartphone that can hold its own in the premier league. But now some time has passed and the China mobile phone scene is eagerly awaiting the Nubia Z19, which will be the latest high-end smartphone with top specs. In this report we summarized the rumors around the Nubia Z19.
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Design und Display

Nubia Z18 2One thing is already clear: The Nubia Z19 will have a noble appearance and probably hardly (or maybe even no) display edges. Already the Nubia Z17 had no edges on the left and right side and this trend will probably continue with the Nubia Z19. It is conceivable, for example, that the manufacturer would now allow the display to take up the entire upper side of the front. This would follow the latest trend made popular by the Xiaomi Mi Mix and Iphone X. Whether one then leaves a small edge for the front camera or a notch in the display à la Iphone X is still unclear. Some leak photos show a smartphone with a small, circular cutout for the front camera. However, the authenticity is not confirmed.

Nubia Z18 BackHowever, we are sure that a display in the current 18:9 format will find its way into the Nubia Z19. Probably with a Full-HD resolution adapted to the 18:9 format. This trend is now omnipresent and will be taken up also by ZTE. The fingerprint sensor will then be installed on the back, just like its predecessor. Whether there will also be a face unlock algorithm is not yet certain.

Performance and camera

The Nubia Z19 will most likely be equipped with a Snapdragon 845 processor. It offers the same performance as a Samsung S9 (in China and the US), the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S and the Xiaomi Mi7. As a user you can look forward to almost limitless performance with which games and multimedia run without waiting times on your mobile phone. Probably there will be large memory modules of 6 or even 8GB RAM and an internal memory of 64, 128 or even 256GB. The fact that the internal memory works with UFS 2.1 standard should also be considered secure.

Snapdragon 845

As camera there will probably be a modern dual-camera setup. This was already present in the Nubia Z17, whereby the manufacturer had not implemented the dual-camera effects particularly well. Hopefully the software of the Nubia Z19 will have been improved in the appropriate places, so that functions like bokeh shots and optical zoom work perfectly.

The system could use Stock-Android in Europe. On the MWC there were hints from a ZTE manager that the NUBIA UI should only be used in China and that the Global version will now be delivered with unchanged Android 8 Oreo. Whether this is really the case will soon become clear.

Connectivity and battery

The Nubia Z17 had a special advantage for european customers, which unfortunately was not available with the Xiaomi Mi6: All LTE bands including LTE band 20 were supported. Whether this will also be the case with the Nubia Z19 is still pure speculation. However, the past gives reason to hope that the new flagship is also equipped for worldwide mobile network.

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Was die weiteren Spezifikationen angeht, wird es vermutlich Wifi mit .ac-Standard und Bluetooth 5.0 geben. Geladen wird das Nubia Z19 vermutlich mit Quick Charge 4.0 Standard. Das Nubia Z17 war seinerzeit das erste Modell, das diesen Standard unterstützte. Daher wird es beim neueren Modell wahrscheinlich kein Downgrade geben. Allerdings gibt es bis zum heutigen Tag keine Quick-Charge 4 Ladegeräte und auch im Lieferumfang war nur ein QC3 Netzteil enthalten. Diese Flaute geht allerdings nicht auf die Kappe von Nubia, sondern vom Chiphersteller Qualcomm.

Our Opinion

Although not much is known about the Nubia Z19 yet, it will be exciting. So far it remains questionable what the new Nubia mobile phone will look like and what hardware specifications will be found in the device. What is certain is that there will be an 18:9 display and a Snapdragon 845. However, many questions remain unanswered: Will the phone have worldwide LTE support? What kind of camera setup is used? Will the mobile phone have technical gadgets such as wireless charging?

In any case, we will keep our eyes and ears open and report back after the release with a detailed test report. When exactly this will be, however, is still unclear.

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