Ulefone Power 2 is the new battery monster by the Chinese manufacturer. In comparison to its predecessor, the Power 2 gained a lot in terms of hardware. Ulefone launches the Power 2 (165$) quite self-confidently – for a good reason. Despite its reasonable price, the phone houses 4GB of RAM, 64GB internal storage, a new Android 7 system as well as a fast Octa-core processor and a 5.5-inch full-HD display.


The Ulefone Power 2’s showpiece is the lithium-polymer-battery, which has a great capacity of 6050mAh, according to the datasheet. To have some kind of comparison, note that the iPhone 7 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy S7 only offer 3000mAh. The standard time of charging can take up to 6 hours. This seems annoying, but in the test it has been necessary to measure the exact available capacity. The result: the battery holds around 5800mAh.

Ulefone Power 2 Akkulaufzeit

You can shorten the charge time significantly with the provided quick-charge adapter. 9 volt and 2 ampere fully charge the Ulefone Power 2 in about 2 hours. The standard, which makes this possible, is called “Pump Express 2.0”. “Quick-Charge 3.0” on the other hand is not recognized by the smartphone (we tested it with an Anker Power Port).


UlefonePowerII pcmarkakku

If you don’t have much time, you can charge the Power 2 for half an hour and you almost get through the day. A fully charged battery can last into the third day with average use. Power users have to charge the phone after 1 ½ days. In the PC-Mark battery test the Power 2 lasted 11 hours and 14 minutes with highest display brightness, which is unique in this price sector.

Design and build quality

A battery of this size has a significant disadvantage: it makes the smartphone massive. Compared to the predecessor Power 1, the Power 2 weighs 13 g more (210g). However, this is not really disturbing, as it is okay for a 5.5-inch device to be felt when holding it. The rear side on the other hand makes it a bit unwieldy, but the 6050mAh battery has to be put somewhere.

Ulefone Power 2 Design Verarbeitung 6 Ulefone Power 2 Design Verarbeitung 4

Although the phone has grown 0.4mm thicker on paper (10.4mm), it appears to be slimmer. On the one hand, this is because the rear side has been flattened inwardly, on the other hand because Ulefone did not choose the bulky appearance of wood and plastic, which was used in the previous model. The Power 2 is now made of metal and it is available in black, grey and gold.

Ulefone Power 2 Design Verarbeitung 5 Ulefone Power 2 Design Verarbeitung 3

The design is quite clear. On the right hand side, you can find power button and volume control, which can also be used as camera button. The camera button, which was placed impractically on the predecessor model, is gone. In the SIM tray on the left hand side, you can use either 2 Nano SIM cards or 1 Nano SIM and 1 micro-SD card (up to 256GB).

On the front side, a centre-button makes navigating easier, and it is used as fingerprint scanner at the same time. In addition, the button can also be used as ‘back’ and ‘multitasking’ button. On the Power 1, this button was located at the smartphone’s rear, and it was not easy to reach. The new one can be reached with the thumb without any problems and works reliably (10/10). A notification LED can be found at the front side as well.

Ulefone Power 2 Design Verarbeitung 2 Ulefone Power 2 Design Verarbeitung 1

The bezel is quite big, compared to other 5.5-inch devices, but with such a big battery, you should not expect a filigree phone.

Ulefone Power 2 scope of delivery

Ulefone Power 2 Lieferumfang

Unpacking a new smartphone is a chapter for itself. How does the packing look? Did they pay attention to the detail? What did the manufacturer include? All these things contribute to the first impression. Here, Ulefone goes all in. The Ulefone Power 2 is sent in elegant black. The phone can be taken out via a red drawer at the side. Inside, you can find smartphone, quick-charger, USB cable, OTG cable, screen protector and a protective cover in leather-look.


Display has been minimally, if at all, changed. This also means that it leaves nothing to wish for. It offers 5.5 inches, 1920x1080pixel and Corning Gorilla 3-Glass. Contents are pin-sharp and colours are represented naturally from any viewing angle. The multi-touch screen registers up to 5 points of contact simultaneously and inputs are put into practice immediately and precisely.

Ulefone Power 2 Fingerabdruckscanner Ulefone Power 2 Display

Unfortunately, the successor model is also missing the MiraVision tool to adjust colour and contrast settings. Instead, “Eye protection” is available, a blue light filter which should spare the eyes and make falling asleep easier.


Huge battery, but no CPU? Wrong! The Ulefone Power 2 houses an Octa-core processor, as did the Power 1. The MT6750T clocks at 4×1.5GHz and 4×1.0GHz and is supported by 4GB of RAM, which clock at around 4GB/s, according to A1 SD Bench. The internal storage got bigger, now you have 64GB at your disposal, which can be extended up to 256GB via micro-SD card.

UlefonePowerII antutu UlefonePowerII geekbench UlefonePowerII a1sdbench

UlefonePowerII 3dmark

In practice, the Power 2 manages daily tasks easily and thanks to the big RAM, multitasking is possible as well. Even common games can be played fluently. Compared to its predecessor, the Power 2 could increase the points in the 3D-Mark-Test: from 6,833 to 9,783.

Operating system Android 7

UlefonePowerII android4 UlefonePowerII android5

Ulefone upgraded the Power 2 in every aspect. The operating system got an update as well: now users can use Android 7.0 Nougat. Unfortunately, this does have some disadvantages. Whereas the previous model used a clean and unchanged Android 5.1 system, the Power 2 now has an ugly changed user interface. All icons are smaller and have a black-grey background, which makes it more difficult to see them. However, you can just install any launcher from the Google Playstore (e.g. Google Now). Quick launch toolbar and options menu stay as they are.

UlefonePowerII android1 UlefonePowerII android2 UlefonePowerII android3

The menu is designed as usually, the system runs stable and did not crash even once in the test. Unfortunately, the Power 2 does not have the common three soft touch buttons at the front side. Instead, there are a centre button and on-screen buttons for navigation. The home button can be configured in a way that you do not need the on-screen buttons anymore. The Playstore is preinstalled and updates come via OTA.


Ulefone improved the Power 2’s camera. The Sony IMX214 has been kicked out and replaced by an unnamed, but more powerful sensor. Now, the phone houses a 13MP rear camera, which can be interpolated to 16MP, and an 8MP selfie-cam, which can be interpolated to 13MP.

In terms of pictures, the new camera definitely takes the better shots. Autofocus is fast, trigger time is low and colours are represented naturally. Whether you’re taking photos against the light, in low light or you’re taking a close-up – the results are quite good, although the Ulefone Power 2 sometimes needs a second attempt for correct exposure. The front camera is suitable for selfies and can be used for video telephony as well.

Network and call quality

Ulefone Power 2 Simkarten Netz

For a smartphone, it is no matter of course that it is perfect when it comes to telephoning. However, the Power 2 has no problems in this area; you can understand the caller loudly and clearly via the earpiece. Only the volume could be a bit higher. Surfing (3G and 4G) is possible without any problems.

Telephoning via speaker or Bluetooth worked not that well in the test. Every now and then, I could understand only parts of what was said, and the volume was too low. The internal speaker is not suitable as a jukebox either. It is okay for listening to a voicemail, but for listening to music, it is simply not enough. However, connecting headphones, the sound quality is quite good.


UlefonePowerII sensorbox

The Ulefone Power 2 houses a lot of different sensors, and therefore, it can keep up with the competition. The phone provides acceleration, light, proximity, gyroscope and sound sensors as well as a compass.

The Wi-Fi module uses the 2.4GHz network with n-standard, but from now on, also the 5GHz network is supported. The GPS does a good job, it is suitable for car navigation and all announcements by Google Maps are on point.

Conclusion and alternative

Philip Benbi  1 von 2 1
Philip Hauck:

More storage, a better camera and the usual strong battery: the Ulefone Power 2 is superior to the previous model in all categories and frightens a lot of competitors with its great price-performance ratio. For 165$ you get a fine appearance with much hardware – first to be mentioned, the 6050mAh battery, which provides the smartphone with power for days. The Power 2 is quite heavy with 210g, but Ulefone tries to make that up with a great performance when managing daily tasks. Alternative is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, which, despite 2000mAh less capacity, has just as an excellent battery life as the Power 2.

  • Design and build quality 70 %
  • Display 90 %
  • Performance 70 %
  • Camera 70 %
  • Communication and connectivity 70 %
  • Battery 100 %

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Rune Alm

Had 3 different Ulefones, including Power2, and my main problem is the Bluetooth. Call quality with Bluetooth handsfree is terrible plus the fact that the phone disconnect and connect to the headset 1-3 times a minute does that i cannot use this phone.