There it is: Oukitel’s successor of its popular battery monster – Oukitel K6000 Plus. The design was improved and the hardware got a little upgrade, too. The phone now houses a MT6750T Octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM. The battery stayed the same with 6000mAh and thanks to a 12V/2A charger and MTK Pump-Express, it is fully charged within 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Design and build quality

The weight of 211g clearly is not light, but considering the gigantic battery it is still great. The K6000 Plus is neither thin nor small with its dimensions of 155×76.6×9.6mm. Operating the phone with one hand only is therefore not possible for most users. The casing has a nice build quality and there are no gaps to be found.

DSC04759 DSC04779

Oukitel K6000 Plus has an aluminum rear cover like the previous model. The upper and lower parts are made of plastic, as usual, to secure a good reception. The main camera and the LED flash jut out a little.

DSC04766 DSC04763

Power button and volume control are located on the right. Unfortunately, there are not firmly attached, but they have a nice feedback. The SIM tray is located on the left.

DSC04767 DSC04765

Above the 5.5-inch display you can find earpiece, front camera and sensors. There is a notification LED as well. In the options menu you can choose between blue, green and red, although the LED apparently cannot shine in blue. Below the display there is the home button, which also serves as fingerprint scanner. Two illuminated soft touch buttons are located at its right and left side.

As usual, the audio jack is at the top. At the bottom, you find micro-USB port, speaker and microphone. The speaker is nothing special. It oversteers a bit at full volume. Treble is not too extreme and midpoints are good.

Oukitel K6000 Plus scope of delivery

Oukitel K6000 Plus scope of delivery

Besides the phone you get:

  • Quick reference guide
  • OTG-cable
  • USB-cable
  • Power plug
  • SIM ejection tool
  • Silicone protective cover
  • Screen protector


Oukitel K6000 Plus offers a 5.5-inch full-HD display with a 1920x1080pixels resolution. Oukitel uses a LTPS display, which secures a similar energy efficiency as renowned AMOLED displays. Because of the full-HD resolution the phone has a pixel density of sharp 401ppi. The display, made of 2.5D glass, is very appealing in terms of haptics and it reacts fast to every input. The panel can register up to 5 points of contacts at the same time.

Display Display

Contrast is good, maximum brightness on the other hand could be better. However, the display is still readable in bright sunlight. Colors are dynamic and strong, at least if you adjust them well via MiraVision. With standard settings, white appears to be quite cold. The display is protected by Asahi glass (also called Dragontrail), which is as robust as Gorilla Glass.


Oukitel K6000 Plus houses a MT6750T, whose 8 cores are divided into two clusters and clock at 4×1.3GHz and 4×1.0GHz. The processor is supported by 4GB of RAM, which clock at 4GB/s. Therefore, the RAM is rather in the lower price section in terms of speed. The internal storage has a generous size of 64GB. The reading/writing speed of 134MB/s is appropriate for this price range. Those who need even more storage can expand it via a micro-SD card. However, if you expand storage, you have to go without the dual-SIM function.

Oukitel K6000Plus Benchmark 1 Oukitel K6000Plus Benchmark 2 Oukitel K6000Plus Benchmark 3 Oukitel K6000Plus Benchmark 4

Looking at the benchmarks, you will notice fast that K6000 Plus is no performance device. It is however sufficient for daily use and basic tasks. Surfing and using Facebook and WhatsApp is possible with a nice speed and without any problems. In terms of multitasking, the Oukitel phone does a good job. The device does not slow down noticeably no matter how many apps are opened. If you open demanding apps on the other hand, the phone gets significantly slower. You also notice the low performance when playing games; top games cannot be played on highest settings. The performance is sufficient for occasional gaming.

Android 7 Nougat

Oukitel K6000 Plus uses the current Android 7 system. The launcher has been adjusted and you can choose between several themes. The icons have been changed as well. Those who like an unchanged Android appearance better should download the Google Now Launcher. The system is free of bloatware and only the standard apps are preinstalled. The system offers a lot of special functions. For instance, you can configure the home button to several kinds of touches. Gesture control is integrated as well, which can be configured in a lot of different ways.

Oukitel K6000Plus Android 2 Oukitel K6000Plus Android 4 Oukitel K6000Plus Android 5

Because of the smartphone’s size, there is a one-handed mode as well, which can be activated or deactivated easily also outside of the settings. The system runs very smoothly. Some settings on the other hand are not clear for everyone. For instance, the settings for the home button are in the same menu item as the configuration for fingerprints. All in all, Oukitel did a good job.


Oukitel K6000 Plus’s main camera has a resolution of 16MP and it supported by a single LED-flash. The camera could convince for the most part. Pictures are colorfast and rich in contrast. Sharpness is okay, although you can detect that the edges of the images are a little blurred. Trigger time is really slow. The focus on the other and works fast and reliably. When lighting conditions are not that good, the smartphone especially delays the photographing. Many pictures are blurred despite the electronic image stabilizer. Videos can be recorded in full-HD. Here everything is okay, but colors seem to be too extreme to be seen as accurate.

The front camera has a resolution of 8MP. The pictures taken with it are relatively good. Because of the resolution, a slight image noise occurs and details are a bit blurred. Nevertheless, colors are nice and the image does not seem faded or overexposed. However, the standard camera presents a problem: pictures taken in landscape format are always changed into portrait format and therefore, a part is cut off and you can only see half of the picture. You should use another app (e.g. Open Camera) until Oukitel has fixed the problem via an update.



Oukitel K6000 Plus supports all 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies. Reception is good; there was no abrupt disconnection or something similar. Voice quality was convincing as well. I as well as the caller were understood well. You can use two Nano-SIM cards in the smartphone. Those who want to use a SD-card have to go without the dual-SIM function.

The GPS does a nice job, too. The fix took just some seconds and during the test track, there were no wrong localizations. Besides Wi-Fi b/g/n, K6000 Plus also provides Bluetooth 4.0. There was nothing to complain about. Wi.-Fi reception was always good and it supports the 5GHz network as well. Data transfer via Bluetooth worked well, and so did the connection to my hands-free kit.

Unfortunately, the smartphone does not offer many sensors. Apart from the fingerprint scanner, you only find the three common sensors (proximity, light, and acceleration sensor). The fingerprint scanner works perfectly and it always recognized my finger. Unlocking the phone from stand-by happens fast and reliably.


Oukitel K6000Plus Akku

Oukitel K6000 Plus houses a gigantic 6080mAh battery. compared to other 5.5-inch smartphones it is twice the capacity. With extensive use I got 2 days of run time without any problems. With normal use, I got 3 days of run time. Oukitel offers a quite tough energy saving mode, which restricts the smartphone to its basic functions in order to save additionally battery. The mode can be activated either manually or automatically. Those who do not want to use the energy saving mode at all can deactivate it completely. In the PC Mark, the Oukitel device reached remarkable 13 hours and 26 minutes at medium brightness. This is a great value, which makes the phone a real marathon runner. Thanks to the MTK Express Pump technology, the huge battery is fully charged in about 1 hour and 40 minutes, as stated by the manufacturer. We hope that Oukitel will not stop selling the powerful power plug, as they did with the previous model.

Conclusion and alternative

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With the K6000 Plus, Oukitel produced a worthy successor to the popular previous model. With a current Android 7 system, a quite good camera and a lot of power, the smartphone is a loyal companion with stamina in daily life. Because of the good overall performance in all categories, we can absolutely recommend buying the Oukitel device. As there are only few battery monsters on the market, competition is limited. Some alternative would be Blackview P2, Ulefone Power 2 and Xiaomi Redmi 4X.

  • Design and build quality 80 %
  • Display 80 %
  • Performance 70 %
  • Camera 80 %
  • Communication and connectivity 80 %
  • Battery 100 %

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