More and more small drones have been appearing on the drone market for some time now. Controllable with the mobile phone, practical to transport and registration-free, the Selfie drones are to serve the hobby range. After the DJI Ryze Tello, Xiaomi has now put forward another device with its Mitu Drone. We have tested to what extent this is simply a toy.

Build quality

mitu7The packaging is extremely sparse and, besides the drone itself, contains only a USB cable, a short manual, four spare propellers and four propeller protectors. In order to keep the price low, additional extras such as screwdrivers or the like, have of course been dispensed with.
There is no remote control at all with the Mitu drone, since only the smartphone is needed to control it. The respective app can be found in the Google Play Store (in English). 
mitu9The Mitu drone itself feels extremely high-quality for the price of just less than 80$. Even if the battery and thus the majority of the copter is coloured orange, no toy feeling arises here. There are no protrusions and the edges have also been milled very well around the sensors. Sensors on a cheap drone? Yes! The Mitu drone has an ultrasonic sensor on the bottom! What you normally only see with the more expensive models was installed here for a safe and fully autonomous landing. The distance from the ground is scanned and thus landing and take-off at the push of a button is possible without any problems.


But the Mitu drone was equipped with another sensor, an infrared sender. It is used when you own several drones and let them start in the “battle mode”. In this case, a system is used which is known from the laser tag game. In the app, opponents can be targeted via Live-View and attacked via infrared rays. The hit drone recognizes them and sinks slowly to be ready to go again after a short break. Unfortunately, with a flight time of just approximately five minutes, the fun is over very quickly.

The 720p camera is installed at the front under the infrared transmitter and cannot be adjusted in the angle.

We can claim here with full seriousness to be astonished by the build quality of the Mitu drone! Normally, much more money is required for this kind of quality.
In the app you will find a Live View screen which transmits the image of the camera over the entire display. The various modes (Battle, Normal, Headless) as well as the control sticks are arranged around the FPV display. However, the image of the camera on the smartphone is somewhat delayed and also of very poor quality. FPV flying is not necessarily fun and cannot necessarily occur specifically. Images and videos can be triggered via app and, due to the missing SD card slot, they are stored directly on the 3GB internal memory of the drone and can be transferred either via USB or WiFi.

The controls generally work well, even if you can feel slight drops in signal strength from time to time. The stated range of almost 50 meters is unfortunately somewhat exaggerated, because from about 20 meters on, the app reports a very weak signal.

Scope of delivery

• Mitu Drone with camera (720P)
• spare propellers
• propeller protectors
• 1 battery (3.5V / 920mAh)
• charging cable

Flight characteristics

The take-off and flying close to the ground work perfectly and surprisingly calmly with the Mitu drone. The ultrasound sensor and the possibility to take off and land at the push of a button also help here. Due to its small size and weight, the copter is unfortunately not exactly stable in the wind, which has an effect on the image and video quality due to the wobbling. Accurate control is usually possible on sight, but using the FPV screen, it is rather unpleasant. Here the WiFi connection simply does not manage to establish a stable connection in order to transmit the image without latency time. Indoors, the Mitu drone flies very calm and is easy to control.

Accessories and spare parts

mitu10The Mitu drone is supplied with a 3.5 volt battery with 920 mAh, which offers a flight time of almost 6 minutes together with a short charging time (1 hour), thanks to USB Type-C. Propellers and batteries can be reordered in part, but rumours of poor quality are spreading.

Camera quality of the Mitu Drone

The copter records videos and images with its 720P camera. Unfortunately, these pictures are of relatively poor quality and can therefore only be used for fun. If the photographed object moves faster, the image is shaky. Even concerning the dynamic range, the Mitu drone cannot score. The videos clearly lack the stabilization that Ryze Tello’s DJI, for example, has provided. Thus, the Xiaomi drone now unfortunately only produces very shaky videos in poor resolution.


Remote control Smartphone
Functions Battle, Headless
Range 50 m
Gyro system Yes, 6 axes
Camera Yes, 720P
FPV Live View Yes
GPS support No
Accessories Propeller protectors,

spare propellers, charging cable


Conclusion and alternative

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Kilian B.:

The Mitu drone can definitely convince in the test with its build quality! Everything is built as cleanly as you usually only know it from higher price ranges. Control via smartphone and WiFi sometimes leaves something to be desired and the range of 50 meters should be corrected to almost 20 meters. The pictures and videos are far worse than those of the competitor DJI Rzye Tello. The Mitu drone has become more of a toy, even if the build quality suggests otherwise. If you can do without the battle function, you can have a look at the devices of Hubsan and expect a better picture quality.

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