Vivo Nex (Ultimate) – Install Google Playstore


The Vivo Nex and Nex Ultimate both offer a very easy way to install the Google Playstore. This does not require third party software. Instead, the google Playservices can be installed in the system of the smartphone.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the item “Accounts and synchronization”.
  3. Select “Add account”.
  4. Select “Google” and confirm the popup to install the Google Play Services. This process takes place in the background and takes a few minutes, depending on Internet speed. A confirmation of the installation does not appear, but you can always…
  5. … Navigate to the home screen. Here is now the Google Playstore app
  6. Log in with your Google Account.
  7. Finished

Vivo Nex Install Google Playstore 2 Vivo Nex Install Google Playstore 3Vivo Nex Install Google Playstore 4

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