The smartphone giant Xiaomi is pushing into more and more business areas through cooperations. Our second Chinese toothbrush after the Oclean One is provided by Xiaomi in cooperation with Soocas. The Soocas X3 is available for less than 40$ and this is not the only reason why the smart toothbrush takes the fight to Philips Sonicare or Happybrush. In the review, the Xiaomi toothbrush surprises with its chic design, long battery life, excellent cleaning properties and an entertaining app. Whether or not it really makes sense to order a toothbrush from China, we will clarify in this detailed test report to the Soocas X3.

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Scope of delivery Soocas X3

Design / build quality / scope of delivery

Design is a matter of taste, but compared to the designer product Soocas X3, the competition just looks old-fashioned. In addition to a matt black version with rosé-golden accents, a glossy white version with rosé accents is also available. Despite the optical highlights, the toothbrush looks very simple. The housing is completely made of plastic and weighs 127g. It is pleasantly soft and easy-to-grip, which makes the Soocas X3 feel very good in the hand. Just the one and only button on the device and the attachment for the brush consist of metal.

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On the front, under the large button you will find several LEDs, which fit perfectly in the housing and underline the quality of the toothbrush. The first 4 LEDs indicate the respective cleaning mode. Below them, you find the Bluetooth symbol and 3 green LEDs for displaying the battery status. The Soocas X3 toothbrush is CE certified, but comes with a Chinese power plug. In order to operate the toothbrush in your region, you should procure a high-quality adapter. The China shops mostly include only cheap and in my opinion dangerous adapters in the package. The charging time of 20 hours is extremely long.

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The scope of delivery includes an inductive charging station, with which the toothbrush can be charged without an interference-prone plug-in system. However, the charging station is not used very often. Brushing twice a day is sufficient for 20-30 days. The toothbrush head is also included. It is vacuum drawn and sterilized. 2 new brushes cost about 5$ when it’s a special offer; the normal price is about 10$ on average. The arrangement of the bristles is special, only a dentist can judge to what extent this is beneficial for the cleanliness of the teeth. To my taste, the brush fully serves its purpose.

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Practical use with and without app

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The Soocas X3 offers Bluetooth and can be connected to the Soocas app available in Playstore. There is a point rating for the cleanliness of your teeth, the battery life is displayed and the durability of the brush head is documented. In addition, information about day, month and quarter can be displayed and various successes can be unlocked as a gamification feature. For children it could still be optimized, as the attainable successes are nevertheless very limited.

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The toothbrush can also be used completely independently. Just press the button and the standard cleaning mode, which is also the strongest, is activated and you can clean for 2 minutes. Xiaomi indicates 37,200 vibrations per minute, if 2 minutes are not enough for you, you can start the toothbrush again afterwards. Pressing the power button several times automatically guides you through the 4 modes, pressing the button five times switches the toothbrush off again. The 4 cleaning modes are as follows:

  1. Standard mode (press once)
  2. Sensitive mode –> For people with sensitive gums, less vibration than in standard mode
  3. Gumcare –> cleaning mode for the gums
  4. Whitening –> special vibration for whiter teeth

It’s hard for me to tell after a month how much the whitening mode really whitens my teeth. I always used the standard mode and then the whitening mode. The dentist was very satisfied with my teeth, as usual, and even the Xiaomi Soocas will probably not be able to spare you a professional tooth cleaning.

As mentioned above, the head of the toothbrush does not rotate, but with a sonic toothbrush the head simply vibrates at high frequency. In comparison, the Sonicare has only 31,000 vibrations, the Happybrush 30,000, and the Xiaomi Soocas X3 37,200, which means the Xiaomi device is the winner here. However, I have not measured the vibrations. In direct comparison to my old 40$-Sonicare, my teeth now feel cleaner after brushing with the Soocas. If you don’t even know this special feeling on your teeth after brushing them with a sonic toothbrush, you should definitely try it. The cleaning performance of the Xiaomi Soocas is always on the same level as the competition and the high-quality, soft head of the brush is ideally suited for sensitive gums. Sonic toothbrush beginners should make sure that little pressure is exerted on the teeth and slow movements are made over the teeth.

Conclusion and alternative

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Jonas Andre:

Xiaomi stands for quality and has once again found an excellent partner in Soocas. The individually packaged, vacuum drawn toothbrush heads also ensure first-class hygiene standards for deliveries from China. The Soocas X3 also receives a crystal-clear buy recommendation regardless of the low price. Battery life, app connection, cleaning performance, build quality and design offer an absolutely convincing overall package for which you could also pay significantly more. The functions of the app could be extended a little bit, as they are very limited. A mode for children with a sophisticated reward system (e.g. with medals) would be a real advantage here. Otherwise the Soocas 3 is also suitable for sonic toothbrush beginners, but also Sonicare and Happybrush users.

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