Xiaomi Mi Tool – flash your Xiaomi smartphone without UNLOCK


The Xiaomi Mi Tool will make a lot of users happy. Many of you know about this problem: during the last few years, it got more and more difficult to install the right ROM on Xiaomi smartphones. During the UNLOCK-process (unlocking the bootloader), more and more problems occur and it seems like Xiaomi is trying to obstruct users. All most users want is solely to install an official Global ROM on their device. Why making it so difficult?

First, by introducing the locked bootloader, Xiaomi wanted to prevent the traders from installing their self-made “shop ROMs”. These do not get any updates and are infected with malware in the worst case. It is best if you use an official Xiaomi Global ROM on your Xiaomi smartphone. If this is not available, you can choose alternatives like the Xiaomi.EU ROM. By now, a Global ROM exists for almost any device.

Requirements for these instructions:

  • Unfortunately, there is no official list of the supported devices yet. If you managed successfully to install a new ROM on your device, just leave a comment and I’ll add the devices to the list. Tested so far: Xiaomi Mi5, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Xiaomi Mi5X
  • Bootloader UNLOCK is not necessary.
  • Some system (shop-ROM, China Stable ROM, etc.) has to be available in order to activate USB debugging.
  • The program is still an alpha-version. However, when I tried it, the process with the Global ROM went very well. Still, the tool is able to do a lot more, for instance it can install TWRP and it is also able to flash any other ROM as .tgz or .zip. This entails that there are still a lot of opportunities to make your phone useless.
  • Be sure to save all data from your phone first! If you use these instructions, you’re acting at your own risk! Be sure to have at least 50% of the battery left!
  • If you could successfully flash your phone with the Xiaomi Mi Tool, leave a tip for Francesco so that he can buy himself a beer 😉 This tool has saved you a lot of time. Donate.

How to install the official Xiaomi Global ROM with UNLOCK

This is possible thanks to developer Francesco Tescari and his so-called XiaomiMiTool (XMT). You can download the tool here and if the installation was successful, you can donate here. The Xiaomi Mi Tool is available in English and was developed with a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (as delivered from the factory, with official China ROM).

First, unpack the RAR file that you’ve downloaded before. Then click on XMT.exe and install the program. After the first start, follow the instructions on these images.

Xiaomi Mi Tool 1 xiaomi Mi tool 2 Xiaomi Mi Tool 3 Xiaomi Mi Tool 4

Now, activate USB debugging in the developer options of your device. Just go to “settings” -> “My device” -> “All Specs”, and then tap several times on “MIUI version” until “You are a developer now” appears. Go to “settings”-> “Additional settings”, where you now find the tab “developer options”. There you can activate USB debugging. Now connect your smartphone to your computer  and select “update/refresh” in the Xiaomi Mi Tool. You have to confirm on your smartphone to allow the connection to the computer.

IMG 1818IMG 1819

Now select your device in XMT, in my case it was a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Then, select “yes” in the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool and your device is scanned. As soon as 3 different rows with Chinese characters appear on your smartphone, select the last one via the volume-down key. The whole process can take up to 10 minutes. The smartphone restarts several times.

Xiaomi Mi Tool 5 Xiaomi Mi Tool 6 Xiaomi Mi Tool 7 Xiaomi Mi Tool 8

Now select the desired ROM. If the ROM does not need an UNLOCK, you can simply download your desired ROM.

Then, select again the last row of Chinese characters with the help of the volume-down key and confirm the action via the power button.

Xiaomi Mi Tool 9 Xiaomi Mi Tool 10

Now, the Xiaomi Mi Tool flashes the latest Global Stable ROM on your Xiaomi smartphone. Your smartphone then starts booting, which can take up to 15 minutes. You have now  managed to install the desired ROM without UNLOCK or further problems. This instruction will be updated constantly, as the tool offers so much more than just installing an official Global ROM.

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