The term “middle-class smartphone” pretty much applies to the Oukitel K8. The K8 tries to be an all-rounder and at the same time to be successful with a 6-inch display without notch. This should please some users, as well as narrow bezels, the fingerprint sensor and a 5000mAh battery. In addition, there is a Dual-SIM slot (hybrid), 3.5mm jack connector, 4/64GB storage and full LTE support at a price of about 150$. Only in terms of the performance of the processor, you have to make cuts (on paper), more about that in the performance section. In addition to the smartphone, the scope of delivery also includes an EU charging adapter incl. cable, the warranty certificate, a transparent silicone cover and an already attached protective film.

Oukitel K8 Lieferumfang

Design & Build quality

The K8 uses a milled metal frame with a plastic rear and is only available in “Space Grey“. The smartphone feels surprisingly good in the hand due to the milled flanks, but you immediately notice the high weight due to the large display and the battery. The weight distribution is very good, and it doesn’t tend to tip over, so it’s still suitable for one-handed operation. The only drawbacks of the build quality are the volume control and the power button on the left. They are made of plastic, which is not bad per se. Unfortunately, however, they are attached relatively loosely to the casing and tend to clatter without the supplied silicone cover. But they have a good feedback.

Oukitel K8 Design und Verarbeitung 4 Oukitel K8 Design und Verarbeitung 2 Oukitel K8 Design und Verarbeitung 3 Oukitel K8 Design und Verarbeitung 1

The Oukitel K8 has dimensions of 160 x 76 x 11mm and weighs 239g. This is a relatively high weight, but if you consider the 6-inch display and the 5000mAh battery, the weight is quite alright. Thanks to the narrow bezels, the smartphone remains relatively small.

On the front is the 5MP selfie cam, as well as a 3-color notification LED (red, blue, green). The phone is operated via on-screen buttons, which can be arranged as desired (back button left or right).

Oukitel K8 Display Oukitel K8 Rückseite

On the rear, you find the main camera with 13MP resolution. As expected, the second sensor turned out to be a fake sensor and is only used for a better look. Right next to the camera, there is an LED flash, below the camera the fingerprint sensor. Here, I am very positively surprised by the speed (0.5sec to homescreen/unlock) and an accuracy of 9/10! Here, Oukitel has done a very good job.

The 3.5mm jack connector is located on the upper side, which performs its job without any noticeable problems. The microphone, the Micro-USB connector and a loudspeaker are located on the bottom. The second opening only serves the optics. The volume of the loudspeaker is convincing. The sound is not that loud, but it hardly overdrives.


The display of the Oukitel K8 is clearly convincing. A 6.0-inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels and a pixel density of 402PPI delivers a very good picture. The format is 18:9 including the on-screen buttons, which can be hidden if desired. 2.5D Asahi glass was used to protect the smartphone from scratches. The readability outdoors also convinced me, only in direct sunlight you have problems when reading the display. The viewing angle stability is also at a high level and before colors are falsified, the display rather starts to mirror. The display detects up to 10 touch points simultaneously and usually works reliably. However, a certain period of getting used to the large display is necessary. In the beginning, due to the size and the high weight, there are times when incorrect operation occurs.

Oukitel K8 Display 1 Oukitel K8 Display 2

You can switch on the display either via the power button on the right of the device to unlock it afterwards with pattern, code or face unlock, or directly from standby via fingerprint. I recommend the latter, because as soon as you look at the K8, your own face is recognized quickly and reliably; (plus point here), but then it is not possible to “just” look at the notifications or the time without unlocking the device. Curse and blessing at the same time, so it’s up to you to decide what you prefer to work with.


Let’s come to the other side of the coin, the MT6750T by MediaTek with 8 cores and 1.5GHz each. This processor is often used in the lower mid-range smartphones and provides the most diverse results there. The combination of the processor together with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage works well together in everyday life. Multitasking also works well and programs open quickly. In combination with the almost unchanged Android 8 especially you have an optimal everyday companion. Unfortunately, you can’t just gloss the obsolete processor over anymore, as it does a better job in other devices as soon as you compare the benchmarks.

Antutu Result Geekbench Multi Result 3D Mark Result

Oukitel K8 A1 SD BenchThe RAM has quite a nice speed with 3.7GB/s, but not it is not on an upper mid-range level. The reading and writing speed of the internal storage is similar, not outstanding but still good as a daily driver. In daily use, this means: social media, streaming and listening to music (in connection with bluetooth) is no problem for the device. Less demanding games run without further ado with relatively short loading times, but 3D HD-gaming makes the K8 sweat relatively quickly, which is clearly noticeable in your hands at temperatures above 40°C.

Android / Operating system

I have to mention one thing in advance: Despite the low performance on paper, the Oukitel K8 runs at a much higher level in everyday life than you would expect. On the one hand, you can thank Android 8 for that, on the other hand Oukitel themselves, because they left the Android almost untouched. No ads, no pre-installed apps: a dream. In addition, the options and the settings menu have been simplified. There are fewer subfolders and e.g. fingerprint sensor and face unlock are located directly on the first page, which makes the operation easier. A good smartphone for users who are not well versed in technology, or for grandparents who you would like to give a new mobile phone with a large display and simple app symbols.

Oukitel K8 Android 3 Oukitel K8 Android 2 Oukitel K8 Android 1

The Google Play Store is of course pre-installed. There were no bugs or crashes during the test phase.


The Oukitel K8 takes reasonably useful pictures in good lighting conditions with the 13MP Sony IMX 135 main camera and the 5MP selfie cam. The Dual-cam function however does not work, as the second sensor is only fake. The bokeh mode (or blur mode here) is generated by the software and only creates a blurred circle around the center of the image. The images have a somewhat artificial color representation and the sharpness is at most on average.

The main camera as well as the front camera have a beauty mode that works like a soft-focus lens. The effect is rather designed for Asian users, in the western world the mode is rather deactivated. If you like filters, you should use other apps to help you. You can use the camera for occasional snapshots during the day, but photo enthusiasts will be disappointed in the long run.

All in all, the camera of the K8 is not a total failure, but it is not suitable for photo enthusiasts. In the same price range, the Redmi S2 is much better.

Connectivity and communication

Oukitel K8 Netz und EmpfangAll necessary 3G and LTE frequencies are available; so you won’t have any problems in terms of reception.

GSM (2G): 850/900/1800/1900

UMTS (3G): 900/2100

Music streaming or navigation while driving did not lead to any problems.

The call quality is very good and clear. The auricle is so loud at full volume that the caller hears his own voice. It’s not exactly a minus point, because it was helpful in noisy environments and I could still understand the person I was talking to. For normal phone calls, however, you should set the volume to 70-80%.

The loudspeaker of the device is better than expected for the price range and even at maximum volume it is less prone to oversteer.

The K8’s sensors include a brightness sensor, proximity sensor, acceleration sensor and fingerprint sensor. All sensors work well and do their job reliably. Above all, the fingerprint sensor stands out for its reliability and speed, making you think you’re holding a more expensive device in your hands.

Oukitel K8 GPS Test Bench

WiFi with 2.4GHz and 5GHz is also available (802.11 b/g/n/) and does a good job, the reception is strong, but in terms of speed and power you notice a difference to more expensive smartphones. Where e.g. a Xiaomi Mi A1 has just off bar of WiFi signal, the Oukitel already switched to mobile data. The Bluetooth 4.2 works fast and reliablly. Already paired devices quickly connect to the K8.

The GPS reception is good. A problem-free navigation on foot and in the car was possible. Occasionally, however, it took some time to display the correct location.


Power users get through the day without any problems. Users who only use the phone occasionally can also use it for 2-3 days. After one day I usually had 50-60% battery left (from 5:15 in the morning, until 22 in the evening, with increased use). The Oukitel K8 lasts for 11h53min in the PCMark battery test. This is a good value, but there are devices with 4000mAh and higher battery life, which is unfortunately due to the 6.0-inch display and the older processor.

Battery lifetime Result Unit: hours

The battery is charged via 2A/5V “Flash Charge”; from 0-100% it takes 5:30h and from 20-80% it takes 3:30h. That means approx. 8% per 30min charging with display switched off.

Conclusion and alternative

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Erik Zürrlein:

A big, great display, loud call quality, a big battery and all that at a reasonable price. The Oukitel K8 was a good everyday companion and never let me down. Neither in terms of the battery nor the performance. It is a good all-rounder for users who are looking for a mobile phone for everyday use of simple apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube and the like. But, if you need a smartphone with a lot of power or a perfect camera, you better don’t choose this device.

  • Design and build quality 70 %
  • Display 90 %
  • Performance 70 %
  • Camera 60 %
  • Communication and connectivity 80 %
  • Battery 80 %

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