Xiaomi Piston In-Ears is a term for insanely good headphones that also provide a good sound. With their price-performance ratio, they leave the competition far behind. Xiaomi knows that and therefore often launches new versions: after the Xiaomi Piston 3 Basic edition, we’ve now tested the Fresh Version.

Are In-Ears that only cost 5€ are actually able to provide a decent sound? If Xiaomi is the manufacturer, our expectations are high. The performance of Xiaomi’s Headphones In-Ear Pro HD is just insane, but with 20€, they also have the fourfold price. We have tested Xiaomi’s cheapest headphones.


Xiaomi Piston Fresh Version In Ear 3In the small white box, you find 3 pairs of earplugs in different sizes (small, medium, large). Xiaomi Piston Fresh earphones are available in 5 colors: black, white, blue, pink, and purple. The highlight is, however, the casing made of metal (despite the low price!).

Otherwise, you clearly notice that the manufacturer had to save on other areas: the cable is round and quite thin, the plug and the bend protection are made of cheap rubber and the cable remote control consists of plastic. Considering the price, these are complaints on a high level. The cable remote control is located on the right side, roughly on the level of the mouth. It offers a microphone, but only one button. On the other hand, there is an up-to-date voice control available, which is activated via pressing and holding the button.

Xiaomi Piston Fresh Version 6 Xiaomi Piston Fresh Version 5 Xiaomi Piston Fresh Version 4 Xiaomi Piston Fresh Version 1

The design is very straight and when choosing the color black, they also seem quite simple. The colorful versions can complete your outfit. The in-ears also seem to be made of only one piece; so build quality is good.Xiaomi Piston Fresh Version 2

Wearing comfort and isolation of Xiaomi Piston Fresh

A big advantage of such simple earphones is their slim construction. The Xiaomi Piston Fresh go deep into your ear: this makes them easy to wear and you can even lie on the side with them (KZ ZS5 & ZS6 are quite the opposite). Due to their angled ear canal, they do not feel uncomfortable even after longer sessions. I often use them before I go to sleep.

Xiaomi Piston Fresh Version In Ear 8 Xiaomi Piston Fresh Version In Ear 9

As the headphones are In-Ears, they are also able to cancel disturbing noises from the outside. The provided earplugs are quite short, but they do the trick. Personally, I simply put on my favorite earplugs and so the overall experience was even better.


How good can the sound of 5€-headphones be? I wouldn’t put the ordinary models which are available in other countries into my ears. I was already quite skeptical about the Rock Zircon headphones (without any reason, in retrospect). Xiaomi Piston Fresh Version In Ear 10The Xiaomi Piston Fresh earphones have a really good and full sound with distinctive characteristics. The Xiaomi In-Ears especially stand out because of their full sound: nothing oversteers or sounds tinny, the bass is deep and heights, such as vocals or instruments are clear to hear. The slightly booming bass could be the reason for the name “Fresh version”: the sound was designed for younger customers. But I think, it goes well with the small In-Ears. The Xiaomi Piston Fresh headphones do not offer several drivers, so increasing the bass is a good alternative and provides an appealing component.

The middle-frequencies are not that distinctive because of the bass and also vocals sounds come out differently. However, you should not expect top headphones; compared to the Xiaomi Headphones In-Ear Pro HD, the latter ones definitely provide a better sound! Don’t forget, we’re talking about the cheapest In-ears of the selection. But this is exactly why the Xiaomi Piston series stands out – you can’t get a better price-performance ratio anywhere else!


Conclusion and alternative

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Erik Zürrlein:

The Xiaomi Piston Fresh Version headphones are an absolute price-performance wonder: during the test, I often had to remind myself that these earphones are so cheap. The highlights are the sound and the nice design, having a metal body.

These In-Ears only cost about 5€, in a special offer, you can also get them for 3€ (that’s not even as much as a coffee at the baker’s); nevertheless, numerous smartphone users only use the provided headphones of their phones. Even if they’re only meant as a replacement, just include them in your next order. On the other hand, much better In-Ears like the Xiaomi Pro HD or KZ ZS6 cost more, although the extra charge of 15€ is definitely worth it.

  • Sound 80 %
  • Wearing comfort 90 %
  • Functions 70 %
  • Build quality and durability 80 %
  • Price/performance 100 %

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