Repair instructions: How to repair your Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum LDS instead of return/replacement


Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is very popular and did very well in our tests. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a batch with a faulty LDS sensor. In case your robot stops after a couple of centimetres and seeks your help with a red blinking light and the notification, your device has caught the bug. If you haven’t installed the English language yet, you will get a Chinese notification that says something like “laser obstructed, please remove“, and the laser head is marked with red in the picture shown on your app. This happened to the vacuum robot I got for my mother. Since sending the device back to China proofed to be impossible or rather uneconomical (explanation at the end of this article) I just ordered the affected part at AliExpress and did the exchange within a couple of minutes. The robot vacuums perfectly again and mommy is happy again. This is the reason why I decided to write this article for other users with the same problem.

Exchange LDS – DIY instructions step by step

The exchange is not that hard and literally everyone can do it. Apart from a couple of minutes of time you need a small and flat Phillips type screwdriver.

  1. Order spare part – we ordered it here at AliExpress (Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Store). The LDS arrived after 2 weeks.
  2. IMPORTANT: Turn off your Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum (press and hold power button)
  3. Open the cover, unscrew the 6 screws at the joint and remove the top.
  4. Pull the white plastic cover gently upwards (only pinned together). It can be lifted with a small screwdriver at the side.
  5. Remove both grey rubber covers and unscrew both screws, also unscrew the other two screws on the upper side. Unscrew the three screws on each joint, lift the small triangular cover and extract the joint.
  6. Now the big circular cover of the LDS can be taken off. Unscrew the four screws that hold the sensor.
  7. Lift the whole thing upwards to remove it and replace it with the new spare part.
  8. Now repeat every step the other way around to reassemble your robot. Turn on your now repaired vacuum and try it.

Video: Repair worked, robot works again!

Why do it yourself instead of sending it back?

In general, of course you get a warranty in Chinese shops, but there is a problem in case of the Mi Robot Vacuum: sending the device back to China is not that easy since the robot is big and heavy and therefore much too expensive to ship.

Therefore, we recommend reporting the defect via the support and to ask for a partial refund with the note that you will order the spare part yourself. In my case Gearbest reimbursed 80$ in form of a voucher for my next purchase. To get this offer, however, I had to write them 10 messages. Then you should be able to order and install the spare part self-financingly.

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