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This is the place for you to find all the reviews about recent China Smartphones that help you find the perfect China phone:

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Review


The Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro now replaces the middle class champion Redmi Note 5. First of all: The Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro is not…

How do I find the right Smartphone?

If you are looking for a China Smartphone, you soon will notice that there is a huge amount of Asian phones. Some of them are recommendable, some aren’t. This is why it is important to get specific information about the desired phone. And we are going to help you with this! A Smartphone that seems to have an impeccable design on a shop’s website may in reality look cheap or, even worse, be defective. After all, you can only judge a phone properly if you have held it in your hands and tried it. For instance, what benefits does a 12 megapixel camera have if the touchscreen is defective of if the Smartphone looks like scrap metal due to bad manufacturing? To avoid such bad buys you can get information about your China phone in advance, so after your purchase you will be happy with your new Smartphone.

How does do their tests?

Selection of tested phones

In our rating we are independent and give you honest information about quality and performance. The Smartphones we examine are not only the most popular Smartphones of the well-known brands but also some phones that are newcomers and underdogs on the Smartphone market. Phones produced by manufacturers that are not to be recommended as well as those that might cause obvious trouble during the import are not to be tested.

The procedure of testing a Smartphone

All of the tested Smartphones are ordered in the shops we recommended. When the mobile phones arrive we use them for two weeks as our main device. As we know that every user needs their Smartphone for different purposes, we do our best to use all of the functions. We surf the internet, play games, make calls, navigate and send messages, so after the testing period we have a comprehensive idea about the Smartphones. Afterwards we write our reviews and report about the Smartphone’s functions and performance. During the testing period we check among other things the WLAN range and speed as well as the clearness of display in direct sunlight, the health of the GPS connection, the quality of processing and get an impression of the battery life!

The rating

There are a couple of categories in which the Smartphones can get up to 10 points. In the test we rate the phones in regard to the following fundamental characteristics:

How robust is the Smartphone? Did they use material of high quality for processing? Is it just a mere replica or did the manufacturer come up with an innovative design? How well does the Smartphone fit in the hand?
Color representation, brightness, contrast and viewing angle stability of the cell phone’s display are checked and compared with other Smartphones.
How fast do I learn to navigate through the system and how well does it work? Are there any problems with certain apps and is the user interface completely translated? Is the mobile phone also suitable for gaming?
Is the Smartphone provided with the modern network standard such as LTE and H+ (UMTS)? Phone sensors, OTG function, NFC, WLAN speed and signal strength are rated in this category.
Can my new Smartphone replace a digital camera? How good are the pictures taken by the phone’s camera in little light? How many settings does the camera app have? Shutter speed and autofocus are tested and rated as well.
How many hours does the battery make in the video-endurance test? Do I have to charge my phone every evening? We distinguish between 1, 2 and 3 day Smartphones.

The Smartphones’ pros and cons are highlighted and added up in a scoring system. This is how our Smartphone ranking is created that give you an overview over the best and most popular Smartphones in the years 2017 and 2018!

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