Since its foundation in 2016, Vernee has made a name for itself, despite being a newcomer, with devices such as Vernee Mars Pro and Thor. With the latter, Vernee could especially show the other manufacturers what is possible in the low-budget range up to 100$. Mars Pro, on the other hand, is a top-of-the-range smartphone in the mid-range. All previous devices are proof of good build quality and in October 2017 we also tested the indirect successor of the cheap Thor, Vernee M5. A little more than half a year later, Vernee now releases its direct successor, M6. In the following test report, you will find out whether we can give a buy recommendation or whether M6 only offers the current trends.

Design / Build quality / Scope of delivery

M6, like its predecessor, has a rounded aluminium body and weighs 150.8g, only slightly heavier than M5; the display has grown in size from 5.2″ to 5.7″ in an aspect ratio of 18:9 and the device has, therefore, become a little longer due to the larger display. The dimensions of M6 are 153.8 x 73.1mm compared to 148.0 x 73.0mm of the M5.

Vernee M6 Design 1Vernee M6 Design 3Vernee M6 Design 2Vernee M6 Design 6

However, Vernee has managed to reduce the thickness of M6 by 1.1mm to only 6.9mm. At least if you believe Vernee’s own statements. Of course, we have measured exactly and come to a thickness of 7.7mm. A mistake? An oversight? Cunning deception? Of course, we can’t answer that.

The bezels, with 3mm, are also similar slim as to M5. As so often, the rear cover and frame are separated. Furthermore, the rear cover is provided with the typical “plastic caps”. However, these are hardly distinguishable from the rear cover. A transition is also hardly noticeable. In comparison to the previous model, there are no new colours, because, once again, you can choose between black and blue. M6 fits very well in the hand and certainly doesn’t feel like a low-budget device. A kind of “low-budget premium model”, so to speak. The clean and rounded transitions from the display to the frame also contribute to this impression.

The SIM tray is on the left side. On the right, you can find volume control and power button. These are only made of plastic, which is not noticeable; however, they are easily accessible and have a pleasant pressure point. As with its predecessor, the fingerprint sensor is also located on the rear and can be easily reached. The smartphone is still charged via the good-old Micro-USB connection.

On the top of the display, the earpiece is located in the middle and the front camera, as well as a notification LED, are located to the left of it. On the right, not visible, are all necessary sensors. The smartphone is operated exclusively via on-screen buttons. The rear cover attracts greasy fingermarks very easily.

Vernee M6 LieferumfangThe scope of delivery of Vernee M6 contains:

  • Smartphone
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Charging adapter
  • Operating instructions
  • TPU silicone protective cover
  • 2 screen protectors

On the outside, M6 already makes a positive first impression, although somehow it lacks a certain value. For a purchase price of approx. 100$ this is quite bearable. It scores with a simple design, but, typical for Vernee, also shows no build quality defects. It was also not surprising that the successor of M5 is also evolving towards a 6″ display in 18:9 format. Vernee M6 is certainly not an eye-catcher. No one will be amazed at the sight of the telephone and ask what a chic device it is. But, here, it should also be said that this is certainly negligible, even if Vernee cheats a little with the measurements. For a price around 100$ you cannot expect a perfect premium device.

Here is a small excerpt directly from the manufacturer’s side. Vernee seems a little confused here, doesn’t it? 🙂


Vernee M6 Display 1Vernee M6 Display 2

Vernee M6 No Pixel

No recognizable pixels

M6 has a 5.7″ IPS display with an aspect ratio of 18:9. The display has a resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels. This results in 283 pixels per inch. The screen-to-body ratio is a moderate 75%. All displayed contents and texts are nevertheless sharp enough so that individual pixels are no longer recognizable. If you don’t like the preset colour, contrast and brightness values, MediaTek’s well-known tool “MiraVision” can be used. Even in daylight, you can still see enough on the display.

Vernee M6 Lesbarkeit

Outdoor readability

As usual with an IPS display, the overall brightness of the display is very constant. In the upper display area, it reaches a maximum of 510 lux. In the middle of the screen, we reach 502 and in the lower part of the display, still 463 lux. The viewing angle stability is also as good as usual. The display edges are slightly rounded thanks to the 2.5D glass. The “2.5D effect” is even slightly intensified by the rounded frame of the display. The display only detects a maximum of 5 touches at a time, which should suffice in practice. The capacitive 5-point touch screen reacts precisely and quickly without any complaints. We could not find out whether Vernee installed Gorilla Glass. But even without the brand name, the glass is scratch-resistant enough for everyday use.


Vernee M6 AnTuTuVernee M6 3D MarkVernee M6 GeekbenchVernee M6 CPU Z

Like its predecessor, M6 uses MediaTek’s MT6750. This SoC is very popular with many, especially smaller manufacturers, and is located rather in the lower mid-range in terms of performance. The 8 Cortex-A53 cores clock in 2 clusters with 4x 1.5 GHz, respectively 4x 1.0 GHz. The user has 4 GB RAM available as main storage. Its data throughput is a solid 3.9 GB per second. The M6 is best suited for standard tasks such as surfing, WhatsApp and the like and offers enough performance for multitasking. Even dozens of open tabs did not reduce the reaction speed of the smartphone. Occasional gaming units can also be carried out without any lags. Asphalt 8 runs completely smoothly at maximum details – here, the low resolution of the screen benefits the smartphone. Graphics calculations are performed by the fast Mali T860 GPU.

Vernee M6 Speicher

The main storage is 64 GB. Of course, the storage can also be extended, if you can do without a second SIM card. A Micro-SD card with a maximum size of 128 GB occupies this space (hybrid slot). The internal storage reaches speeds of 118 MB/s for reading and 134 MB/s for writing files. The M6 probably gets a small speed boost from the slim Stock Android system or the so-called “VOS” system (Vernee Operating System). The smartphone doesn’t have a lot of functional frippery and VOS takes care of the best possible performance under the surface. Vernee M6 offers enough performance for daily use for an affordable price.

Antutu Result Geekbench Multi Result Geekbench Single Result 3D Mark Result


Vernee M6 HomescreenVernee M6 ApDrawerVernee M6 System

As already mentioned, M6 uses Vernee’s own operating system, the VOS (Vernee Operation System). The VOS is basically a Stock-Android system, which has been enhanced with a few new features. Friends of a clean and unspoiled system will get their money’s worth here.

Vernee M6 Update

No update?

The operation is absolutely fast and smooth in every respect. However, it is somewhat irritating that Vernee advertises on the product website that the VOS system of M6 is based on Android 8.1. What this means exactly is not explained further. We assume this is just a little publicity stunt. However, it could make the potential buyer believe at first glance that they can enjoy Android Oreo. But if you read it more carefully, you will learn that the smartphone only has Android Nougat….and only in version 7.0!

It is somewhat annoying that not all third-party apps are displayed with an aspect ratio of 18:9. Some applications appear “squashed” in 16:9 format, which leads to a rather unattractive picture. However, this phenomenon does not occur in all pre-installed applications or in the system apps. Last but not least, the starting process of M6 takes a little longer.

Although Vernee is actually quite reliable when it comes to updates, we don’t expect M6 to get a software update to Oreo, as it would always be too expensive for a company with a smartphone in this price range. If it were, possible updates would be imported via OTA, i.e. “Over-The-Air”. The system’s security patches were released in March 2018 and all major Google applications are pre-installed as standard.

As we are used to from Vernee, all test runs for viruses or other unwanted applications on M6 also went by without serious complications. TouchPal 2017 is more of a false alarm. Vernee’s “Dura-Speed”, which helps to optimize an app running in the foreground or to limit the background activities of a selected app, is pre-installed. If not desired, however, the program can simply be deactivated.

Vernee M6 Akkuverbrauch

High battery consumption in Bluetooth mode

The power consumption of the bluetooth module is somewhat surprising. We already noticed this with the previous model. If you leave bluetooth permanently activated, regardless of whether it is connected to a terminal or not, you lose ¼ of the battery capacity in the course of a complete battery charge.

Vernee M6 Boot Fail

And now? 🙂

In our opinion, far too much. Maybe Vernee will fix this problem with a small update? In any case, nothing has changed in this direction during the test period.

Last but not least, a small but annoying bug in the system: if you boot the device and enter your SIM card pin, the device is unlocked but gets stuck to a certain extent. An empty home screen then appears, plus the Android “Back” button. However, any input is in vain. The only solution is to press the power button twice to turn the display off and on. Then the phone can be used as usual.


Vernee uses a 13-megapixel sensor in its M6. Photos are interpolated to 16 MP by the software. What we attribute to Vernee is the lack of a dual camera, which often turns out to be fake for smartphones in this price segment. It’s nice that Vernee stands out so positively and renounces such “deception”. So, no real, but also no “fake” Bokeh effects. As is usual with the cameras in this price range, the sensor requires quite a bit of light to produce useful photos. The less light available, the more images decrease in sharpness and level of detail.

Vernee M6 Design 4At night you should leave your smartphone in your pocket. Night shots just look nasty. The HDR mode should be used to slightly improve photo quality and image brightness. Nevertheless, you can’t expect real splendour photos with M6. However, the quality is always sufficient for snapshots.

The 8 MP front camera produces usable selfies, which in turn are optically interpolated to 13 MP by software. The camera app is the Stock-Android version. Fine adjustments cannot be made here.

Videos can be recorded in Full HD at most. An electronic image stabilizer (EIS) is also provided to reduce the shaking of the camera. What is somewhat disturbing here is that the sound of the shutter release can also be heard in the video. It should also be noticed that changing the default photo preview size or changing the image format from 4:3 to full screen will also reduce the maximum number of pixels. If the reduced preview window (aspect ratio 4:3) still has a maximum of 16 MP, the full-screen window, i.e. in 16:9 format, only has a maximum of 9 MP. In the price range of 100$ the photos of M6, just like its predecessor, are fine. However, highlights should not be expected.

Here you can see a direct comparison between Vernee M6 and Vivo X20:

Connectivity and communication

Vernee M6 SIM Netz EmpfangVernee M6 supports all major 3G and 4G frequencies. The network and GPS reception is consistently convincing. Navigating, whether on foot or in the car, is fast and error-free. After switching on the location service, it is determined within a few seconds to an accuracy of 2m. The M6 uses GPS, A-GPS and Glonass.


M6 has very good WiFi reception and supports 802.11b/g/n in the 2.4 and 5.0 GHz frequency range. I was able to surf the internet relaxed at the tram stop, which is in the immediate vicinity of the apartment, via my WiFi. Even here the reception strength was still mediocre. The smartphone leaves a mixed impression when it comes to call quality. While normal telephony is clean, clear and without background noise, the quality of the hands-free function is awful. Even in a quiet environment, the conversation partner can only be understood very unclearly. It also sounds as if the other person suffers from a moderate cold, as nasal as it sounds. So it’s not surprising that the speaker doesn’t deliver a good result when listening to music either. The sound is clearly too soft and tinny. Please only listen to music via headphones! After all, thanks to OTG, devices can be connected directly to the Vernee M6.

Vernee M6 BT PairingThe Bluetooth module performs its work very reliably once the device has finally been connected. In my case ,the change of the end device and the associated new paring was partly quite difficult. From time to time the coupling attempt failed. After 2-3 attempts, however, it worked out. Of course, it has to be mentioned here that there were only isolated cases. Perhaps you won’t have this problem.

Vernee M6 SensorsBluetooth volume control also has potential for optimization. If the volume at approx. 20% is still much too low, it is already way too loud when you increase it to 30% volume. The smartphone offers all common sensors. These include accelerometer, proximity and brightness sensors as well as a compass, hall and magnetic sensor. All MediaTek sensors work perfectly in practice. The fingerprint sensor performs well and is also very reliable. There were no unsuccessful attempts in the test phase. Only the unlocking process could be a bit quicker. Unfortunately, NFC is not integrated. The user also finds an FM radio. As usual, the headphones serve as an antenna (not included).


Vernee M6 AkkuVernee M6 Akku Gsam

Vernee M6 is said to have a 3300mAh battery. At least, this is what it says on the manufacturer’s homepage. But if you take a closer look at the specification of the smartphone, you quickly realize that M6 only has a 3000mAh battery. Our test confirms the latter!

Vernee M6 Battery Charging

Charging 0-98%

It is questionable whether Vernee’s marketing team has simply inadvertently stated the wrong value or whether this happened “on purpose”? We will point this out to Vernee in a friendly way – and think back with amusement to the Vernee Apollo X. With 3000mAh, you certainly won’t be a battery monster, but with normal use, you can still easily get through the day. At the latest in the following afternoon, a new charge will be necessary. The Work 2.0 Battery Life test was completed after 6 hours and 35 minutes. This is exactly 62 minutes less than the M5. Watching a one-hour YouTube video consumes 18% of the battery (quite a high value). The phone is charged with a 5V/2A charger via standard Micr- USB connection. In an acceptable 1 ¾ hour(s), the battery is charged from 0 to 98%.

Battery lifetime Result Unit: hours

Conclusion and alternative

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Christian Müller:

In the price segment of 100$, Vernee M6 can already convince, but it offers hardly any advantages worth mentioning or hardly any added value in direct comparison to its predecessor, M5. Only the larger display can be mentioned here as an advantage compared to the predecessor. And this is exactly where the otherwise good display weakens, or precisely here there is still room for improvement in terms of the software. Many apps are not displayed in the appropriate format on M6, resulting in unattractive effects. Furthermore, the Bluetooth module does not perform so well. Also the unclear information about the battery capacity cloud the overall impression a little.

As long as the smaller weak spots of Vernee M6 do not disturb you any further, you can safely purchase it. The user gets a well-manufactured smartphone with a clean Android system, even if only in version 7.0. A real advantage that makes this device better than its predecessor, however, can not be found. Alternatively, we can recommend LeEco LeRee Le 3Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, or Cubot X18 Plus.

  • Design and build quality 80 %
  • Display 80 %
  • Performance 80 %
  • Camera 70 %
  • Communication and connectivity 70 %
  • Battery 70 %

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