Oukitel is already known for its battery monsters and with the K10000 MAX, it has already proven that it also has something to offer in the outdoor sector. Oukitel WP5000 is a powerful outdoor smartphone that can count on a good hardware and a large battery. Find out what the device is really good for in this test report.

Design and build quality

Everyone knows that outdoor smartphones are not slim devices. That’s why the Oukitel WP5000’s dimensions of 168.7 x 81.4 x 13.7mm are not surprising at all. The weight of 283g is also remarkably high. Thanks to the 18:9 format, the smartphone still looks relatively slim and fits comfortably in the hand.

With WP5000, Oukitel relies on a material mix of metal and the usual hard plastic, used by the other representatives of the outdoor class. The device is IP-68 certified and meets the standard to fullest satisfaction. This Oukitel device is completely unimpressed by falls and even an half-hour dive was not a problem for the device. The protruding edge around the display is very low at the sides. Therefore, in my opinion, the protection during the test falls was only provided by the slightly more protruding edge at the top and bottom. If the smartphone falls unfavorably, the glass could still be damaged.

Oukitel WP5000 Test 4Oukitel WP5000 Test 7

The surface of the rear has an extra structure, so that the mobile phone is more handy and does not slip out of the hand. An attachment has been placed around the camera and the sensor so that the camera does not protrude and is therefore protected. This attachment is partly in chrome look. However, this has the disadvantage that scratches can be seen very quickly. The speaker is hidden under the small opening in the left corner. It is definitely very loud and does not overdrive even at full volume, but the sound is not very differentiated and everything sounds a bit reverberant.

Sensors, front camera, front flash and earpiece are located on the front above the display. A notification LED has also been installed. Unfortunately, there are no soft-touch buttons, so the camera can only be operated using the on-screen buttons.

The two sides of Oukitel WP5000 are the design highlight of the smartphone. Consisting of brushed aluminium, they not only look good, but they are also stable. To “seal” the SIM tray, a cover is attached above it to prevent water from getting in. And when I say sealing, I mean it literally. Without the additional tool supplied, this cover cannot be opened because it fits so tightly. On the other side, there is the volume control and the power button, which have a good pressure point. Unfortunately, these are not quite so tight in the housing, which is why they “clatter”.

On the bottom of the phone, there is the USB-C port, which is also protected with a cover. However, it can be opened manually without any problems. As is often the case with outdoor smartphones, only a USB-C cable with a longer connection fits here. There is no headphone jack, but an adapter for the USB-C port is included.

Oukitel WP5000 makes a very good first impression. Everything is very clean and the seals keep their promises. I also like the “design elements”, that make the device a chic companion in my opinion, which also cuts a good figure in everyday life.

Scope of delivery

Oukitel WP5000 Test 3

Out of the Box:

  • Short instructions
  • Adapter USB-C to jack
  • SIM ejection tool
  • OTG cable
  • Power supply and USB-C cable
  • Protective film
  • Tool for opening the SIM slot


Oukitel WP5000 has a 5.7″ HD display with a resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels. This results in a 18:9 format, which contributes to the handiness of the smartphone. So I can almost cover the complete width with one hand. The display does not only convince because of its sharpness, the maximum brightness is good as well and the colours are strong. At maximum brightness, the display delivers 580 lux, with a purely black background, 6 lux can still be measured. That means a good contrast. The screen can process up to 5 points of contact simultaneously and reacts quickly to each input. Whether the display is protected by a Gorilla Glass or similar is not specified by Oukitel. However, it passed our test without a trace.

Oukitel WP5000 Test 5

The display of the Oukitel phone is very good, especially under the sunlight, it was still very well readable and even with a wet display, it was still possible to use the device. Of course, the operation under water is no longer possible.


Oukitel WP5000 features an Helio P25, also known as MediaTek MT6757CD. The 8 Cortex A53 cores are divided into two performance clusters. The energy-saving cluster clocks at a maximum of 1690 Mhz while the power cluster operates at a maximum of 2392 Mhz. The processor is supported by 6 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 64 GB of storage. The main storage delivers a very good speed of 6666 MB/s and, thanks to its ample size, it is ideal for multitasking. The performance of the RAM is affected by the energy-saving settings. At high performance, the storage delivers the above value. In “balanced mode” it clocks at 4358 MB/s. The internal storage, with 64 GB, offers enough space for pictures and apps. With a writing speed of 168 MB/s and a reading speed of 211 MB/s, it is definitely not one of the slow ones. If the storage space were not enough, you could extend it with a Mirco-SD card. In this case, the Dual-SIM function would be omitted!

Oukitel WP5000 is a good package. With enough power, it manages the daily tasks easily and one or the other game can also be played fluently on the device.

Antutu Result Geekbench Multi Result Geekbench Single Result 3D Mark Result


Oukitel WP5000 houses an adapted Android 7.1.1. with the security patch from February 2018, the apps have been adapted in design, but there is no theme app or themes in general. The system runs smoothly and causes almost no problems. Even with strict instructions not to activate the energy-saving mode automatically, Oukitel happily ignores it as soon as only a few battery percentages are left. At least there is no bloatware and the device is free of malware or similar.

oukitel wp5000 android 001 oukitel wp5000 android 002 oukitel wp5000 malewarebytes

Oukitel also provides the familiar gesture control and gesture unlocking function. Unfortunately, the outdoor smartphone does not have an SOS function. The smartphone can also be unlocked via Face-Unlock, but, unfortunately, it can be tricked with a simple photo.

The system of Oukitel WP5000 doesn’t disappoint us, but it can’t surprise either. I think that the lack of an SOS function is a pity, as I always found it very practical on outdoor devices. Otherwise, there is nothing to complain about here!


The main camera of Oukitel WP5000 is a dual camera with 16 + 5 MP (interpolated 21 + 5) resolution. The second sensor is, however, only a fake and is not responsible for the bokeh effect, as it is generated by the software. The pictures themselves are, unfortunately, only quite ok. They are not very colourfast and image noise occurs too fast my taste. Also, the HDR mode is not necessarily a help as far as the colours are concerned, although the images here are already approaching reality. Depending on the light conditions, green is often overemphasised, while other colours appear somewhat pale. As far as sharpness is concerned, the camera can’t really score either. The shutter release time and focus are quite fast. So, the camera can still be used for one or the other snapshot. But if you like to take a lot of pictures, you will be disappointed here.

The front camera shoots pictures with 8MP. The sensor on the front provides quite good images. The selfies are not noisy and the colours are ok.

Usually the camera is not a highlight for outdoor smartphones, but in the outdoor upper class more and more value is placed on good picture quality. Unfortunately, Oukitel WP5000 can’t keep up with the competition here and delivers worse results than other devices.


The device supports all 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies. This means that Band 20 is also available. The reception was always very good and LTE was almost always available to me. Oukitel can house either 2 Nano-SIM cards or 1 SIM card and one Micro-SD card – it is a hybrid slot.
There was nothing to criticise about the call quality, so I understood my interlocutor crystal clear and also my voice was well transmitted. There is also Bluetooth 4.2, which worked perfectly and could be connected to my sound system or my hands-free kit without any problems. Also concerning the WIFI there is nothing to complain about. Oukitel supports a/b/g/n standards and transmits in the 2.4 and 5 GHz range.

oukitel wp5000 gpsAs usual, the GPS is simply incredible for phones of this category. The location is determined within a few moments and the navigation is always very accurate. During the navigation on foot or in the car, there was never any mislocalisation.

In addition to the fingerprint sensor, Oukitel WP5000 is also equipped with the 3 standard types, proximity, brightness and acceleration sensor. As befits an outdoor smartphone, a gyroscope and a compass are also available. All sensors work perfectly. The fingerprint sensor recognizes my fingerprint within a very short time, but unlocks the device a little bit slowly with a duration of more than 1 second.


oukitel wp5000 pcmarkThe battery capacity of Oukitel WP5000 is 5000 mAh. The test showed between 4650 and 4800 mAh, which is still within the tolerance range. In the benchmark the mobile phone achieves a proud 14h and 19 minutes, a good value. In real-life use, I reached 2-3 days with normal use and occasional gaming. If you don’t use your phone for gaming, you can also reach 4 days. Thanks to the QuickCharge function, the battery is full again within 2 hours.

Battery lifetime Result Unit: hours

Conclusion and alternative

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With WP5000, Oukitel delivers a new candidate for the outdoor series in order to declare war on the competition. Unfortunately, the smartphone does not get close to the current throne holders. The performance of the system and the battery can keep up, but the camera and the missing SOS function can not. Oukitel WP5000 is good, but not good enough.

  • Design and build quality 90 %
  • Display 80 %
  • Performance 80 %
  • Camera 70 %
  • Communication and connectivity 100 %
  • Battery 100 %

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