We have been very enthusiastic about the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners for quite some time, and now we are entering the next level! We present a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner that could perfectly complement the vacuum cleaner robot: The Roidmi Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner or short: Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Storm.

Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Kabelloser HandStaubsauger 2 Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Kabelloser HandStaubsauger 6

The Roidmi F8 is a rechargeable vacuum cleaner that can be easily converted into a hand-held vacuum cleaner. The concept of these battery vacuum cleaners is currently in full trend, but before the purchase you should be quite aware of the intended use. We had already tested a wireless 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner for less than 115$: The Dibea C17 could not convince because of its low suction power. The Roidmi F8 is a real competition for Dyson and Co for 290$, but can the 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner really convince? We tried to find out in a three-week field test.

Roidmi F8 scope of delivery

In the lavish scope of supply of the battery vacuum cleaner from China you will find everything for daily use. However, there are apparently 2 different accessory packages, since the official product photo shows more accessories than our test device. The package contains the following:

Lieferumfang des Roidmi F8

Roidmi F8 scope of delivery

  • charging cable with Chinese power plug
  • Vacuum cleaner foot with 2 different brush rollers (for carpet and hard floors)
  • A wall bracket
  • A Hepa filter (for replacement)
  • A small cleaning brush for the foot and filter
  • An extension tube
  • A small brush attachment
  • Chinese operating instructions

Compared to the official advertisement picture, number 3 ,4 and 10 are missing.

Zubehör laut Roidmi

Accessories according to Roidmi

Whether there are different versions with different amounts of accessories will be revealed in the near future. Accessories can be purchased on Aliexpress. At the moment they only offer the Hepa filter for about 9$. There will also soon be an international version with EU charging plug and English operating instructions.

Design and build quality

The Xiaomi Roidmi F8 battery vacuum cleaner has a modern design and looks really chic with its white colour. As almost every Xiaomi product, the F8 Storm has also won the Red Dot Design Award. But you don’t have to worry about that, because the vacuum cleaner is really stylish for a household appliance. The entire device is made of high-quality plastic and metal. The vacuum cleaner definitely doesn’t have to be hidden in your storage room, but can find its place in any room with the wall bracket.

Roidmi F8 Wandhalterung 3 Roidmi F8 Wandhalterung 1

Roidmi F8 Buttons Körper 4 Roidmi F8 Bodensauger

The main part of the Roidmi F8 weighs 1.5kg with a 0.4ml dirt container (including Hepa filter). If you put on the small brush, the weight increases again by 100g. The use as a hand vacuum cleaner is possible with this weight, but after 10-15 minutes you might notice the weight. Of course, the hand-held vacuum cleaner is best suited for the car.

Roidmi F8 Autobürste Roidmi F8 Abmessungen Größe 1 Roidmi F8 Abmessungen Größe 2 Roidmi F8 Stecksystem Zubehör 1

The weight naturally increases with further attachments, so the extension weighs 280g and the foot with brush adds up 750g. Thus, you have to deal with a weight of 2.5kg when cleaning your floor. Since the suction foot is on the floor, it is not necessary to carry the entire weight. The rotating brush on the underside easily sucks up the dirt into the dirt container and the vacuum cleaner moves automatically forward on the carpet. Folded up vertically at the charging station, the device rises 1.08m into the air. With my 1.87m body height the vacuum cleaner could be a little bigger, but my mother with 1.76m gets along very well with the size. The wall bracket holds the vacuum cleaner in place with a magnet. However, the charging cable must be plugged in separately. The Roidmi has 2 buttons for easy operation.

Roidmi F8 Buttons Körper 3 Roidmi F8 Buttons Körper 2 Roidmi F8 Abmessungen Größe 4 Roidmi F8 Handstaubsauger mit Bürste 2

Pressing the power button once starts the Roidmi F8, pressing it a second time starts the turbo mode, the third time you are back in normal cleaning mode. Alternatively, you can use the upper button to switch between strong and normal cleaning modes if you hold the vacuum cleaner cup at the upper end. It can only be switched off by pressing and holding the button.

Roidmi F8 Abmessungen Größe 3 Roidmi F8 Abmessungen Größe 4 Roidmi F8 Steckverbindungen 1 Roidmi F8 Stecksystem Zubehör 4

The individual connectors are held together by a plastic closure, which can be released by pressing the grey button and restored by simply plugging it together. The build quality is excellent and nothing wobbles when assembled.

Roidmi F8 Steckverbindungen 3 Roidmi F8 Steckverbindungen 2

The rotating brush foot is 27cm wide and there is also a slimmer foot available. The brush foot can be changed in a few seconds with a short click and pull on the brush itself. It impresses after only a few days how incredibly easy the Roidmi F8 can be transformed. Everything is held together by a simple one-button click system, as is the dust container. A push on the button is all it takes to dismantle everything or clean the dirt container. In daily use, however, it is also noticeable that the dirt container fills very quickly; a capacity of 0.6 or 0.7l would probably have been better, although that would have added weight.

Roidmi F8 Saugfuß mit Bürste 3 Roidmi F8 Bodenbürsten

The deliberate design and the excellent build quality are then clearly demonstrated once again with the installed LEDs. 4 white LEDs indicate the charging status in 25% steps. If the last LED flashes, it the battery is already drained. A lonely LED indicates that the dust container is full. You can also see it through the transparent plastic itself. As soon as the foot of the vacuum cleaner is in the dark, e.g. under the couch, an LED lights up automatically, which visibly illuminates the dirt. In summary, the Roidmi F8 is excellently built and scores big with a seamless and practical plug-in system. Also the replacement of the Hepa filter (an additional filter is included) is possible without problems within a few seconds, only the battery cannot be changed easily.

Roidmi F8 Buttons Körper 1 Roidmi F8 Staubkammer 04

Practice use and technnology

Just to mention the data sheet: It is impressive, but you can also forget it right away, as what really counts is the use in practice. The data sheet is similar to that of the 340$- Dyson V8. Xiaomi states the following values for the Roidmi F8:

  • suction power: 18500 pa
  • volume: 75dB
  • battery: 2500 mAh – 55 minutes run time– 10 minutes in the turbo mode
  • dimensions: 119.1 x 25.9 x 15.8 cm

The 415W motor reaches 100,000 revolutions per minute and generates 115W suction power. In turbo mode, the Roidmi absorbs a 50 cent coin, in normal mode 10 cent coins are still possible. Normal dust and dirt on the floor can therefore also be easily absorbed in normal mode. The other data from the data sheet can be confirmed. 75 decibels are stated, but at what distance from the cleaner? Basically you can still talk in the same room with normal suction level, but in turbo mode it is very much disturbing. A 2500 mAh battery sounds little, even my mobile phone has a larger battery! In practice, the device always lasts between 9 and 10 minutes in turbo mode during 4 attempts. I use the Roidmi mainly for the corners and edges that the Xiaomi Vacuum Robot cannot reach. So I used the vacuum cleaner for about 5-10 minutes every 3 days in the normal mode. If something falls to the floor, the device is of course extremely practical. I was able to vacuum clean the whole apartment (60 m²) in 20 minutes. In the car I used the turbo mode, because otherwise the dirt would not come out of the upholstery and cracks. The 10 minutes were very hectic, but I successfully cleaned the car. So 50 minutes of run time in the normal mode are definitely realistic.

With one of the rotating floor brushes, the Roidmi F8 simply does its job perfectly. Even if a brush for carpet is included, it should be clear that the suction power is no comparison to a conventional cable vacuum cleaner. The suction power remains superficial in the end, which is of course less of a problem with hard floors. The cleaning performance of the Roidmi F8 is absolutely convincing for occasional use as a powerful hand vacuum cleaner, as a floor vacuum cleaner for small apartments or for short vacuuming from time to time. The variety of use is given by the useful attachments and you can e.g. remove crumbs from the couch without further ado.

Roidmi F8 smart functions

Roidmi F8 App 5 Roidmi F8 App 3 Roidmi F8 App 2

For Xiaomi, everything has to be smart. What makes sense with the vacuum robot is totally superfluous with the Roidmi F8. Roidmi F8 App 4 Roidmi F8 App 1

If you are already using Xiaomi devices, you can also add the Roidmi in the Mi Home App and get the following features:

  • One additional suction level (a total of 3 suction stages then)
  • Battery displayed in percent and estimate of remaining battery life
  • Condition of the Hepa filter
  • The cleaned total area
  • Indication of air quality

So, you realize the additional features are more of a joke. But maybe some useful features will be added, although I couldn’t really think of some. As long as the vacuum cleaner does not work on its own, the purpose of the app is limited. An app to book a cleaning service already exists.

Conclusion and alternative

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Jonas Andre:

The current price for the Roidmi F8 is about 300$. Xiaomi’s battery vacuum cleaner can be used in a wide range of applications. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to invest the money for the intended purpose. The current top model by Dyson (the V10) costs more than 700$. The suction power of the Roidmi can be compared to the Dyson V8, which is around 340$. Similar to the vacuum robot, Xiaomi could mess up the market again, as the performance of the F8 is ideal for most applications and the device is quite perfect. The device has a very high suction power, has a perfect build quality, can be transformed quickly and also looks really chic. The replaceable battery would have beaten the competition, but we’ll see how long it takes for the battery life to eventually run out. All in all, we can give a full buy recommendation for the first battery vacuum cleaner by Xiaomi – the Roidmi F8 Storm!

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