Oukitel’s K-series stands for solid mid-range hardware with long battery life. With the Oukitel K5000, the manufacturer finally replaces the 4000 series, which was kept alive for a long time with a Lite, Pro, and Plus version. Oukitel is considered a specialist for big battery smartphones and the K-series sets the standards here. With K5000, they started advertising big again. Stupid advertising images showing a mobile phone without edges and cameras with huge megapixel numbers are supposed to lure buyers. We have tested Oukitel K5000 for 7 days and you can find our results in this detailed test report.

Design and build quality

When designing the display, K5000 follows the current trend and delivers the 18:9 display, which apparently everyone needs so urgently. The dimensions are 152 x 73 x 11.5 mm and the Chinese smartphone weighs 219g. This makes K5000 only 7mm longer and 1mm wider than K4000 with a 5-inch display, despite its 5.7-inch display. K5000 is also thinner than its predecessor and sufficiently handy. The fingerprint scanner on the rear is easily accessible. When unlocking, 2-3 attempts are often required, but even so, the unlocking process is still quite fast: the display unlocks from standby within one second. The one-handed operation of Oukitel K5000 is only possible to a limited extent, as the upper edge is not easily reached. Instead of the classic Android sensor keys, non-configurable on-screen keys are now used (right: back, middle: home button, left: option key). Not everyone likes this, for example, I don’t, but the “Infinity display 18:9” format will probably take the sensor keys away from us forever. Too bad! Actually, there would still be enough space below the display.

Oukitel K5000 Vorderseite Rückseite 1 Oukitel K5000 Vorderseite Rückseite 2

The materials used are a metal frame and a glossy laminated rear. This is not excessively susceptible to scratches and a silicone protective cover is included with K5000, as well as a USB-Type-C charging cable, charging adapter (5V/2A) and a USB-Type-C to jack adapter. The USB-Type-C cable is a bit longer than all the other cables we have ready. A secure connection is only possible with the supplied or a longer Type-C cable, which is known e.g. from outdoor smartphones.

Oukitel K5000 Lieferumfang

Oukitel K5000 scope of delivery

Unfortunately, K5000 doesn’t have a headphone jack. But the included adapter offers an appealing quality. Carrying the adapter around when you’re on the road is still annoying. Except for the power button and volume control, the build quality is impeccable. The transitions on the smartphone have no perceptible edge and the phone appears stable throughout. However, the two keys wiggle clearly audibly back and forth. Unfortunately, there is no notification LED!

Oukitel K5000 Design Verarbeitung 5 Oukitel K5000 Design Verarbeitung 3 Oukitel K5000 Design Verarbeitung 4 Oukitel K5000 Design Verarbeitung 1

The bezels are 4mm left and right and 10mm above and below. These are good values, but have nothing in common with the press pictures on the Oukitel website. Oukitel K5000 is not a bezel-less smartphone in the true sense, but simply a very compact 5.7-inch device. Worth mentioning is an unusable front LED flash, otherwise, Oukitel K5000 is a well-built and handy smartphone. Due to the 5000 mAh battery, it is slightly overweight, but still lighter than its predecessor. You can insert either 2 Nano-SIMs or one Nano-SIM and one Micro-SD for storage expansion into the SIM card slot on the left outside.


A 5.7-inch display with 1440 x 720 pixels no longer sounds good in 2017. But in the price range around 130€, 282 pixels per inch are quite alright, even if a certain blurriness is perceptible on closer inspection. You notice a difference to FHD displays with small texts, but not really with multimedia content such as pictures and videos. The basic color scheme of Oukitel K5000 is rather cold, but in the options menu, you can adjust the whole thing to your own preferences with the help of MiraVision. Thanks to the IPS panel, the viewing angles are very stable and the brightness is pleasantly high. The display is also easy to read on sunny days.

Oukitel K5000 Display 1 Oukitel K5000 Display 2

The 5-point multi-touch screen processes all inputs quickly and with sufficient accuracy. Occasionally, a small but justifiable input lag appears. The 2.5D glass is well rounded and fits perfectly into the metal frame. The display surface ensures perfect sliding of the finger, Dragontrail glass is used to protect against scratches. The scratch test with a key also confirms this. The 18:9 ratio produces black bars at the top and bottom of videos. There is no stretch function like you have with Samsung devices. Oukitel K5000 has a good display that doesn’t have to hide from more expensive smartphones. The great glass surface especially and the clean transitions to the frame are decisive here.

System and performance

In K5000 you find the standard middle-class hardware. 4/64GB of memory in the Android 7 system are accelerated to a comfortable speed by a MediaTek MT6750T. The 8 Cortex-A53 cores are divided into 2 clusters with 4 x 1.5GHz and 4 x 1.0 GHz. The Mali-T860 GPU clocks at 650 MHz in the t-version installed here. The 4GB LPDDR3 RAM are sufficiently fast with 4 GB/s and also the internal storage of 64GB brings it on solid 138/133 MB/s reading/writing speed.

Oukitel K5000 Antutu Benchmark Oukitel K5000 Speicher Geschwindigkeit Oukitel K5000 Geekbench 4 Oukitel K5000 3D Mark

The performance is sufficient even for most 3D games, only with Asphalt 8 you have to go down to low graphics settings, so that it becomes playable. Even after one hour of intense gaming, the Oukitel K5000 will not get warmer than 38°.

Antutu Result Geekbench Multi Result Geekbench Single Result 3D Mark Result

The launcher of Oukitel K5000 keeps an app drawer (overview page with all apps) and only the icons are visually modified. Quickstart bar and options menu are almost like a Stock Android system. The manufacturer did not include that many additional features, so there are only a 3-finger screenshot and a setting to close the navigation bar. The system runs stable, fluid and fast. Updates are available via OTA directly to the smartphone, but an Oreo (Android 8) update should not be expected.

Oukitel K5000 System 3 Oukitel K5000 System 4 Oukitel K5000 System 2 Oukitel K5000 System 1


Oukitel doesn’t use a dual camera, which is something we give the manufacturer great credit for. Additionally, 2 decent sensors interpolated by Oukitel are used. A Sony IMX135 sensor with 13 megapixels (interpolated to 16MP) as the main camera and a Samsung S5k3p3 sensor with 16 megapixels (interpolated to 21MP) as the selfie camera are installed. All images taken with Oukitel K5000 produce a constant slight image noise due to the high number of megapixels for the small image sensor. This is clearly perceptible in micro shots and almost absent in macro shots. The Selfie camera also shows clear problems with the sharpness of the facial contours. The camera software also softens all image contours.

However, in good lighting conditions, Oukitel K5000 can be used to take nice pictures. The color representation is very nice and the sharpness in the center of the image is also good. In terms of sharpness, however, a cheap Redmi 5a or 4a perfroms much better. The autofocus is fast and accurate. Videos can be recorded in 1080p with theoretical 30 FPS. These fall quickly by 20-25 FPS indoors and in poor lighting conditions. Oukitel K5000 is not a camera phone and it doesn’t want to be one. The high megapixel numbers sound tempting, but as so often, this is only of limited benefit to the quality of the images. The camera is sufficient for occasional snapshots and the selfies are also OK for the price range. Just have a look at the test pictures and decide for yourselves if the quality is sufficient.

Connectivity and communication

Oukitel K5000 SIM Netz EMpfangOukitel K5000 provided a good and stable reception in the mobile phone network during the test week. Of course, all 2G, 3G and 4G (LTE) frequencies are supported. The call quality is high. In speakerphone mode, a slight but acceptable echo is produced.

Wi-Fi is supported with n-standard in 2.4 and 5GHz network. The range is basically good, but the data throughput decreases quite fast and is never really high. So the Oukitel device gets a maximum of 10-15 Mbit out of my 50 line. Of course, this is still sufficient for all tasks, but it is still remarkably little. Bluetooth 4.0 does perfect work and always connects to my car when I get in and keeps the connection constant.

Oukitel K5000 Sensoren

Since the speaker is on the rear, you have to turn the phone to get a good sound. The speaker is very quiet, but the quality remains clear and clean. The low volume is already a restriction for ringtones, which you should consider before the purchase, if you like loud notifications. The adapter for the headphone jack provides a round sound with nice bass.

The GPS does a good job in combination with an E-compass. The navigation in the car worked, as well as for pedestrians, without incidents. The fix is surprisingly fast with a constant accuracy of 4-6m. In addition to the 3 standard sensors (accelerometer, proximity and light sensors), Oukitel also provides a gyroscope.


Oukitel K5000 houses, as the name suggests, a massive 5000mAh battery. Despite intensive use, my mobile phone only had to be plugged in after 2.5 days with a final DOT (time with display switched on) of 9-10 hours. In the PCMark battery test, the mobile phone lasts very good 12 hours and 44 minutes.

Battery lifetime Result Unit: hours

The battery size can be confirmed exactly with 5000 mAh. Oukitel advertises with Quick-Charge, but more than 1.5A are never transmitted. Charging time is 3 hours from 0 to 100%. Since you don’t have to go charge the phone every day, that’s fine.

Conclusion and alternative

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Jonas Andre:

Oukitel K5000 provides the desired battery life. Design and build quality are at the highest level. Only the wobbly power button and the volume control are to be criticized. The display is beautiful and the performance for a mid-range device is excellent. The camera always shows a slight image noise and fails in less light. Standard shots are still good. Many sensors, good call quality, and good GPS reception complete the successful overall package.

Oukitel K5000 then performs a bit poorly in Wi-Fi reception and data throughput remains limited. Here only the Xiaomi router helps, using this router everything is normal. The missing headphone jack is simply unnecessary, as is the long USB Type-C connection, which interacts almost exclusively with the supplied cable. 18:9 display or not, Oukitel K5000 is pleasantly handy and not clearly larger than a K4000, despite the 5.7-inch display. Those who have no problem with the weight and the thickness and can deal with the disadvantages mentioned above get a perfect battery smartphone with good performance in almost all categories with Oukitel K5000.

  • Design and build quality 80 %
  • Display 80 %
  • Performance 80 %
  • Camera 80 %
  • Communication and connectivity 90 %
  • Battery 90 %

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